15 'INK-PHOTO' engravings.

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Circa 1890; by 'SPRAGUE & CO. LONDON'.
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These illustrations are marvellously evocative of the period before Croydon was ruined architecturally. Suitable for framing. They are photographic, in black and white, and approximately 7 inches by 9 1/2 inches, on sheets of paper approximately 10 1/2 inches by 13. Dusty and with a little spotting but in good condition overall. Captions read: 'NORTHERN END OF MIDDLE ROW'; 'HIGH STREET FROM WHITGIFT'S HOSPITAL'; 'BUTCHER ROW, SURREY STREET'; 'MIDDLE ROW, LOOKING SOUTH'; 'THE TOWN HALL, 1890'; 'INTERIOR OF THE TOWN HALL. - THE COUNCIL CHAMBER'; 'OLD TIMBER HOUSES, MARKET STREET'; 'THE TOWN HALL AS DEPICTED IN THE CORPORATE SEAL'; 'WESTERN SIDE OF HIGH STREET, SOUTH OF THE "GREYHOUND"'; 'OAK ALLEY FROM SURREY STREET'; 'MARKET STREET, LOOKING SOUTH' [with a short note pointing out George Richardson's house & baker's shop at no. 6]; 'HIGH STREET, NORTH OF THE "GREEN DRAGON," 1890'; 'EASTERN SIDE OF HIGH STREET FROM THE SOUTHERN CORNER OF PARK STREET'; 'SOUTHERN END OF MIDDLE ROW'; 'WESTERN SIDE OF HIGH STREET, NORTH OF THE "GREYHOUND". Duplicates of several of the engravings are available: details on request. UNIT PRICE, £12.50. THE LOT (x 15), £225