one autograph letter signed to Arthur [?],

Charles Wyndham
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24 June 1892, on the letterhead of the Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly.
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English actor-manager (1837-1919), knighted in 1902. 3 pp, 8vo. An interesting letter in which he angles for some some royal patronage. "Dear Arthur / I am trying to arrange Agatha but there are difficulties - / I wonder whether Her Royal Highness is disengaged next Tuesday. We play a charming little piece on Tuesday afternoon about ¼ past 3 - which I am sure with her dramatic taste she will appreciate - It is a new comedietta called "Mrs Hilary regrets" [by Spenser Theyre Smith] that we played with great success at the Lyceum. / I shall be more than happy as well as honoured if Her Royal Highness would permit me to place the box at their disposal Will you let me know".