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William J. Thoms [William John Thoms] (1803-1885), author and antiquary who coined the term 'folklore'

[William John Thoms, author and antiquary.] Autograph Letter Signed ('William J. Thoms') to H. A. Bright of Cambridge, regarding problems of the Camden Society.

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. With the cover of the letter's envelope, addressed to H. A. Bright at Trinity Collrge, Cambridge. Both letter and cover in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. In response to Bright's 'Letter to Mr Collier on the subject of the Camden Society', Thoms writes that it is 'a...

Thomas 'Clio' Rickman (1760-1834), Quaker publisher of political pamphlets, friend and biographer of Thomas Paine

[Thomas 'Clio' Rickman, Quaker pamphleteer and friend of Thomas Paine.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Clio') regarding a common acquaintance, and naming his 'great friends' who have died.

1p, landscape 12mo. In fair condition, aged and worn, laid down on part of a leaf from an album. The letter begins in lighthearted fashion, but soon turns sombre, with a list of Rickman's friends who have recently died. Reads: 'My dear Sir! Truth will out – The lady has been trying Bargain Tea...

Sir Edward Thornton (1817-1906), British Ambassador to the United States, Russia, and Ottoman Empire, Count of Cacilhas in the Portuguese nobility [ T. W. Smyth; West Hartlepool Shipowners Society]

[Sir Edward Thornton, diplomat, as British Ambassador to Russia.] Autograph Signature ('Edwd. Thornton') to secretarial document, to T. W. Smyth of the West Hartlepool Shipowners Society, regarding 'excessive quarantine' at Russian Black Sea ports.

3pp., 4to. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with slight traces of glue from mount along inner edge of reverse of second leaf, which is endorsed and carries pencil notes. Folded once. Signed by Thornton, with the rest of the document in the hand of a secretary. The recipient is named as...

Sibyl Colefax [Sibyl, Lady Colefax, née Halsey] (1874-1950), interior decorator and socialite [Mary Fox-Pitt, proprietor, the Old Mill Hotel, Harnham, Salisbury]

[Sibyl Colefax [Lady Colefax], interior decorator and socialite.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Sibyl Colefax') to 'Mrs. Fox Pitt', offering to do the interior design for the Old Mill Hotel, Harnham, Salisbury.

2pp, 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Folded once. The letter concerns Colefax's offer to do the interior design of the Old Mill Hotel, Harnham, Salisbury, whose proprietor was Mary Fox-Pitt, daughter-in-law of Augustus Pitt Rivers. Begins: 'Dear Mrs. Fox Pitt | Lady [?] told me to...

Mrs Gascoigne [Caroline Leigh Gascoigne, née Smith; Mrs C. L. Gascoigne] (1813-1883), Victorian novelist and author [Frederic Shoberl [Schoberl] (1775-1853), journalist and writer]

[Mrs Gascoigne [Caroline Leigh Gascoigne], Victorian novelist.] Autograph Letter in the third person, asking Frederic Shoberl for advice regarding the publication of her juvenile novel 'Spencer's Cross; or, The Manor House'.

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. In fair condition, lightly aged, with slight traces of glue from mount adhering to edge on reverse of second leaf. Folded twice. An interesting letter, casting light on publication practices in Victorian London, with reference to a successful female...

Mary Cowden Clarke [Mary Victoria Cowden Clarke] (1809-1898), English author, Shakespeare scholar, daughter of Vincent Novello, wife of Charles Cowden Clarke, friend of John Keats and Charles Lamb

[Mary Cowden Clarke, author and Shakespeare scholar.] Autograph Letter Signed thanking Dorothea Reader for a 'spirited sketch', and describing the 'choice company' in which she will place it. With a signed and dated studio photograph.

LETTER: 1p, 12mo. Signed 'Mary Cowden Clarke'. In fair condition, lightly aged, with traces of glue from mount. The letter is addressed at the foot to 'Miss Reader.' It begins: 'Dear Dorothea | Accept my hearty thanks for the spirited sketch you have so kindly sent to me. I prize it very much,...

Humphrey Lloyd (1800-1881), Irish physicist, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin [Robert Were Fox the Younger (1789-1877), geologist, inventor of the magnetic dip compass]

[Humphrey Lloyd, Irish physicist, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin.] Autograph Letter Signed ('H Lloyd') to Alfred Fox, regarding his 'paper on Magnetical Observations' and Fox's brother's 'instrument', i.e. Robert Were Fox's magnetic dip compass.

The recipient was a brother of the geologist and inventor Robert Were Fox the Younger (1789-1877), whose magnetic dip compass, constructed in the previous year, is the 'instrument' referred to at the end of the letter. (Fox's compass was used by Sir James Clark Ross on his Antarctic expedition,...

Henry Fauntleroy (1784-1824), banker and forger, hanged before Newgate after a trial at the Old Bailey [Sir Cuthbert Sharp (1781-1849), soldier and antiquary]

[Henry Fauntleroy, banker and forger.] Autograph Letter Signed ('H Fauntleroy') to Sir Cuthbert Sharp, written from Cold Bath Fields Prison a few weeks before his hanging at Newgate in front of a crowd of 100,000.

See Fauntleroy's entry in the Oxford DNB. Although accounts of his depravity are exaggerated, Fauntleroy led a dissolute life, and appropriated securities worth around £360,000. During his trial at the Old Bailey he called seventeen merchants and bankers to testify to his integrity, but his...

George Peabody (1795-1869), American financier regarded as the father of modern philanthropy for his charitable works in Britain and America

[George Peabody, American financier and philanthropist.] Autograph Signature ('Geo Peabody') to Business Letter in a Secretarial Hand, to Rennoldson & Farley, Newcastle on Tyne. With newspaper cutting of long article on Peabody, with portrait.

1p, 4to. Bifolium addressed on reverse of second leaf – with twopenny stamp, postmark and Peabody firm stamp - to 'Messrs Rennoldson & Farley | Newcastle on Tyne'. (The recipients Rennoldson & Farley were Timber Merchants, Commission Merchants, and Coal Exporters. In fair condition,...

Eleanor Butler [ Lady Eleanor (Charlotte) Butler (1739–1829), Irish noblewoman, one of the Ladies of Llangollen ].

[Ladies of Llangollen; Eleanor Butler ] Autograph Letter Signed "Eleanor Butler" to unknown party (in letter "Your LOrdship" but surname "Luxmore"? See note below.)(top of letter damaged with loss of that information.)"

One page, 12mo, top of page, lost raggedly, removing name of correspondent, otherwise in good condition. "It has been said "that there are some persons who in their Manner of refusing have sent a petitioner away more satisfied & more grateful than others have done even by a compliance with...

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