[Angela Lansbury, Hollywood actress, star of TV series ?Murder, She Wrote?.] Typed Card Signed to Kenneth [Sephton], stating that 'the show' ['Gypsy', at the Piccadilly Theatre'] has ?turned into more of a success than I could have ever hoped for?.

Angela Lansbury [Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury] (1925-2022), stage and screen actress, born in Britain of partly Irish extraction, who settled in America and starred in the TV series ?Murder, She Wrote'
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9 July 1973. [London.]
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On one side of 15 x 10 cm grey-blue card, with facsimile of her signature at the head. Addressed to ?Dear Kenneth?, and with bold stylish signature at bottom right. The subject of the letter is the Piccadilly Theatre production of ?Gypsy?, which had opened a few days before on 29 May 1973. She thanks him for his ?kind letter?, adding ?Thank god you were right about the show and it has turned into more of a success than I could have ever hoped for.? She is sorry he couldn?t attend the first night, as ?it was a good show and I know you would have enjoyed it?. She ends with renewed thanks for his ?most kind letter?. See Image.