[Dorset Election 1831; Hon. W.F.S. Ponsonby, brother of Lady Caroline Lamb; Earl of Shaftesbury] MS. The Expenses of The Committee for the Election of the Honble W.F.S. Ponsonby | To Thomas Phippard with covering letter from Tho. Phippard..

[Dorset Election 1831; Hon. W.F.S. Ponsonby; Earl of Shaftesbury]
Publication details: 
Bill dated 14 September 1831; covering letter Wareham, Nov. 1831.

Two pages, folio, fold marks, a little grubby, some damage (by stamp vandal?) marginally affecting text, ow fair.. A. The covering letter by Tho. Phippard, sending the Bill in the Election, asking the recipient, E.Nicoletts, Bridport, to fill in the blanks with the average sums charged per diem by the other agents. I have not included many days [absent?] in the business. My bill will be higher than some agents as I was directed to proceed in canvassing my Division earlier in consequence of the proceedings of Ashleys [ie Later Lord Shaftesbury].

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