[Lydia M. von Finkelstein of Jerusalem] Signature only Lydia M. von Finkelstein of Jerusalem with that of her attendant B.[H?]oofsaly of Beirut.

Lydia M. von Finkelstein of Jerusalem [Lydia M. Von Finkelstein Mountford, author, Jewish convert, later Mormon]
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Reverse of Part of a business letter, 13 x 11.5cm, headed (printed) Civil Service Supply Association Limited [...] London, Oct. 5 1886, Paper stained but Signatures bold and clear (see image) apart from ink spill which obscures the a of Lydia and one of the letters in the attendant's signature. Note: Madame Lydia Mountford presents the life of Christ in one of the rarest forms of history that has ever been published. having been born and raised as a Jew living in Jerusalem, she became personally acquainted with the traditions, customs and the rituals of the Jewish people. After she was converted to Christ as the Messiah, she later was converted to the restoration of His Gospel as revealed in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is not infrequent that new converts to Christianity will err on certain points of doctrine and Mrs. Mountford was no exception. Her views pertaining to the virgin birth, Christ without brothers and sisters, His celibate life, etc., were written before she became a convert to the Latter-day Saints. However, her insight into Hebrew customs and traditions are impressive if not fascinating as she portrays this historical life of Jesus Christ. (Madam Mountford's life story as it was printed in the February 1921 issue of the Relief Society Magazine.)