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[ Earl St Vincent ] Admiral of the Fleet John Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent (1735-1823), British naval hero and patron of Horatio Nelson

[ Earl St Vincent, British naval hero and patron of Horatio Nelson. ] Autograph Signature ('S. Vincent'[) on autograph frank addressed by him to Edward Hawke Locker.

In good condition, lightly aged. Front panel (9.5 x 13.5 cm) of envelope neatly placed in a thin windowpane mount, bearing frank, with two postmarks, one the red frank and the other in black from 'BRENTWOOD | 18', addressed in the prescribed fashion by St Vincent: 'Brentwood fifth May 1811 |...

[ 'Peter Pan' and Charles Frohman (1856-1915), American theatrical producer [ Pauline Chase; Sir J. M. Barrie; Duke of York's Theatre, London ]

[ Charles Frohman and 'Peter Pan' ('Approaching 300th Performance in London.'). ] Printed programme, with photographs (including 'Pauline Chase as Peter Pan') and illustrations: 'Charles Frohman presents Peter Pan, or, The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up' .

Printed in black on both sides of a 14 x 30 cm piece of shiny art paper, folded twice to make six 14 x 10 cm numbered pages. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. The cover carries a photograph of 'Pauline Chase as Peter Pan', and two of the pages carry photographs of the production, while...

William Benjamin Carpenter (1813-1885), Registrar of the University of London, zoologist and physiologist, temperance advocate [ François Napoléon Marie Moigno [ l'Abbé Moigno ] (1804-1884) ]

[ William Benjamin Carpenter, physiologist, author of one of the first temperance books. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('William B. Carpenter') to the mathematician l'Abbé Moigno

Carpenter's most famous work is The Use and Abuse of Alcoholic Liquors in Health and Disease. The first printing of the first edition was published in London by Charles Gilpin in March 1850. It was one of the first temperance books (Washingtonian Movement) to promote the fact that alcoholism is...

Sir William Ouseley (1767-1842), orientalist, brother of Sir Gore Ouseley (1770-1844), linguist [ William Jerdan (1782-1869), Literary Gazette editor; Fisher & Co., London engravers and printers ]

[ Sir William Ouseley, orientalist. ] Autograph Letter in the third person to the London printers Fisher & Co, regarding arrangements for their engraving of a portrait of his brother Sir Gore Ouseley for Jerdan's 'National Portrait Gallery'.

1p., landscape 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper He 'incloses an order from Sir Gore Ouseley for his picture - which is at Sir Gore's house, No. 49. Upper Grosvenor Street', and 'hopes that it may not be long detained as he wishes to have it removed to the country - also that it...

Sir Michael Foster (1836-1907), physiologist and Secretary, Royal Society of London [ Alexander Ramsay ]

[ Sir Michael Foster, physiologist. ] Engraved form of the Royal Society of London, Burlington House, signed by 'M. Foster' as Secretary, acknowledging receipt of numbers of Alexander Ramsay's 'Scientific Roll'.

1p., 12mo. On aged and worn paper, with loss to a few words of engraved text. A good piece of Royal Society ephemera: a nicely engraved form, with ornate letterhead. Addressed to 'A. Ramsay Esq | FGS', and signed 'M. Foster'. Acknowledging Ramsay's 'mark of consideration' in sending 'Scientific...

Sir John Rhys (1840-1915), Welsh scholar, first Professor of Celtic at Oxford University [ Sir Edward Anwyl (1866-1914); Sir John Edward Lloyd (1861-1947) ]

[ Sir John Rhys, first Professor of Celtic at Oxford University. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. Rhys') to 'Morris', regarding his inability to give a paper at his 'excursions', with reference to 'Lloyd' and 'Anwyl'.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with slight staining to inner margin. Morris's 'excursions are very tempting' and he will try to go, 'but do not put me down for a paper on Friday evening or any other evening as I cannot produce one'. He suggests that Morris 'press Lloyd and Anwyl...

Sir Andrew Armstrong (1786-1863), Irish politician, MP for King's Country, and Receiver General of Stamps in Ireland, father-in-law of Dame Nellie Melba

[ Sir Andrew Napier, Irish politician and father-in-law of Dame Nellie Melba. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Andw. Armstrong') to 'the Reporter of the Globe Newspaper', correcting an error regarding his voting in the House of Commons.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Addressed on reverse of second leaf 'To the Reporter of the Globe Newspaper'. He points out that in 'the Division which took place last night upon the Belfast and Cave-hill Railway Bill' his name 'was placed in the Majority whereas it should have been in the Minority', and...

Samuel Coley (1825-1880), 'the Illustrative Preacher', Methodist Professor at Headingley Theological College, Leeds

[ Samuel Coley (1825-1880), Professor at Headingley Theological College, 'the Illustrative Preacher'. ] Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Bro [i.e. 'Brother Minister'], regarding a 'Missionary Meeting for New Radford'.

1p., 12mo. In good condition. Reads: 'My dear Bro [meaning in this case 'Brother Minister'] | Our own Missionary Meeting for New Radford will be on that same evening. I should not wonder if Mr Taylor will not rather want to borrow you than lend me. You will see that I cannot accede to your wish...

Rosamond Lehmann (1901-1990), British novelist, associated with the Bloomsbury Group

[ Rosamund Lehmann ] Autograph Letter Signed "Rosamund Lehmann" to a "Miss Murray"

Three pages, 12mo, good condition."Mrs Lynd's [ Sylvia Lynd, author ] letter about the Femina Committee followed me here where I am spending a few days. The onlky objection I can see to inserting the word 'formerly' before F.V.H. [Femina - Vie Heureuse ] is that the title of the Prize...

Mona Caird [ Alice Mona Caird; née Alice Mona Alison; married name Alice Mona Henryson-Caird] (1854-1932), Scottish novelistt, proponent of women's suffrage, and theosophist [ Theodore Stanton ]

[ Mona Caird, Scottish novelist, suffragist and theosophist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Mona Caird') to 'Dr. Chapman', regarding the publication of her letter on 'Marriage in England' in a paper edited by 'Mr. Stanton' [ Theodore Stanton? ].

The 'Mr. Stanton' referred to in the letter is presumably the journalist Theodore Stanton, son of the abolitionist Henry Brewster Stanton (1805-1887) and his wife the suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902). 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. The letter begins...

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