Souvenir handbill, with photographs of the nine riders and facsimiles of their signatures.

The Don Cossack Riders [Russia; the Soviet Union; 'A. Boulanoff'; 'N. Golouboff']
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Date and place of printing not stated [England?]. Docketed in pencil 'Don Cossack Riders - Sept. 1950'.
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Bifolium (dimensions of the two leaves 14.5 x 22.5 cm), 4 pp. Printed on light-green paper. Lightly worn and creased with one short closed tear. Contains 14 photographs of riders engaged in impressive stunts, including riding through flame, riding upside down and in a pyramid formation. No trace of existence of the troupe appears to have survived. Although in costume, to the ignorant eye they do not look particularly Cossack, and their signatures are not written in Cyrillic. The names, which do not yield any clues either, include 'A Boulanoff' and 'N. Golouboff'.