Autograph Letter Signed to Richard Wilson

Henry Cline [J.H. Shorthouse and John Porter].
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Lincolns Inn Fields, 22 Nov. 1821.
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Surgeon, Astley Cooper's mentor (DNB), author of medical works. Three pages, 8vo, crude repairs to tears on folds, laid down, text clear and complete. He writes, "That disorder in a horse which constitutes a Roarer, is caused by a membranous projection in a part of the wind pipe (technically called the larynx). It is a consequence . . . [he continues ] . . . "A Roarer is not therefore a diseased horse . . . When a horse is in strong action, his breathing becomes proportionatley quickened . . . and thus the roaring noise is produced. The existence of this in a Stallion cannot be of any consequence. It cannot be propagated any more than a broken bone or any other accident." A typewritten note on the reverse of the backing describes this as "Mr Cline's treatise on 'Roaring' in horses and that the two writers of additional letters (present and described below) were John Port, "The famous racehorse trainer and J.H. Shorthouse, author, who "founded the Sporting Times" (no evidence found for this statement). WITH: Autograph Letter Signed, Carshalton, no date, by J.H. Shorthouse to C.R. Randolph. Author of "John Inglesant" and other novels (DNB). Two pages, 8vo, remnants of laying down process at edge marginally affecting text, text complete and clear. He is returning a letter by Henry Cline (present - see above for description), thanking Randolph for letting him have a look. His wife has taken a copy of it "and perhaps some day I may publish it with a few comments. AND: Autograph Note Signed from John Porter, Distinguished Racehorse Trainer, to "General" (presumably Randolph, the recipient of Shorthouse's letter), one page, 8vo, 17 Sept. [1887?], laid down, good condition, saying "Thanks for enclosed he [presumably Cline] he may be right in his opinion". Three items,