[Edward Hubert Fitchew, artist & editor; Nelson] Autograph Letter Signed to Herbert Wrigley Wilson, discussing the printing of a book (‘Nelson and His Times’ by Beresford and Wilson, 1898). With two pages covered in notes in another hand (Wilson’s?).

Edward Hubert Fitchew (1851-1934), artist and editor [Herbert Wrigley Wilson (1866-1940), journalist and naval historian; Her Majesty’s Printing Office, London]
Publication details: 
10 January 1898. On letterhead of Her Majesty’s Printing Office, 6 Middle New Street, Fetter Lane, E.C. [London].

An interesting item, providing a sidelight into the process of Victorian scholarly editing and publication. Fitchew’s letter is 2pp, 4to, on the outer pages of a bifolium; the inner pages being filled with notes (citations?) in a minuscule hand, possibly the recipient’s. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, and folded for postage. Addressed to ‘H. W. Wilson’ and signed ‘E. H. Fitchew’. The letter begins: ‘Dear Mr. Wilson / I think it is possible we may want a little more letterpress, but probably not much. Up to end of pt. 7 we have used 82 slips.

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