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Giulia Grisi (1811 – 1869), Italian opera singer.

[ Giulia Grisi, opera singer ] Bold Signature Giulia Grisi.

Signature on slip of paper, c.11 x 2cm, with embossed coat of arms (crown on top), laid down on slightly larger card, sl. irregular, good condition. Docketed the late Madame Grisi. See image,

£56.00 GRISI
Vera Lynn [ Dame Vera Margaret Lynn (née Welch; 1917 -2020), singer, songwriter and entertainer]

[Vera Lynn, Forces' Sweetheart] B & W Photograph of a youthful Vera Lynn Signed Sincerely Yours | Vera Lynn

B & W Photograph, 8 x 13cm, very good condition except for remnants of laying down on the reverse. See image.

£45.00 Vera Lynn
Florence Dixie [Lady Florence Caroline Dixie [née Douglas (1855 – 1905), Scottish writer, war correspondent, and feminist].

[ Florence (Douglas) Dixie, traveller and feminist] Part of a document boldly Signed Florence Douglas indicating an interest in a foreign language as yet unidentified

Scrap of paper, irregular, 16 x 6cm, partially laid down on sl. larger scrap, some folded over. Three lines in a language I can't identify (yet?), signature Florence Douglas, and on reverse of the paper folded over, the word Infinitive followed by three words in the same language, probably not...

£120.00 DIXIE
Marquis of Linlithgow [John Adrian Louis Hope, 1st Marquess of Linlithgow, 7th Earl of Hopetoun, (1860 -1908) aristocrat, statesman, Ist Governor-General of Australia, earlier Governor of Victoria].

[Marquis of Linlithgow; G G Australia] Brief subscription of letter, Signed Linlithgow.

Piece of letter, shaped, 7 x 4cm, laid down on paper (part of album leaf prob.), 14 x 8cm. Text: I am | Yrs very truly | Linlithgow. Docketed in pencil with information about him (Governor-General of Australia). See image. On reverse of paper, the signature of the Breadalbanes.

Charles Kingsley (1819 – 1875), priest, professor, social reformer, historian, novelist and poet.

[ Charles Kingsley ] Autograph Letter Signed CKingsley to My dear Dean [of Ely Cathedral], introducing an American antiquarian.

Three pages, 16mo, bifolium, tipped on to slightly larger card, good condition. A difficult handwriting. Text: May I introduce to you a [?] American scholar - Mr Betts - who has [...?] respect for English Cathedrals & other Antiquities - & specially for Ely. You will find him most ready...

Baron Paul Julius de Reuter [Paul Julius Freiherr von Reuter, Baron von Reuter (born as Israel Beer Josaphat, (1816 -1899), German-born entrepreneur, founder of Reuters News Agency.]

[ Baron de Reuter; Reuters] Autograph Note Signed Julius de Reuter (a touch illegibly) to Sir Richard [Temple], administrator in British India and a politician, about an invitation.

One page, 12mo, laid down on slightly larger. unevenly cut, card. A bold hand: I confirm my letter of the 25 inst in which I accepted your king invitation for Monday next and beg now to ackowledge the receipt of the invitation card you kindly sent me and remain sincerely [...]

Sir Richard Owen (1804-1892), biologist, palaeontologist, comparative anatomist, first Director of Natural History Museum, opponent of the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin

[Sir Richard Owen, palaeontologist, opponent of Darwin's theory; Giant Moa.] Autograph Draft part lecture, re. 'the power of God' and 'study of the Scripture', vs 'men' 'gone astray'. WITH Autograph Description of Plates concerning Great Moa

An important artefact: a folio page carrying an Autograph Rough Draft of the central passage of a lecture in which Owen – four years after the publication of Darwin's 'Origin of Species' – defends the theistic view of evolution. One of two folio pages in Owen's autograph on the same leaf, the...

William Godwin [ (1756–1836), journalist, political philosopher and novelist.]

[ William Godwin, political philosopher ] Autograph Address only from Letter to Victorian Novelist Lady Stepney.

Piece of paper, c.11 x 5cm, on sl.larger card, foxed. Some marking of address but text clear: Lady Stepney | Henrietta Street | Cavendish Square

Roderick Murchison [Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, 1st Baronet, (1792 – 1871), Scottish geologist.]

[Roderick Murchison, geologist; The Search for Franklin] Autograph Note Signed Roderick Murchison to Hickey [prob. E. Hickey, fellow member, Geographical Society], re. Francis Baring's question in Parliament about The Search for John Franklin.

Richard Doyle [Richard Dickie Doyle, illustrator of the Victorian era]

[ Richard Doyle, illustrator ] Autograph Letter Signed R Doyle to unnamed correspondent about work for him.

One page, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. Since I saw you last I hve not neen well, and have in consequence not been able to make progress with the work, on the completion of which depended my being able to undertake and illustrations for you book. | I regret that it is so, but am obliged to say...

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