[F.M. Wibaut, social democrat politician, writer on economic subjects etc; Mrs Wibaut-Berdenis, feminist writer] Marriage in the Making, translated from Wordend Huwelijk by Cornelie Russell. (unpublished)

F.M. Wibaut and Mrs Wibaut-Berdenis van Berlekom. Translator: Cornelie Russell
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Authorised Translation [1933] unpublished. Wordend Huwelijk first published in 1932, third edition 1933
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Typescript, 99pp., 4to, paper wraps, stapled, sl. chipped and stained, text good+. Enclosed: Brief biographical information about the Dutch joint authors, typescript, one page, edge dusted and ragged but complete. WITH: 5 pages of complimentary reviews of the Dutch edition in periodicals or by distinguished individuals. The reviews include statements that illuminate the text. a moral book, notwithstanding the fact that this morality has nothing in common with any morality as seen from a religious point of view; This book is so brave, the problems which up till the present people have been anxious to keep hidden, as skeletons in the cupboard. | And finally we point to the golden thread which goes as a theme through the book, the deliverance of women, from being an object of property to the independent human being which is the basis of the revolution in sexual life; A storm-raising book written by the social democrat the 'Grand Old Man' Dr. Wibaut and his wife deals with the problems of love, marriage, passion and child welfare.