[ Sydney Horler; thrillers ] Autograph Comments on an unfavourable newspaper snippet, Signed Sydney Horler..

Sydney Horler [1888 – 1954), prolific British novelist specialising in thrillers].
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[Headed] Old Studley, Ewell, Surrey. [c.14 July 35].
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One page, 4to, fold mark, edges sl. stained, text clear and complete, comprising, newspaper snippet, 6 x 5cm, laid down in top half of page, which sneers at Horler stock in trade Terror novels, particularly his latest The Moon Murders, concluidng, Mr. Horler is quite shameless; even the King's English can perish if the situations are there. all present and correct. But people who like that sort of thing have got the thing they like. Horler then adds My comments in attempted refutation: 1. income of over £4000 for the last seven years; 2. a total sale of over 3,000,000 copies; 3. Hundreds of eulogistic reviews from all over the world; 4. Many letters for appreciation - not from [lice?] of critics, but from fellow crafsment [...] including John Buchan, P.G. Wodehouse, A.E.W. Mason etc; 5. Seems to say something like Competition for my picture (hand difficult sometimes). He concludes Altogether, I should worry! / || Sydney Horler.