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John Britton (1771-1857), antiquary and topographer [ John Yonge Akerman (1806-1873), numismatist; Devizes Museum (Wiltshire Heritage Museum and Library) ]

[ John Britton, antiquary and topographer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J Britton') to John Yonge Akerman, reporting the sale of his 'Wilts collection' to Devizes Museum., and inviting him to examine his 'Celtic Cabinet' before it is 'transported'.

2pp., 16mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Britton begins by asking for 'Dr Lukis[']s address' (Frederick Corbin Lukis (1788-1871), antiquary and natural historian), together with a copy of his 'printed paper', before announcing: 'I have sold my Wilts collection – Books, MSS. Drawgs...

James Talbot, 4th Baron Talbot de Malahide (1805-1883), Anglo-Irish Liberal politician and archaeologist [ Cornelius Walford (1827-1886) ]

[ James Talbot, 4th Baron Talbot de Malahide, Liberal politician. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Talbot de Malahide') to 'Walford' (Cornelius Walford?)

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged, with minor damage at foot of second leaf. He is answering Walford's 'kind letter', and states that he has always found the Gentleman's Magazine 'a most valuable publication'. He is not 'disposed to embark in any such...

J. W. Etheridge [ John Wesley Etheridge ] (1804-1866), Wesleyan Methodist minister and Semitic scholar [ Adam Clarke (1762-1832), Wesleyan Methodist minister and scholar ]

[ John Wesley Etheridge, Semitic scholar. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. W. Etheridge'), regarding the identity of a correspondent of Dr Adam Clarke.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. 23 lines of text in a neat and distinctive hand. The male recipient is not identified. Had Etheridge not been 'much from home on one journey after another', he would have written before. 'I have been referring to my papers, but find nothing that will...

J. L. Motley [ John Lothrop Motley (1814-1877), American historian and diplomat, credited with keeping Britain out of the American Civil War

[ John Lothrop Motley, American historian and diplomat. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. L. Motley') to 'Mrs Bennett', suggesting arrangements for a meeting.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. He writes 'in a desperate hurry to say that I have unfortunately two engagements for Friday - I will however be at the B[ritish]. M[useum]. from 10 to 11.' If she is unable to meet him 'there & then' he will 'leave a note with Mr. Watts - stating...

Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon (1831-1890), Conservative politician, twice Secretary of State for the Colonies

[ Henry Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon, Conservative politician. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Carnarvon') to 'Mr. Cubitt', regarding his 'list' and 'young Mr. Edmonds'

1p., 12mo. On grey paper with black border. In fair condition, aged, and laid down on paper with watered silk backing (the endpaper of an album?). In reply to Cubitt's letter he writes that his 'list is extremely full but that I have sent for young Mr. Edmonds on the chance that I shall be able...

H. Montagu Butler [ Henry Montagu Butler ] (1833-1918), Headmaster of Harrow School, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge

[ Henry Montagu Butler, Headmast of Harrow School and Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'H Montagu Butler'), regarding the presentation to 'our best Greek Scholar' of 'two beautiful volumes'.

The two items are addressed to the same individual, who is not named. Both in good condition, lightly aged, with minor traces of mount at head of second leaf. ONE: 2 June 1870. 3pp., 12mo. He begins by apologising for the tardy reply which has caused the recipient to write again, saying that he...

Edward Cardwell, 1st Viscount Cardwell [ Lord Cardwell ] (1813-1886), Liberal politician, Secretary of State for War who introduced the Cardwell Reforms [ William Theed (1804-1891), sculptor ]

[ Lord Cardwell on the statue for Sydney, Australia, of the Prince Consort by William Theed. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Cardwell') to 'Young', regarding the statue of Prince Albert by William Theed for erection in Sydney, Australia.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Headed 'Private'. Begins: 'I don't know how the P[rince]. Consort Statue got into the hands of the Duke & Engleheart. | But poor Theed, who is short of money, keeps coming to me. Can you help me to give him an answer?' He gives the sum of money...

Christopher Wordsworth (1774-1846), Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, brother of the poet William Wordsworth [ Henry Alford (1810-1871), cleric and author, editor of Greek New Testament ]

[ Christopher Wordsworth, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Chr. Wordsworth') to Rev. Henry Alford, regarding the vacant Hulsean Lectureship. [Theological]

1p.,12mo. In good condition, lgithly aged. With mourning border. He is writing him 'this line' to let Alford know that 'the Hulse Trustees have had a meeting this morning, and we have ordered a Notice to be issued, that the Lecture Ship is vacant, by the resignation of Mr. Theyre Smith, and that...

Charlotte M. Yonge [ Charlotte Mary Yonge; C. M. Yonge ] (1823-1901), English novelist associated with the Oxford Movement

[ Charlotte M. Yonge, Victorian novelist. ] Autograph Card Signed ('C M Yonge') to 'Mabel', asking for some alteration to arrangements for a meeting.

On both sides of a blank 9 x 11.5 cm card. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with small stain from mount at head. She will be 'delighted to come', but asks for an earlier hour, 'as I have to be at a G F S meeting at 2.30 that afternoon'. She asks if she may bring 'Mrs Brock in as she is...

Charles William Vane, 3rd Marquis of Londonderry (1778-1854), politician, soldier and diplomat [ Sir Frederick Pollock (1783-1870), Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer ]

[ Charles William Vane, 3rd Marquis of Londonderry. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Vane Londonderry') to the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer [ Sir Frederick Pollock ]

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Addressed to 'My Dear Lord Chief Baron'. He is coming 'to Town for my waiting for a few days', and hopes that Pollock's 'important time could allow of you to see me for a few minutes'. He is willing either to call on Pollock, or receive a visit from...

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