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[Alfred Nobel, manufacturer of explosives and philanthropist]

[Printed Invitation/circular, printed signature "Alf. Nobel" (with blanks for name of invitee and other information) inviting individuals to witness experiments('expériences') with nitro-glycerine. In French.

One page, cr. 8vo, two small holes (loss of letter] spotted, tiny closed tears, fold marks, mainly good condition. Headed "Expériences avec la Nitroglycerine", the name of the invitee to be filled in "M...", giving directions for two days of experiments at Hal and Lessines, Programme of "...

£320.00 Alfred Nobel,
Peter Kropotkin [Prince Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin] (1842-1921), Russian polymath and anarchist [Sir James Knowles, editor, 'The Nineteenth Century and After'; Tsarist Russia; communism; anarchism]

[Prince Peter Kropotkin.] Proofs of an apparently unpublished article, intended for 'The Nineteenth Century and After', titled 'The White Terror in Russia', with many autograph corrections by him.

On ten 8vo leaves, and paginated 1-20. Worn and aged, with closed tear to the first leaf. Gathered with a brass stud. The recto of each leaf carries the printed date 1906, and each verso has as running title the name of the magazine. Pasted at the head of the first page is a green label reading...

[Unknown author]

[Manuscript] A Genealogical table of the Royal Family of Scotland from Malcolm 2 to Robert 2.

40 x 30cm, manuscript worked over and/or added to judging by ink colour, worn, fold marks, small closed tears, some faint notes in pencil. The table begins with 83 Malcolm K. of Scots D1040 but also with the statement The Scots pretend that Malcolm 2d was the 83 K. of Scots from Fergus 1. It...

£450.00 Royal Family of Scotland from Malcolm 2 to Robert 2
[Mrs. C. Flynn, Limerick Ireland, Bookseller and owner of Photographic Studio]

[Carte-de-Visite] Photograph [of engraving??; daguerrotype?], head and shoulders of Bridget Winthrop, married to William Maunsell

Carte-de-visite size, c.6 x 10cm, faded photograph of Bridget Winthrop (or engraving of), sl. spotted, on reverse the following information in MS., Bridget Winthrop married to Wm Maunsell | Mrs Wm Maunsell gt grandmother of H.O. Donnell[MA CLK?] [space] great great Grandmother to Mrs Petronella...

£500.00 Mrs C. Flynn, bookseller
Henry James (1843-1916), American author [ Sir Frederick Pollock , 3rd Baronet (1845-1911) ]

[ Henry James, American author. ] Two unpublished photographs of James at the end of his life, from the papers of his friend Sir Frederick Pollock.

The two black and white photographs are in good condition, mounted one above the other in a handsome 25 x 20.5 cm brown wood frame by Mansell & Co. Very well mounted, with the dimensions of the cut-out section of the brown mount being 7.5 x 12.5 cm. (The photographs have not been removed...

£1,500.00 Henry James
Ed Saunders/Allen Ginsberg

Mimeographed handbill for the 'LEMAR (Legalise Marijuana)' campaign, headed 'Free Marijuana Prisoners'

8vo (A4) handbill, printed on one side. The heading 'FREE MARIJUANA PRISONERS' and part of the text reproduces handwriting (printed not cursive so to speak - see image on my website - Ginsberg's or Saunder's?) , the rest is typed. Text clear and complete. Fair, on lightly-aged and creased paper...

George Keith Elphinstone, 1st Viscount Keith (1746-1823), British admiral

Manuscript bill, in French, for one day's lodging food and drink of Admiral Lord Keith during his period supervising the embarkation of Wellington's army, headed 'Mémoire pour Mr. L'amiral recommencé le 25 juin 1814'

8vo, 1 p. Text clear and complete. Docketed on reverse 'pour agit | Salles'. Initial bill of eleven items, from '1 jour de Logement 36 [francs]' to café et thé 12 [francs]', amounting to 306 francs. According to the Oxford DNB, 'In April 1814, with Napoleon on his way to Elba, Keith was...

£180.00 Manuscript bill, in French, for one day's lodging food and drink of Admiral Lord
['Fred' [Frederick Clarke] of 74 Richmond Rd, Dalston, London, N.E.; Edward Parkes]

Humorous manuscript correspondence (13 letters) from 'Fred' [Frederick Clarke], writing from Dalston, East End of London, c.1910, to his friend 'Ted' [Edward Parkes?], with 63 pages featuring outstanding coloured pen cartoons and other flourishes.

12mo, 64 pp, on 16 bifoliums, loosely housed in a contemporary blue-cloth binder. Eleven of the thirteen letters signed, ten of them 'your sincere friend Fred', the other two being incomplete; some of the illustrations signed 'F. C.', and one 'F. Clarke'. Fair, on aged paper. A delightful,...

£450.00 Humorous manuscript correspondence