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Captain Herbert Millingchamp Vaughan (c.1828-1855), Welsh British Army officer in the 90th Light Infantry; Ballincollig Royal Gunpowder Mills, County Cork; Great Exhibition, London 1851

[British Army officer in Ireland following the Great Famine.] Diary of Captain H. M. Vaughan, 90th Light Infantry, while stationed at Ballincollig Barracks, including accounts of riots in Cork by 5000 'Paupers' and during the 1852 General Election.

An interesting and vivid account of a British army officer's service in Ireland in the period immediately following the Great Famine. The author is stationed at the barracks in Ballincollig, built to protect the Royal Gunpowder Mills (at the time one of the largest in the British Isles). High...

Bertrand Russell Peace Fund [Professor Mansel Davies (1913-1995) of Aberystwyth] Pugwash Conferences [Edith, Countess Russell; Dora Russell; Ralph Schoenman; Christopher Farley; Alistair Yule]

[Bertrand Russell and Professor Mansel Davies.] Nineteen Items relating to Russell from Davies's papers, including six letters from Russell's wife Edith, and material concerning Bertrand Russell Peace Fund , Pugwash Conferences, Ralph Schoenman.

Nineteen Items relating to Bertrand Russell and his activities, from the papers of his associate Mansel Morris Davies (for information regarding whom see his obituary in the Independent, 17 January 1995). An interesting collection, casting light on the 1960s peace movement, the Welsh aspect of...

Association des Artistes Musiciens, Paris [Baron Isidore Justin Séverin Taylor; M. Thuillier, treasurer]

[Association des Artistes Musiciens, Paris.] Seven lithographed circulars from the early years, each containing facsimiles of the signatures of Baron Isidore Justin Séverin Taylor and the 'Membres du Comité Central' (including Berlioz and Meyerbeer)

The Association des Artistes Musiciens was founded by the traveller and author Baron Isidore Justin Séverin Taylor (1789-1879), and existed between 1843 and 1868. Its aims were to improve the status of musicians, to provide a pension fund and relief, and to promote the art of music. Over the...

William Buckler (1814-1884), painter and entomologist

[William Buckler, painter and entomologist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('William Buckler') informing 'Miss C. Fox' that the girl model he intended for her has not arrived.

1p, 12mo. Bifolium, addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'Miss C. Fox'. In fair condition, on aged paper. Folded twice. From the context it would seem that Buckler was acting as the recipient's painting master. Begins: 'Madam | The little Girl which I intended as a Model for you this afternoon...

Thomas Gisborne (1758-1846), Anglican cleric, leading member with William Wilberforce and Thomas Babington of abolitionist Clapham Sect [John Chappel Woodhouse (1749-1833), Archdeacon of Salop]

[Thomas Gisborne, Anglican cleric and author, leading member of the abolitionist Clapham Sect.] Three Autograph Letters Signed to Archdeacon John Woodhouse, praising his edition of the Apocalypse, and discussing his own on 'Sunday Drilling'.

The three letters are in good condition, lightly aged and worn, with minor evidence of previous mounting in an album. ONE: 24 February 1806. 1p, 4to. Signed 'Thomas Gisborne.' The subject of the letter is Woodhouse's translation of the Apocalypse, prefixed by 'a dissertation on the divine origin...

Sir William Parry [Sir William Edward Parry] (1790-1855), Royal Navy admiral and Arctic explorer, leader of 1819 quest for the Northwest Passage through the Parry Channel

[Sir William Parry [Sir William Edward Parry], Arctic explorer.] Autograph Note Signed ('W E Parry') to 'Mrs. Waldegrave', accepting a dinner invitation.

1p, 16mo (11 x 9 cm). On bifolium with thick mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged. Reads: '6 Dev: Place | Tuesday evg | Dear Mrs. Waldegrave | Many thanks for your kind invitation for Thursday evg, which I shall have great pleasure in accepting. | Yours very truly | W E Parry.'

Sarah Stickney Ellis [born Sarah Stickney] (1799-1872), Quaker turned Congregationalist, author of 'conduct books' on women's place in society [John Burtt]

[Sarah Stickney Ellis, Quaker turned Congregationalist, author; education of girls]. Autograph Letter Signed ('Sarah S. Ellis') to her cousin John Burtt, regarding the new girls' school at Hoddesdon. With Autograph Note Signed by Burtt.

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, aged and worn, with damage to second leaf apparently caused by opening of letter repaired with archival tape. Burtt is not named as recipient, but the following note at foot of recto of second leaf: 'This is a note from my cousin Sarah Stickney Ellis...

Marguerite Gardiner [née Power], Countess of Blessington (1789-1849), Irish author and literary hostess, beauty and lover of Count d'Orsay [Samuel Carter Hall [S. C. Hall] (1800-1889), editor]

[Countess of Blessington (Marguerite Gardiner), Irish author and literary hostess.] Autograph Note in the third person to editor Samuel Carter Hall, wishing 'to consult him, about having an Enquiry executed'.

1p, 12mo. Bifolium. Addressed on reverse of the second leaf, with broken seal in red wax, 'To / | S. C. Hall Esqre | 59 Sloane Street'. In fair condition, on aged paper. Folded by Blessington into a diamond-shaped packet. Reads: 'Saturday Evening. | Lady Blessingtons Compts. To Mr Hall, and...

John Mortimer Hunt, partner in the firm of Hunt & Roskell [successors to Storr & Mortimer], jewellers and silversmiths, Bond Street, London [Australia; Australian archaeology]

[John Mortimer Hunt, partner in Bond Street silversmiths Hunt & Roskell.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. Mortimer Hunt'), regarding a 'stone implement' brought by 'Mr Roskell' from Australia, the Society of Antiquaries, and the recipient's health.

4pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. For information regarding this renowned firm of silversmiths, which possessed the royal warrant and mounted a sumptuous display at the Great Exhibition, see Norman Mosley Penzer, 'Paul Storr, 1771-1844, Silversmith and Goldsmith...

G. Lionel Wright [Allen, Davies & Co., Bristol printers; Victorian education; language; linguistics; pronunciation]

[G. Lionel Wright of Bristol.] Printed educational work on 'How Children may Read at the Age of 6', titled 'The Vocal System based on The Fundamental Laws of Language'.

20pp., 4to. Stapled into card wraps printed in blue and red. In fair condition, aged and worn, with vertical crease and rusted staples. The front inside wrap carries an 'Introductory Note' (including the claim: 'Half-an-hour's daily practice will produce material results in a very short time.')...

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