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[World War One: 'The Guns of August', 1914] Sir Edward Goschen (1847-1924), British Ambassador in Berlin [Gottlieb von Jagow (1863-1935), German Foreign Minister]

[World War One: ‘The Guns of August’, 1914.] Silver gelatin negative photostatic print of typed British Government ‘Aide Mémoire’ on the German Army and Belgian neutrality, including copy of note by German Foreign Minister Gottlieb von Jagow.

Silver gelatin negative photostatic print of two documents: 3pp, 4to (i.e. each of the three pages on 19.5 x 24 cm. leaf). The first page of Goschen’s two-page ‘Aide Mémoire’ on a separate leaf, and the second page and von Jagow’s note on different leaves of a bifolium. In good condition,...

£450.00 Aide Mémoire
[Irishman in the Royal Navy, 1825] Lieut. James Peter O’Ferrall of HMS Revenge, son of Hugh O’Ferrall, MD

[Irishman in the Royal Navy, 1825.] Two documents regarding the estate of Lieut. James Peter O’Ferrall of HMS Revenge: Letters of Administration and Power of Attorney, the later signed by the father Hugh O’Ferrall MD.

Both items in fair condition, with age and wear. ONE: Letters of Administration, 15 November 1825. Printed on square of parchment, with embossed seal appended and usual tax stamps. Completed in manuscript with regard to ‘Hugh O’Ferrall the natural and lawful Father of James Peter O’Ferrall late...

£120.00 rishman in the Royal Navy
[Royal Navy, 1804: Board of Admiralty, Whitehall] Heinrich Ernst Seiffert senior, Hamburgh, Germany

[Royal Navy, 1804: Board of Admiralty, Whitehall.] Contemporary Manuscript Translation of 'Project' by 'Hy: Ernst: Seiffert, senior' of Hamburgh, who offers to arrange for the inventor of a naval weapon to come to England with 'four proper workmen'.

There is a record of one 'Heinrich Ernst Seiffert aus Altona bei Hamburg' in 1787. The letter is clearly addressed to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, whom, we may be sure, were not taken in by what was either the production of a madman or a clumsy confidence trickster. 3pp, foolscap...

[1920s transatlantic ocean liner: TSS Transylvania (1925), cruise ship with the Anchor Line, requisi tioned by the Royal Navy in the Second World War, and torpedoed by the Germans in 1940

[1920s transatlantic ocean liner: RMS Transylvania, cruise ship with the Anchor Line.] Long Typed Letter from ‘Alex’ to his parents, written en route from Glasgow to New York, with account and diagrams of a sea rescue, and postcard of the liner.

TSS Transylvania (the prefix stands for ‘Twin Screw Steamship’) was built in Glasgow for the Anchor Line and launched in 1925. She had three funnels, but two were redundant, only serving to render the ship more attractive to prospective passengers. In 1940 she requisitioned by the Royal Navy,...

£180.00 RMS Transylvania
Yves Delage (1854-1920), French zoologist who discovered the function of the canals in the inner ear and believed in the authenticity of the Turin Shroud [Librairie C. Reinwald & Cie, Paris.]

[Yves Delage, Professor at the Sorbonne, French zoologist who believed in the authenticity of the Turin Shroud; critic of Darwinism] Printed publishers? catalogue, headed by Delage's ?La Structure du Protoplasma et les Th?ories sur l?H?r?dite?.

A scarce piece of scientific publishing ephemera. No other copy traced. 8pp, 8vo. Aged, worn and spotted, with staples rotted away. The cover is headed 'Librairie C. Reinwald & Cie, 15, rue des Saints-P?res, Paris / Derni?res publications / relative aux sciences m?dicales et naturelles.'...

Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk [Sir Rupert Iain Kay Moncreiffe, 11th Baronet (1919-1985)], Chief of Clan Moncreiffe, herald and genealogist [P. G. Wodehouse; Philip Dosse of ?Books and Bookmen']

[Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk, Chief of Clan Moncreiffe.] Typed and Signed ?Letter to the Editor of books & bookmen? regarding the deceased P. G. Wodehouse, with personal recollection, extract from a Wodehouse letter, and genealogical information.

A very nice piece of Wodehousiana, with Moncreiffe using his genealogical expertise to delve into Wodehouse's pedigree (See Moncreiffe's entry in the Oxford DNB.) From the archives of Philip Dosse, proprietor of Hansom Books, publisher of a stable of seven arts magazines including Books and...

Fridtjof Nansen, Artic Explorer.

[Fridjof Nansen; Arctic} Bold Signature on portion cut from typed letter.

Piece of paper, 16 x 6cm, laid down on larger piece of paper, with typed words With kindest regards | Yours very faithfully Then signed. The paper is tipped onto a piece of card, shadow of glue showing through above words, and some smudging of the typed words. See Image.

£150.00 Fridjof Nansen;
William Temple (1881-1944), Anglican cleric, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1942-1944 (previously Bishop of Manchester and Archbishop of York) [W. D. Ross] (1877-1971), Scottish philosopher]

[William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury during the Second World War.] Typed Letter Signed to the ?Vice-Chancellor? [of Oxford University, Sir David Ross], regarding a visit and the possibility of ?dining in Hall?.

2pp, 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with slight spotting and single punch hole centred above letterhead. Folded twice. The letter is addressed to 'My dear Vice-Chancellor' without further elaboration, but the item comes from the Ross papers. Temple explains that it has been ?...

W. E. Henley [William Ernest Henley] (1849-1903), English poet, famed for his poem ?Invictus? [Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, daughter of George du Maurier; J. M. Barrie; Peter Pan]

[W. E. Henley, poet who wrote ?Invictus?.] Autograph Manuscript Signed (Holograph) of his poem ?My songs were once of the sunrise?, on letterhead of Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, daughter of George du Maurier and mother of the ?lost boys? in ?Peter Pan?.

Henley?s poem ?Invictus?, with its conclusion ?I am the master of my fate, / I am the captain of my soul?, is one of the most popular in the English language, and has inspired individuals as diverse as Nelson Mandela and Ron Kray. See Henley?s entry in the Oxford DNB. He was a friend of both...

£220.00 Henley
The Royal Marines in the Napoleonic Wars; Charles Homfray of Broadwaters, Worcestershire

[The Royal Marines in the Napoleonic Wars.] Autograph Letter Signed from Charles Homfray, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Marines, regarding ?some mistake? in the statement of his half pay.

For the family see the entry on ?HOMFRAY, of Wollaston Hall, and The Hill, near Stourbridge; Broadwaters, Kidderminster; and The Hyde, Kinver, Staffordshire?, in H. S. Grazebrook, ?The Heraldry of Worcestershire? (1873). 1p, 8vo. Text clear and complete, on aged paper worn and chipped at edges,...

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