[Carl Joubert; anti-Tsarist articles ] Typescripts (3 signed) of 5 (unpublished?) anti-Tsarist articles.

'Carl Joubert' [Adolphus Waldorf Carl Grottey] [Tsarist Russia]
Publication details: 
Place and date of none stated, but probably Edwardian.

'The Reason Why', 'The Eastern Ukase of 1905', 'The Coming Revolution in Russia', 'The Soldier of Russia' and 'Some Aspects of Russian Life'. Manuscript corrections. The six works by 'Joubert' listed on COPAC appeared between 1904 and 1906, and it is reasonable from the context to assume that these five items date from the same period. All five items clear and complete, with all text on one side only of A4 leaves. The first four in fair condition, on aged paper, and in worn brown card bindings. The fifth item unbound and with the first and last leaves worn and grubby.

[Issue of printed periodical.] Weekly Irish Bulletin | (Belfast Atrocities) | Dail Eireann Publicity Report

Dail Eireann Publicity Report ['Belfast Atrocities' and 'Pogrom', 1920; Lieutenant-Colonel Gerald Bryce Ferguson Smyth (1885-1920)]
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Vol. 1. No. 4. Monday, 12th June, 1922. Wood Printing Works, Fleet Street, Dublin.

4pp., 8vo. On the rectos only of four leaves stapled together at one corner. In fair condition, on aged paper with wear at foot. Printer's slug at foot of final page. The first page begins: 'KILLED 425 WOUNDED 1764 | This list of wounded only includes gunshot and bomb wounds. Very many of those kicked almost into pulp in the streets and left for dead are not included here.

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