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Sir Henry Morgan Vane (1808-1886), Secretary of the Charity Commission, Whitehall

[ Sir Henry Morgan Vane, Secretary of the Charity Commission, Whiteghall. ] Autograph Signature ('Hen. M. Vane') on manuscript Letter to Sir Richard Harington, regarding 'capitation payments' in relation to 'The School' at Whitbourne.

4pp., foolscap 8vo. On bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Neatly written in another hand. The text relates to 'capitation payments' in relation to 'The School' at Whitbourne, and begins: 'Sir | The trust deed which the Commissioners desire to see is not that of which an account...

Henri Haener [Hoener ], Imprimeur du Roi, Nancy, France [Printer to the King]

[Henri Hoener [Haener]; Printing History] Letter (secretarial?) Signed "H Haener" to "Née de la Rochelle, libraire" [bookseller](Wikipedia

Four pages including address panel, 4to, bifolium, edges dulled, a little foxing. He outlines what he has done (sending things?), in a one page letter, and, on the other two pages, given a detailed account of what he has done for the bookseller from December 1787 to May 1788, including "...

£450.00 Haener printer
[ Robert Owen, revolutionary; Gilbert Bayes, sculptor ]

[ Robert Owen; Donation leaflet ] Robert Owen Statue Committee, Newtown. Robert Owen Statue Appeal.

One page, 20 x 32.5cm (sm. fol.), minor creasing and wear, fold mark at centre. With biographical details, description of the proposed statue with photograph of the model to be transformed (Owen protecting child), officers of the Committee, and at bottom, blank form for a donation (concluding "...

'Madame Delysia' [ 'Alice Delysia'; 'Elise Delisia' ], stage name of Alice Henriette Lapize (1889-1979), French entertainer; Sir John Pollock [ Sir Frederick John Pollock ] (1878-1963), author

[ 'Madame Delysia' entertains the British troops in the Middle East. ] Duplicate copy of Autograph Letter Signed by Sir John Pollock, countersigned by her, giving conditions for her use of 'Mlle Fifi' and 'Darling'. With Typed Letter Signed from her.

Both C. B. Cochran, who promoted her career, and Noel Coward, who wrote 'Poor Little Rich Girl' for her, wrote highly of Delysia and her work. Three items, in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. All three in an envelope addressed to Pollock and docketed by him 'Delysia (tour) Contract March...

Marcel-Auguste Dieulafoy (1844-1920), French archaeologist

[ Dieulafoy, archaeologist; Dornac, photographer ] Autograph Letter Signed "Dieulafoy" to ["Monsieur Dornac | Photographe | 34 Rue Gassendi | Paris" (address on envelope)., concerned at the terms of an agreement over photographs of his "appartement"

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. With envelope. "En vous autorisant ce matin a prendre quelques photographies de mon appartement je n'ai entendu ni vous creez un droit a les reproduire ou a les venre a votre guise. Je vous [?] demande de m'envoyer des tirages pour les examiner, vous...

Leon Gautier, [Émile Théodore Léon Gautier (1832–1897), French literary historian.]

[ Leon Gautier ] Autograph Letter Signed " Leon Gautier" to M. l'abbe Misset, scholar and collector, about the correction of errors for a new edition of his (Gautier's) "Adam de St Victor"

One page, 12mo, good condition. In his best hand. He asks for a "petit service". "Je fais une nouvelle edition de mon Adam de St Victor et je viens vous demander de m'indiquer les corrections que vour jugeriez a propos de faire dans mon 2e edition." He holds his corrections in high regard,...

Flora of Switzerland [ Albrecht von Halle (1708-1777), Abraham Gagnebin (1707-1800) and Johann Rudolf Suter (1766-1827), Swiss naturalists and botanists ]

[ Swiss Flora; Alpines ] Swiss botany in the Enllghtenment period: an anonymous manuscript Flora of Switzerland in Latin, with observational notes in French and German.

The present item is a product of the marked growth of interest in botany in general and the flora of Switzerland in particular exhibited during the Enlightenment, and exemplified by Jean-Jacques Rousseau's celebrated 'Lettres élémentaires sur la botanique'. Alexandra Cook's 'Jean-Jacques...

£5,000.00 Swiss Flora 1
Edgar Francis [alias Edgar Francis Rutter], Financial Agent

[ Financial Agent; Victorian money-lender ] Autograph Letter Signed "E. Francis" to an unknown woman ("Madam"), offering a loan.

Two pages, 12mo, sl. soiled, mainly good condition. "If you ever require an immediate loan from a genuine private service will you favor me with a call or letter? | The capital can remain as long as interest at £5 per cent per an[nu]m is paid. Temporary advances in a few hours - No preliminary...

Marcel-Auguste Dieulafoy (1844-1920), French archaeologist, noted for his excavations at Susa, author of L'Art anti

[ Dieulafoy;Women at War;archaeologist; Persia; cross dressing ] Autograph Letter Signed "Dieulafoy" to unnamed correspondent, his eminent wife's initiative (training women to do jobs of men who became soldiers (1913). and the circumstances of her death.

Three pages, 8vo, black border, fold marks, small closed tears, text complete and clear. With official printed stamp next to signature, "Le Lt-Colonel DIEULAFOY | Charge du Service du Genie des Etapes". He has received an article in "L'Eveil" by his correspondent concerning his "chere compagne...

Ian Hamilton [ J. D. Salinger; William Heinemann Ltd, London publishers; Random House ]

[ Proof of the suppressed version of Ian Hamilton's biography, with fullest quotations from Salinger's letters. ] J. D. Salinger: A Writing Life.

The present item is a product of one of the most celebrated publishing controversies of the twentieth century. In 1982 the English critic and poet Ian Hamilton set out to write a biography of the legendarily-reclusive Salinger. The attempt, as The Times explained in Hamilton's obituary, 31...

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