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A.S. Boyd [Alexander Stuart Boyd, Scottish illustrator, cartoonist and painter, ]

[ A.S. Boyd, Scottish illustrator ] Autograph Letter Signed AS Boyd to My dear Dunn, presumably James Nicoll Dunn, sometime editor of the Scots Observer (replaced by Henley).

Two pages, 12mo, bifolium, first and lst pages grubby but text clear and complete. Text: Thank you very much for sending Mr Henley's book which I shall have much pleasure in reading, and my wife will get hints for 'style' as she doth peruse it. It is nicely got up, but is not so sweet to handle...

[Sea-Coast Salmon Fishing Proprietors; Scotland]

[ Salmon-Fishing; PRINTED] Draft. Memorial. Sea Coast Salmon Fishing Proprietors to the Fishery Board for Scotland

Leaflet, 4pp., folio, bifolium, with occasional MS correction, elision and addition. Proposals listed as 1. To extend the Annual and Weekly Close Time; 2. To remodel District Fishery Boards.; 3. To give power to the Secretary of State to combine or divide Fishery Districts, to vary or [elided...

Winston S. Churchill, sometime Prime Minister.

[ Winston Churchill ] Typed Note Signed WS Churchill to The Secretary, The Royal United Services Institution, about the donation of Mafeking Mails. With Typed Note (20.8.55) with typed initials DP, annotated., concerning the donation.

[Typed Note Signed by Churchill] One page, 8vo, fold marks, good condition. Text: A correspondent in South Africa, Mr. H.J. Bunyard, of 85 Park Street North, Randfontein, Transvaal, has asked that this collection of brown news sheets printed in Mafeking during the siege should be placed in a...

£1,000.00 Churchill
Blanaid Salkeld [ Blánaid Salkeld (1880 – 1959), Irish poet, dramatist, and actor.

[ Blanaid Salkeld; Irish writer ] Autograph A Poem. Contribution (extracted) to an Album with the subject Happiness, Signed Blanaid Salkeld.

Album Page (extracted), 20.5 x 16cm, very good condition. Text: Courage can always better. Let the fatalist | Cry, I have done. | Every poet in his degree is an optimist. | 'The star to its appointed height.' But man's strange spirit - | What seer dares to froeshadow worlds it may inherit? | The...

[ Findon, Aberdeenshire ]

[ Manuscript; auction ] Roup Roll of the Farm Stocking Household Furniture etc. sold at Findon 13 Nov. 1820.

Five-page list of items, fold marks, some dusting, fair condition. Lots, Buyers and Prices (see image). From Scythe and rake to horses and potatoes.

£80.00 Roup Roll
[ Kimberley; Diamond Fields Advertiser ]

[ Kimberley; Diamond Fields Advertiser ] The Siege of Kimberley 1899-1900. Specail Illustrated Number of the Diamond Fields Advertiser, Kimberley

Photographs mainly supplied by Mr. F.H. Hancox [...]. Not paginated. A very good copy, original dark red morocco gilt, sl. rubbed, raised bands, all edges gilt, patterned endpapers, with label of Arthur Probsthain, [eminent] Oriental Booksellers. See photo.

£380.00 Kimberley
Llewelyn Powys [Llewelyn Powys (1884–1939), essayist, novelist and younger brother of John Cowper Powys and T. F. Powys.]

[ Llewelyn Powys ] Autograph Note Signed Llewelyn Powys to Mr[s?] Venn [?], a bookseller.

One page, 8vo, fold mark, good condition, difficult to read (some guesswork involved). This is to introduce Miss [?] and Mr [Mrs?] Brown - Mr Brown is a visitor to this country from Baltimore where he is a librarian. He is a man of cukture and discrimination and I know it would be a privilege...

Llewelyn Powys [Llewelyn Powys (1884–1939), essayist, novelist and younger brother of John Cowper Powys and T. F. Powys.]

[ Llewelyn Powys ] Autograph Letter Signed Llewelyn Powys to Mrs Clift of The Chelsea Tea Rooms, Princes Street, Yeovil [envelope present]

Two pages, 12mo, fold mark, good condition, difficult to read (some guesswork involved). He hopes her anxieties haven't been too heavy. He thinks she might like to make herself known to Mr. Musgrave, the Librarian of the Public Library in Yeovil. He is a remarkable [?] of man, very sensitive and...

John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute [ (1847–1900), was a landed aristocrat, industrial magnate, antiquarian, scholar, philanthropist, and architectural patron.]

[ 3rd Marquess of Bute ] Two Autograph Letters Signed Bute, one to Sir, the other to Mr Patrick (as perhaps was the first - possibly an editor of a Catholic periodical), concerning his writings on Catholicism and heavy work schedule detail.

Both letters, 4pp., 12mo, bifoliums, very good condition. Letter One (30 Nov. 1887): On carefully re-considering the article you were so good as to send me, I thought it would be better to write a new one, which I now send you. [...] I think it gives a fair idea on the whole, to an outsider, of...

[House of Commons; Parliament; Irish Home Rule]

Autograph documents signed by 800 Members of the Houses of Parliament, 1860-1893, admissions to Strangers' Gallery etc, Including 144 Irish Members at the height of the Home Rule League [also listed separately and detachable]

A collection of 858 documents, dating from between 1860 and 1893, bearing a total of 800 autographs of British Members of Parliament (765 Members of the House of Commons and 35 Peers). The collection is in good condition, with the usual signs of age and wear, each item having been punch-holed by...

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