[Edward Hubert Fitchew, artist & editor; Nelson] Autograph Letter Signed to Herbert Wrigley Wilson, discussing the printing of a book (‘Nelson and His Times’ by Beresford and Wilson, 1898). With two pages covered in notes in another hand (Wilson’s?).

Edward Hubert Fitchew (1851-1934), artist and editor [Herbert Wrigley Wilson (1866-1940), journalist and naval historian; Her Majesty’s Printing Office, London]
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10 January 1898. On letterhead of Her Majesty’s Printing Office, 6 Middle New Street, Fetter Lane, E.C. [London].
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An interesting item, providing a sidelight into the process of Victorian scholarly editing and publication. Fitchew’s letter is 2pp, 4to, on the outer pages of a bifolium; the inner pages being filled with notes (citations?) in a minuscule hand, possibly the recipient’s. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, and folded for postage. Addressed to ‘H. W. Wilson’ and signed ‘E. H. Fitchew’. The letter begins: ‘Dear Mr. Wilson / I think it is possible we may want a little more letterpress, but probably not much. Up to end of pt. 7 we have used 82 slips. I suppose deletion & added matter about balance each other, & we may therefore reckon remainder of book on the same basis. We have 27 slips, which should fill about 56 pp.’ He continues in the same vein, discussing preface and index. Ends with discussion of question, ‘Would you prefer to add to Chap. IX or only to Chap X?’ There is some annotation in the second hand to the left of Fitchew's signature, and beneath it an illegible note in blue pencil. The book in question is ‘Nelson and His Times’ by Rear-Admiral Lord Charles Beresford and H. W. Wilson, ‘With many illustrations mostly from contemporary sketches, selected, arranged, and annotated by Edward H. Fitchew’, which was printed by Her Majesty’s Printers Eyre & Spottiswoode, and published by Harmsworth Brothers Ltd in 1898. See image of additional annotation presumed by Wilson.