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George William Balfour (1823-1903), Scottish physician, President of the College of Physicians of Edinburgh; John Wyllie (1844-1915), Professor of Medicine at Edinburgh University

[George William Balfour, President, College of Physicians of Edinburgh; and John Wyllie, Edinburgh Professor of Medicine.] Autograph Signatures of the two men to printed certificate of competence of 'Mr Oliver Sunderland' in Midwifery.

Printed on one side of 27.5 x 23 cm piece of thickish paper. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, but with closed tear at head repaired on reverse. Name of the college in fancy type at the head, and its embossed seal at bottom left. Reads, with manuscript additions in square brackets: '...

Frances Cobbe [Frances Power Cobbe] (1822-1904), Irish author, social reformer, anti-vivisectionist, and campaigner for women's suffrage

[Frances Power Cobbe, Irish social reformer, anti-vivisectionist and campaigner for women's suffrage.] Autograph Signature ('Frances P Cobbe') to part of letter.

On 4 x 11 cm slip of paper. Reads: '[...] them. | With many thanks for yr kindness believe me | very truly yrs | Frances P Cobbe'. On reverse: '[...] information. | Have you ever seen a very curious French book [...]'.

British Army Regimental Colonels during the reigns of William and Mary and Queen Anne

[British Army Regimental Colonels during the reigns of William and Mary and Queen Anne.] Contemporary Manuscript of Regimental Colonels in Britain, South Britain, North Britain [Scotland], Ireland, Gibraltar and Port Mahon (Minorca), with emendations

The present early eighteenth-century document lists the heads of British Army regiments from the period of the Glorious Revolution to the accession of George I. Internal evidence suggests that it was compiled around 1715, and that it was amended until the mid-1720s. The care with which it was...

William Black (1841-1898), Scottish novelist and journalist [William Shakespeare and his daughter Judith]

[William Black; Shakespeare's daughter] Part of Autograph Manuscript Draft of his novel 'Judith Shakespeare, A Romance' (concerning William Shakespeare's daughter). With emendations, and variations from published version.

1p, 12mo. In fair condition, aged and worn. Folded twice. 68 lines of text, written in a minute, neat hand. Folded twice. Black has numbered the page at top right '206'. The text begins: '[...] seemly and maidenly thing [...]', and ends 'she seemed to know beforehand what he had to say.' Black's...

William Black (1841-1898), Scottish novelist and journalist

[William Black, Scottish novelist and journalist.] Autograph Note Signed to 'Williams', enquiring about his Christmas movements.

1p, 12mo. On aged and creased paper. Folded twice. Written in purple ink. Firm signature, underlined with diagonal downstroke. Reads: 'Decr. 18 | My dear Williams, | What are you doing this Christmas? Will you come down here? | Your always | William Black'. The reverse carries pencil notes of...

Lady Holland [Lady Mary Augusta Holland, née Coventry] (1812-1889), society hostess, wife of Lord Holland [Henry Edward Fox] (1802-1859), Whig politician [Sydney Smith (1771-1845), wit and cleric]

[Lady Mary Augusta Holland, Whig society hostess, wife of Lord Holland.] Unsigned Autograph Letter [to Lord Rosebery or his wife?] regarding a foreign trip and Sydney Smith's view of the ballot.

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged. The reverse of the second leaf laid down on part of leaf from an album, the other side of which carries an engraving of Lord Melbourne. The letter is endorsed '1838 Sept 7# | Lady Holland' on the reverse of the second learf, and at the head...

James Doherty, Soho School, Nassau Street, Soho

[James Doherty, Soho School, Nassau Street, Soho: Georgian school magazine.] The Athenaeum. Conducted by the Senior Pupils of J. Doherty, Esq. A.B.

[8]pp, 12mo, paginated 45-52. Unbound, on two loose bifoliums, one inserted inside the other. Drophead title. A short-lived periodical.The main piece, in prose, is titled 'A Dream', signed in type with an upside-down 'R.', and runs from the first page to the head of p.48; the rest of that page...

J. B. Priestley [John Boynton Priestley] (1894-1984), novelist, playwright and broadcaster [Maire Lynd ('B. J.'), daughter of Irish essayist Robert Lynd and his wife the poet Sylvia Lynd]

[J. B. Priestley, popular English novelist.] Typed Letter Signed ('Jack') to 'B. J.', i.e. Maire Lynd, regarding her parents Robert and Sylvia Lynd, and her son.

1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Folded once. The salutation 'Dear B. J.' and valediction 'Yours | Jack' are in Priestley's autograph; the rest is typed. Maire Lynd's letter was 'a delight surprise', Priestley being unaware that her son was 'in the film business'. He...

Émile Lépissier [Émile-Jean Lépissier] (1826-1874), French astronomer at the Observatory in Paris, in Peking [Beijing], China, and Jeddo, Japan

[Émile Lépissier, French astronomer in the Far East.] Part of Autograph Letter, in French, asking for items to be sent to him at a new address, following a massacre in Peking [Beijing].

On one side of 11.5 x 13 cm piece of paper, cut from letter. In good condition, lightly aged. Endorsed at foot of page in the small contemporary hand of 'G. R.': 'Astronome Lépissier de l'observatoire de Pékin.' Reads: 'Si vous le jugez plus commode, Vous pouviez remettre les objets que je vous...

Edmund Stonor (1831-1912), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Trebizond and Senior Canon of St John Lateran, Chamberlain to Pope Pius IX [Philip Witham (1843-1921) and F. R. Ward, Irish lawyers in London]

[Edmund Stonor, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Trebizond.] Eleven Autograph Letters Signed, in a collection of fifteen items of correspondence to his London lawyers Philip Witham and F. R. Ward. With two letters from Judge Henry James Stonor.

Fifteen items of correspondence, including eleven autograph letters from Stonor himself, eight signed 'Edmund Stonor', the other three '+ Edmund Stonor | Abp of Trebizond'. The collection aged and worn, with fraying to edges. The items attached with a brass stud. Regarding the two recipients,...

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