[Melton Prior, artist] Autograph Letter Signed Melton-Prior to Sir Augustus Harris [actor, impresario, and dramatist]

Melton Prior (1845 – 1910), artist and war correspondent.
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[Headed] Millington, Newstead Road, Lee, Kent, 31 October 1893.
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Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. I scarcely know how to thank you for the very handsome present which I received this afternoon, & cannot help feeling that the slight services I was able to render in connection with 'A Life of Pleasure' [subject the Burmese War which Prior had covered] certainly did not warrant any recognition at all, but I accept it with pleasure and am very proud to think you number me as one of the Servants of The High Priest 'Druriolanus'. My wife desires [...]