[ Sarah Grand, Irish Novelist; New Woman ] Autograph Letter Signed Sarah Grand to Miss Carpenter about a forthcomiong concert and her inability to attend it.

Sarah Grand [Sarah Grand (1854–1943), Irish feminist writer active from 1873 to 1922. Her work revolved around the New Woman ideal.]
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[Headed] The Royal Hotel, Weston-super-Mare, 9 June 1934.
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Two pages, 12mo, corner chipped with loss, evidence of its being tipped onto something, not affecting the text, mainly good condition. Text: Many thanks for letting me know of the forthcoming concert. Being here I should probably not otherwise have heard of it. I do hope your lovely music will be properly appreciated and the concert altogether a great success.. I cannot - alas! attend it myself. I am here on the Sick List more or less, and not yet [...?] to anything much in the way of exertion[...]