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W. G. Wills [William Gorman Wills], Irish dramatist, novelist and painter [Edward Charles Chepmell (1820-1885), society homeopathist]

[William Gorman Wills, Irish dramatist, novelist and painter.] Autograph Letter Signed ('W G Wills') to 'Chepmell' [i.e. the society homeopathist Edward Charles Chepmell], expressing thanks for 'the cure you accomplished'.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition. He has 'from week to week been purposing a visit to you to express my gratitude & sincere thanks for your kindness to me & the cure you accomplished'. He can only write his thanks, having been overwhelmed by 'the arrears of work that followed my illness',...

The Griffith, Glynne, Hughes and Williams families, of Plas yn Rhiw, Rhosfawr and Bodegroes, Caernarvonshire [Gwynedd]; and Plas Coch, Anglesea [Welsh 18th and 19th century pedigrees and genealogy]

[Welsh 18th and 19th century pedigrees and genealogy.] Miscellaneous manuscript documents, relating to the Griffith, Glynne, Hughes and Williams families, of Plas yn Rhiw, Rhosfawr and Bodegroes, Caernarvonshire [Gwynedd]; and Plas Coch, Anglesea.

The collection consists of 32 documents, one on vellum, the others on paper. Aged and worn, with occasional minor loss to text. One item (its tape having dried out) in pieces. The first five items are large pedigrees, the last three of which, relating to the National Trust property Rhiw in Llyn...

Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850), Tory Prime Minister and creator of the Metropolitan Police ('Peelers')

[Sir Robert Peel, Troy Prime Minister.] Beginning of Autograph Letter in the third person, written while Prime Minister to Messrs Hanbury Taylor & Co'.

On one side of a 7.5 x 11 cm piece of paper, cut from the top of a letter. In good condition, lightly aged, and laid down on part of a leaf removed from an album. Reads 'Whitehall | June 22. 1844 | Sir Robert Peel requests Mess. Hanbury Taylor & Co [...]'. Written during his second ministry...

Sir Edgar MacCulloch (1808-1896), Bailiff of Guernsey, expert in Guernsey Folklore, and founding member of La Société Guernesiaise [Edward Charles Chepmell (1820-1885), society homeopathist]

[Sir Edgar MacCulloch, Bailiff of Guernsey, folklorist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Edgar MacCulloch') to 'Chepmell' [society homeopathist Edward Charles Chepmell], discussing the arrangements for his forthcoming adoubement.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged. He begins by thanking him for his 'kind note and ticket for the Private View at the Academy'. He explains that he 'must pay a visit to the Home Office at noon to report myself', and from there he will find his way to Burlington House. He...

Reginald Hill, crime writer (1936-2012)

[ Reginald Hill, crime writer ] Five Autograph Postcards and Cards Signed (all pictorial) "Reg" to Hunter Davies, author and journalist, and friend since childhood

Three Postcards Signed, and two (folding) cards) with between 6-21 lines of writing. Good-humoured tone, with references to a novel published by "Margaret" [Forster, Davies's wife] which has given him an idea for a detective novel, a self-deprecating comment ("insecure jumped up northern grammer...

R.W. Chapman, scholar, book collector and editor of the works of Samuel Johnson and Jane Austen

[ R.W. Chapman, scholar ] Autograph Note Signed to "Harmsworth" [Cecil Harmsworth, 1st Baron Harmsworth, a Johnsonian], about Mrs Piozzi's Love Letters.

One page, 12mo, sl rumpled, mainly good, written in haste. "I find I have a second copy of [Percival] Merritt's Piozzi Love Letters which you may care to have. See p.42. My accidental discovery of 'Exalt thy love - dejected heart in Parnell's poem clinched the matter."

Pavel Tchelitchew (1898-1957), Russian émigré surrealist painter, set designer and costume designer [Lincoln Kirstein; Osbert Sitwell; Stephen Tennant]

[Pavel Tchelitchew, Russian surrealist painter.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Pavel') to 'My dear, dear Sweet Stephen' [Stephen Tennant?], regarding his love of Italy, theatre design in America, Lincoln Kirstein and Osbert Sitwell.

2pp., 4to. Aged and worn, but legible. A splendid effervescent letter, highly characteristic, written in demotic English in a close unruly hand. Tchelitchew was a close friend (lover?) of Edith Sitwell, and in addition to her brother Osbert, the letter contains references to Lincoln Kirstein (...

Malcolm Osborne (1880-1963), RA, printmaker and President of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers [Maurice Frederick Codner (1888-1958), artist]

[Malcolm Osborne, distinguished British printmaker.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Malcolm Osborne.') to 'Codner' [the artist Maurice Frederick Codner], regarding their ocular afflications, and Codner's need for information about printing an engraving.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. The letter has two themes. First, the condition of Osborne's eye following his departure from the Hospital for Tropical Diseases and treatment for amoebic dysentery. ('I have been away in Worcestershire having a slack time on a fruit farm. On my...

Isabella Petrie Mills (b.c.1827; fl. 1916), suffragist, wife of the banker John Mills (1821-1896), President, Manchester Statistical Society; daughter of Rochdale engineer John Petrie (1792-1883)

[Isabella Petrie Mills, Manchester suffragist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Isabella Petrie-Mills') to 'Mr Matthews' of Rochdale, reminiscing about her family and discussing her health.

In 1899 Mrs Mills published a biography of her husband, titled 'From Tinder Box to Larger Light'. See the references to her in Crawford, 'Women's Suffrage Movement' (2003), and Daley and Nolan, 'Suffrage and Beyond' (1994), the latter work containing a reference to a meeting with Frederick...

H.C. Rawlinson [ Major-General Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson (1810–1895), East India Company army officer, politician and Orientalist, sometimes d

[ Henry C. Rawlinson, Assyriologist etc ] Autograph Letter Signed "H C Rawlinson" to "My dear Alice", wife of "Stephen" [Gatty], judge.

Two pages, 8vo, bifolium, sl. staining, but text clear, mainly good condition. He is forewarding two notes from Lord Knutsford [not present], but "you have probably heard by Telegraph direct from Stephen on the subject.. I don't exactly understand the dates or order of the notes but the...

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