The Wandering Naturalists. A Story of Adventure.

J.A. Lawson.
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London: Remington and Co., 1880.
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Advert. leaf, Title-page, pp.[1]-302, sl. shaken, hinge strain, corners bumped, some marking, but still a goodlooking book. The first thrust of the plot isan expedition, plant-hunting in Northern India and the Himalayas which they cross to Seksura on the River Arun in Nepal(possibly invented names, perhaps inspired by Aranachan Pradesh). While there they hunted wild boar, attempted to climb Mount Everest (15 April 1868). They travelled to Khatang (which exists), Tashay,, Amarpore, a tiger hunt (successful), another tiger-hunt, jackals, lynxes. hyenas and wolves in passing (discusses the danger (p.253) of hunting and the loss of life among British officers, another tiger who seriously wounded him (saved by dog who died), elephants ("On subsequent days we killed several hundreds of wolves and other small beats of prey, and also two tigers and a leopard"), Shanlarja, Patna.