[Lydia M. von Finkelstein of Jerusalem] Signature only Lydia M. von Finkelstein of Jerusalem with that of her attendant B.[H?]oofsaly of Beirut.

Lydia M. von Finkelstein of Jerusalem [Lydia M. Von Finkelstein Mountford, author, Jewish convert, later Mormon]
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Reverse of Part of a business letter, 13 x 11.5cm, headed (printed) Civil Service Supply Association Limited [...] London, Oct. 5 1886, Paper stained but Signatures bold and clear (see image) apart from ink spill which obscures the a of Lydia and one of the letters in the attendant's signature. Note: Madame Lydia Mountford presents the life of Christ in one of the rarest forms of history that has ever been published. having been born and raised as a Jew living in Jerusalem, she became personally acquainted with the traditions, customs and the rituals of the Jewish people.

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