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H. M. Durand [ Sir Henry Mortimer Durand (1850–1924), diplomat and civil servant of colonial British India]

[ Henry Mortimer Durand ] Autograph Letter Signed "H.M. Durand" to [Stephen] Wheeler, Foreign Office (India)

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, fold marks, good condition. He reveals that he nearly died of pleurisy and pneumonai recently "and am still a cripple from the after effects thereof but mending. | shall be very glad to tell you anything I can about Indian affairs - but what do you want to know about...

Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright [Joan Plowright; John Moffatt; William Gaskill; Chichester Festival]

[Christopher Fry makes directorial suggestions.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Christopher') to 'Dear George', giving detailed comments on a production of Congreve's 'Way of the World', with reference to Joan Plowright and John Moffatt.

The item would appear to relate to William Gaskill's 1984 Chichester Festival production of Congreve's 'Way of the World', in which Joan Plowright played Lady Wishford, and John Moffatt played Witwoud, although it is not clear why Fry should have been making directorial suggestions in this case...

Diwan of Cochin

[ Diwan of Cochin ] Typed Letter Signed (illegible) Diwan of Cochin (typed) to Stephen Wheeler, Foreign Office, Government of India, Calcutta, about a portrait of The Rajah of Cochin.

One page, 12mo, bifolium. "At the instance of Mr. A.R. Knapp, I.C.S. Officer in charge of the Madras Provincial Camp at Delhi, I beg to forward per separate parcel post a copy of the portrait of His Highness Sir Rama Vurmah. G.C.S.I., the Rjah of Cochoin for the purpose of the volume which you...

George Taubman Goldie [Sir George Dashwood Taubman Goldie (1846–1925), administrator who played a major role in the founding of Nigeria. ]

[ George Taubman Goldie ] Autograph Note Signed "George Taubman Goldie" to [Stephen Wheeler] of the Foreign Office, referring to a "memorandum".

One page, 16mo, bifolium, sl.spotted, mainly goodcondition. "Dear Sir, | II return your memorandum filled in. | Yours faithfully | George Taubman Goldie \ Stephen Wheeler Esq, | Oriental Club."

Christopher Fry (1907-2005) [Dino De Laurentiis; John Houston; 20th Century Fox]

[Christopher Fry; Dino De Laurentiis; John Houston.] Photostat pages of the first part of Fry's screenplay of the 1966 American-Italian religious epic film 'The Bible: In the Beginning...', produced by De Laurentiis and directed by Huston

Photostat pages of the first part of Christopher Fry's screenplay of the lavish 1966 American-Italian 20th Century Fox religious epic film 'The Bible: In the Beginning...', produced by Dino De Laurentiis and directed by John Huston. [2] + 7pp, 4to. Photostats of a typescript, on seven leaves....

Admiral Sir James Saumarez [1st Baron de Saumarez (or Sausmarez), GCB (1757–1836)].

[Admiral Saumarez ] Autograph Note in the third person describing the gratitude of Emperors/Kings (Russian, Austrian, Prussian and Swedish).

Two pages, obl.12mo, fold mark, good condition. "Previous to leaving the Baltic, Sir James Saumarez was presented with a magnificent Sword [sett?] in Diamonds by His Majesty The King of Sweden for the Services he rendered to thjat country and upon the arrival of the Emperor of Russia and the...

Karl Guttman (1913-1995), Austrian-born Dutch theatre director; his wife Luisa Treves [Margaretha Roselaar] (1919-2015), Dutch playwright and theatre journalist; Christopher Fry (1907-2005), dramatist

[Lusia Treves, Dutch playwright and journalist, and her husband Karl Guttmann, Austro-Dutch theatre director.] Twelve ALsS and three ACsS from Treves, and one ALS from Guttmann, to playwright Christopher Fry, with other material.

Guttman was, as one of his wife's letters in this collection states, Fry's 'prophet' in Holland, supporting his work from the earliest days. In 1961 Guttman directed the world premiere of Fry's 'Curtmantle' at Tilburg, and in 1981 he directed a production of 'The Lady's not for Burning' in...

Herbert Whittaker (1910-2006), Canadian theatre critic, designer and director [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright; Canadian Players; Hart House Theatre; Crest Theatre; Montreal Repertory Theatre]

[Herbert Whittaker, Canadian theatre critic, designer and director.] Eight long Signed Letters (six typed and two in autograph) to English playwright Christopher Fry, on theatre matters including a reading at the Toronto Arts and Letters Club.

An interesting correspondence on theatre matters, from one of Canada's most influential critics and designers to 'a favourite poet', the English verse dramatist Christopher Fry. Whittaker discusses, among other matters, mutual acquaintances including Sir John Gielgud and Leonard White, past...

Anthony Grey (born 1938), novelist, journalist and author, imprisoned by the Chinese government for 27 months from 1967 to 1969 [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]

[Anthony Grey, novelist and journalist.] Five Signed Letters, three in Autograph and two Typed, to playwright Christopher Fry, with material relating to his organisation Hostage Action Worldwide.

Nine items, all in good condition. All of the letters are signed 'Anthony', and four of them (two autograph and two typed) are each 1p, 8vo. The other letter, in autograph, is 1p, 16mo. With four items of material relating to Hostage Action Worldwide. The first letter (11 May 1989) accompanies '...

Walter Rilla (1894-1980), German film actor of Jewish descent, who fled to Britain from the Nazis, and acted in more than 130 films [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]

[Walter Rilla, German actor in more than 130 films.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Walter (Rilla)') and Autograph Card Signed ('Walter'), in English, to playwright Christopher Fry, recalling with affection happy times travelling together on the Rhine.

Both items in good condition, but the postcard (of a Viennese street scene) with stamp torn off. ONE: ALS. Signed 'Walter (Rilla)'. Vienna; 7 November 1966. 1p, 8vo. Twenty-six lines of text, in a neat close hand. An affectionate and intimate letter, addressed to 'My dear Christopher Fry' and...

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