Autograph Letters Signed (x 4) to John Wilson Croker, Capt. Basil Hull, the Attorney-General and Archdeacon Singleton

Henry Hardinge
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Viscount, soldier, G.-G. of India. (Croker) asks for assistance for lady whose sons died on naval duty. (Hull) he has passed on his note about forgery to Peel. (Attorney-General) asks him to look at a Bill he wants to go before the House. (Singleton) he discusses the circumstances of the death of Huskisson (run over by a train) and other business including "O.G. Mahon", Lord Westmeath's speech ("coarse invective agt the D of W and so grossly indecent"), Shiel's speech, O'Connell ("influence greatly declined"), General O'Neill and other matters. Four items,