[ Major Paget; Boer War; Cronje on St Helena ] Sixteen leaves extracted from an Album at least partly compiled by Major Wellesey Paget of the Royal Horse Artillery (photographs, printed ephemera, newspaper clippings etc.)

[ Major Wellesley Paget, R.H.A.; Boer War; Cronje ]
Boer War
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South Africa, St Helena, England, 1897-1900
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See images. 32 album pages, sm.folio, extracted from an Album, edges rough as a result, with laid down (amateur) photographs, handwritten material, newspaper clippings, printed ephemera, predominantly from the Boer War, including photo of the youngest Boer Prisoner at 13 years old:1. [Printed] Programme of Reception of Major Wellesley Paget, R.H.A. (1900)2. Newspaper clippings, some sizeable (e.g. General Buller's Battle at Alleman's Nek, Boer Cruelties, Escape of Boer Prisoner, Dorset Imperial Yeomanry in the Transvaal, newspaper photos including war scenes, homecoming of troops, The Mutiny of the West Indians [St Helena], Return of Paget's Horse, Boer prisoners on St Helena, etc etc )3. Two Letters from Henry Paget (Chief Justice, Maritzburg, 1897) about Grand Jubilee Ladies' Hat Show.4. Numerous photographs amateur, many lacking professional clarity, (mainly 5 x 4cm, 10 x 7cm,but up to 20 x 14, 27 x 20cm), subjects include loop Street, Maritzburg, town views (Port Elizabeth, etc), Ferry over Buffalo River; Wreck of the Transport Ismore (see Wikipedia) (taken from shore), St Helena Bay, 63d Field Battery wrecked - see report of wreck below (photograph of local people come to see the wreck, etc); Kaffir boys, coolies, Paget's troops crossing the Vaal, Cutting Telegraph near Zeer[?], Paget's camp Ottishoop, 4 Glosters Entry into James Town, 20 x 14cm, separate photos of A. de B. V. Paget and his wife in Burma).5. Series of photographs taken on St Helena, subjects include Typical Boer Prisoners, Youngest Prisoner aged 13, Cronje's house, General Shiel at his house (4 x8/5cm), Gloucesters Entry into James Town St Helenac.20 x 14cm, 6. Largest photo c.27x 20cm, Maymyo Sanitarium [sic] Burma7. Some material relating to India (Poona Garrison etc.)8. Newspaper article about family wedding.9. Newspaper articles about the Ismore (departure of the 63d Field Battery R.A.; the Wreck (inc. Major Thurston's Graphic Narrative)10. [Handwritten, total 5pp., sm. fol] A. Copy of Rajah's letter from S.S. Transport Ismore, Friday Nov. 24th 99 (to Dec.2). Two- ish pages, sm. Folio. Subjects include reflections on a disastrous voyage, the serious illness of Jerry Portman (and his bad reaction to the noisy ship), his (and others) loss of horses, water running short, monotony, injections for enteritis, food shortage, fear of tomorrow, news of victory from Belmont (I hope it isn't a Glencoe Kind of Victory, Letter followed by B. Copy of Sheet torn out of Field Message Book Columbine Point Sunday 3rd Dec. 99, two-ish pages, sm. Folio, starting […] We were wrecked her about 2.30, describing the exemplary behaviour of the troops, the incompetent crew of waisters. Launching of the boats, the eventual breaking up, loss of guns etc, but close to shore, swimming for it, losses (horses, equipment etc), followed by C. Copy of letter posted Cape Town Wednesday Dec. 6th | S.S. Columbian, c. one and a half -ish pages, sm. Folio, starting I have had enough Robinson Crusoing to last some time, further discussing the events on board and after, including thefts from the troops and Spirit room, not enough room on the boats for all (Someone ought to be hanged over this job.), worthless crew, meeting Government agent on shore who arranged food and transport, rescuing kits and other items from ship until it became too dangerous.11. [Printed] Handbill, poem re. Victoria at death.12. [MS] Poem, 2pp., fol., The Light (clad) Brigade | Some of the tribulations of the first Canadian Contingent (based on Tennyson). Apparently unpublished.~1250~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT BOER WAR ST HELENA WRECK OF SS ISMORE~ ~0~Four shelves below Burke's~ ~ ~ ~ ~