Two hundred books from the libraries of the world's greatest book collectors : Grolier (1479-1565) to Beckford (1759-1844)

J. Pearson & Co. (Booksellers: London)
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London : J. Pearson & Co., [1910]
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vi, 126 p., 1 l : plates (partly fold.) facsim, covers worn and soiled, weat and tear to the deckle-edges, hinge strain, contents complete and clear. Printed by the Chiswick Press. From the Reference Library of (Albert) Winifred Myers, autograph-dealer, note by a company hand inserted with basic details of the catalogue and the price "15/-" crossed out. Note (introductory remarks): "... This catalogue contains particulars, not only of the most extensive, but also the most valuable collection of Armorial and Historical Bookbindings that has ever occurred for sale." COPAC records four copies (not BLC).