Autograph letter signed, Mary-Cecile Loge, translator, to A.P. Watt, Literary Agent

[ Jack London ] A French Translator
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Four pages, 8vo. She declines to translate "White Fang" because the similarity of its "most important scenes" to those in "The Call of the Wild" ("leading" Paris editors agree with her) would jeopardise sales, suggesting that compression into one third of the original length would be necessary. She remits eight guineas to be forwarded to Jack London, and makes a play for the rights to translate a new Robert Hichens novel. WITH: typed note signed, 8vo, in German, from the publishers, Ferdinand Schoningh, to A.P. Watt, 20 Nov. 1954, announcing the publication ofa German edition of "White Fang", with postscript by the agentssaying that the requisite(copyright) three copies had arrived. Three items,