[John Fowles; film adaptation; Pinter; Karel Reisz] The French Lieutenant's Woman. Revised Production Information.

[John Fowles; The French Lieutenant's Woman; movie/film]
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1 October 1980.
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Typescript (carbon), not paginated, [30pp], stapled, good condition. Another copy is in the Ray Roberts Collection of John Fowles material (HRC). See image of Contents page, from Background and Fowles on location to Developing the Novel ,The Book, the actors, Unit List, Cast List. For insights into the history of this production, see Tom Maschler, Publisher (200%), p108ff.~145~TYPESCRIPT FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S Woman HAROLD PINTER KAREL REISZ MERYL STREEP~ ~0~RF1~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23337~04/11/2020~False~Arthur Farre [(1811–1887), obstetric physician.]~[Arthur Farre, obstetric physician] Autograph Letter Signed Arthur Farre to Bowerbank [James Scott Bowerbank FRS (1797–1877), naturalist and palaeontologist.], regretfully declining the secretaryship of the nascent Royal Microscopical Society.~Charterhouse Square, 10 December 1839.~Two pages, 12mo, bifolium, edges grubby, good condition. Text: Although I am, as you know, much given to microscopic pursuits, and although I wish the embryo society success, yet I am afraid that my engagements, independently of other considerations, would not allow of my undertaking the post of Secretary. I must beg you therefore to communicate in the proper quarter my regret that such is the case, and also my thanks for the honour which the Society intended me.~56~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT MICROSCOPE SCIENCE MIDWIFERY~ ~0~RF1~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23339~04/11/2020~False~Catherine Gladstone [(née Glynne; 1812–1900) , wife of British statesman William Ewart Gladstone.~[ Catherine Gladstone, wife of Prime Minister ] Autograph Letter Signed Cath Gladstone to unnamed female correspondent.~[Headed] 10 Downing Street, Whitehall, 16 Nov. [no year given].~Two pages, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. Text: I am really touched by yr. contribution & hope soon to see Miss Mary Wardell & to put our heads together regards the project of a Home for Scarlet Fever Convalescent Patients. - The gift from the two Servants & the old house delights me[.] [I]f such subscriptions were common, we should have very little difficulty in raising money.[...][Postscript] I will [?] note to Miss Wardell & send you my photograph. Note: The Mary Wardell Convalescent Home for Scarlet Fever was officially opened on 14th July 1884 by the Prince and Princess of Wales, accompanied by their three daughters, Louise, Victoria and Maud. The Princess of Wales agreed to become the Home's Patroness.~56~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT SCARLET FEVER CONVALESCENT HOME~ ~0~RF1~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23340~06/11/2020~False~J.G. Dartnell [Major-General Sir John George Dartnell (1838 -1913), soldier and police officer, founder and first Commandant Natal Mounted Police, veteran of the Indian Mutiny, Zulu War etc.]~[J.G. Dartnell, Zulu Wars, Boer Wars, etc ] Autograph Note Signed J.G. Dartnell to a Miss Martin.~Zululand, 9 Sept. 1902.~Two pages, 12mo, bifolium, faint foxing, small closed tear at fold, ow good condition. Your letter of the 5th July last only reached me a very short time ago for it was directed to me 'War Office. London' and I have never left South Africa since the War. I enclose my autograph if you think it is worth having in your collection.~56~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT BOER WAR ZULU WARS SOUTH AFRICA~ ~0~RF1~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23338~04/11/2020~False~Mary H. Catherwood [Mary Hartwell Catherwood (1847-1902), American writer of popular historical romances, short stories, and poetry]~[ Mary H. Catherwood, American novelist ] Autograph Letter Signed Mary H. Catherwood to Miss Chace, including her encounter with the literary A-list and her next publication.~Hooperton, Illinois, 28 January 1891.~Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, final page blank with residue of tipping in process, ow good condition. Text: Your note has just been forwarded to me with a batch of others from the [Thorndike?]. I would have loved a visit to Newport. But as soon as my business was complettd in Boston I come racing home just like an anxious bovine mother. It is foolish, but I positively cannot stay long away from our six year old baby. Mr. [Haughton?] and his wife had a dinner arranged for Monday evening, where I should meet Dr. Holmes [Oliver Wendell], and Mrs Deland [novelist] and -- everybody: but I could [underlined] not stay. | As it was, I had calls continually, and saw many people I have long wanted to meet. But you know itis an effort for Dr. Holmes to come into Boston to a dinner now. | You must like 'Lady of Fort St. John' in the Atlantic [periodical]. It is to begin in June, as soon, indeed, as they can present it. | Mrs Chace ran in and made me a little call. She and Mr. Chace were well. [...]