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Herman Merivale (1806-1874), historian and civil servant, Professor of Political Economy at Oxford, brother of Charles Merivale (1808-1893), Dean of Ely, historian [Edward Bulwer-Lytton [Lord Lytton]]

[Herman Merivale, historian and civil servant, to his brother Charles Merivale.] Long Autograph Letter Signed ('H Merivale'), discussing his activities and writing, and ending with a shrewd assessment of Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

4pp, 4to. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Addressed on reverse of second leaf, with small seal in red wax and postmark, to 'Revd. Charles Merivale | St John's College | Cambridge'. A long letter, with the four pages of text followed by a long postscript at the head of the first page,...

George Whitley, surgeon, of Halton, Cheshire [Joseph Henry Green (1791-1863), surgeon and lecturer at St Thomas's Hospital, Southwark, London; Edward Grainger (1797-1824), teacher of anatomy]

[George Whitley, surgeon.] Autograph syllabus of lectures (by J. H. Green of St Thomas's Hospital?), 'Observations' by anatomist Edward Grainger, extracts from 'Pharmacopoeia Nosocomii Regalis Sancti Thomae. Londinensis' and 'Guy's Pharmacopoeia'.

Two items in the hand of George Whitley, surgeon, of Halton, Cheshire (not to be confused with his namesake the epidemiologist George Whitley (1816-1881), for whose career see Fraser Brockington, 'Public Health in the Nineteenth Century', 1965). The two items are accompanied by the front board...

George Spencer-Churchill, 5th Duke of Marlborough ['the Profligate Duke'] (1766-1840), until 1817 styled Marquis of Blandford, bibliophile [Horace Salusbury Cotton (c.1774-1846), Ordinary of Newgate]

[George Spencer-Churchill, 5th Duke of Marlborough ('the Profligate Duke'), bibliophile.] Autograph Note of Admittance to 'Blenheim Palace and Gardens', signed 'Marlborough', for 'Dr. Cotton', i.e. Rev. Dr Horace Salusbury Cotton, Ordinary of Newgate

The Duke was Winston Churchill's great-great-grandfather. His library at Whiteknights Park was celebrated, and his purchase of the Valdarfer Boccaccio at the 1811 Roxburghe sale was the spur to the formation of the Roxburghe Club. Like the Duke, Cotton was a notable collector of books and...

Edward Stallybrass (1794-1884), Congregational missionary to the Buryat people of Siberia, and translator of the Bible into Mongolian

[Edward Stallybrass, Congregational missionary to the Buryat people of Siberia, and translator of bible into Siberian.] Autograph writing of the beginning of the Lord's Prayer in Mongolian vertical script, with contemporary

A 10 x 3 cm slip of paper cut from a letter, bearing the beginning of the Lord's Prayer in Mongolian vertical script. Laid down on a 21.5 x 17.5 cm piece of paper extracted from an album, on which is written in pencil the caption: '"Our Father which art in Heaven" written in the Mongol language...

Cloudesley Brereton [Cloudesley Shovell Henry Brereton] (1863-1937), educationalist and poet [Sir Henry Trueman Wood (1845-1929), Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, London; Roger Bacon]

[Cloudesley Brereton, educationalist and poet.] Three Autograph Letters Signed to Sir Henry Trueman Wood, Secretary, Society of Arts, topics including a proposed lecture and America. With inscribed printed prospectus for 'Roger Bacon Commemoration'.

Four items, in good condition, lightly aged. The three letters with date stamps of the Society of Arts, and two with pencil annotations. All three signed 'Cloudesley Brereton'. ONE: ALS of 4 January 1900. 2pp, 12mo. He thanks him for his 'kindly intervention with the Board of Education', which...

Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965), noted children's writer, several of whose works were illustrated by Edward Ardizzone

[Eleanor Farjeon, children's writer.] Typed chatty retelling of the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, under the title 'The Simple Facts', and ending 'don't believe a word I say'. Signed by Farjeon 'From E. F.', with her address.

1p, 4to. Typescript with a couple of minor autograph corrections. Unpublished, but perhaps relating to her 1945 book 'Ariadne and the Bull'. At foot, in Farjeon's autograph: 'From E. F. | 20 Perrin's Walk | N.W.3.' In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with nicking and loss at edges. A...

[Incorporated Society of Musicians, Birmingham Conference, 1912] Havergal Brian, Monk Gould, Julius Harrison, Edgar L. Bainton, H. Balfour Gardiner, William Wallace, C. Warwick-Evans, Harry A. Keyser

[Incorporated Society of Musicians and British music on eve of First World War.] Signatures of thirteen composers (including Havergal Brian, Monk Gould, Julius Harrison) and musicians at 1912 Birmingham Conference, seven with autograph bars of music.

For a detailed report of the Incorporated Society of Musicians conference at which these autographs were given, and which took place in Birmingham over the five days between 30 December 1912 and 3 January 1913, see Musical Times, 1 February 1913, pp.113-114. Thirteen signatures of British pre-...

[Eliot School Rebellion, Boston, 1859] Henry F. Durant [Henry Fowle Durrant (1822-1881)] and Sidney Webster, attorneys; Howard W. Swett, publisher; William White, printer

[Eliot School Rebellion, Boston, 1859.] The Bible and our School System. The Arguments in the Case of the Eliot School Rebellion, by Henry F. Durant for the Defence, and Sidney Webster for the Prosecution.

The 'Rebellion' was precipitated by the whipping of Thomas J. Whall, a Catholic boy at the Eliot School, for refusing to recite the ten commandments in the Protestant King James translation. It resulted in the creation of nationwide Catholic parochial schools. 29pp, 8vo. Saddle-stitched pamphlet...

Sir Walter Besant (1836-1901), novelist and historian who helped create the People's Palace [Alexander Mackonochie of St Alban's Holborn, Master of the Society of the Holy Cross; Charles Lowder]

[ Sir Walter Besant, novellist and historian. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Walter. Besant.') to 'Mrs. Cobb', regarding the 'pseudo-catholic faith' of 'the Ritualist people of St Alban's', and his being characterised an 'impertinent meddler'.

2pp, 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. An intriguing, outspoken letter, the context of which is unfortunately unclear, although it would appear to concern the controversial Alexander Mackonochie (1825-1887), Master of the Society of the Holy Cross (founded by Charles Lowder (1820-1880)), who...

Maud Stewart-Baxter (fl.1930), English composer and actress

[Maud Stewart-Baxter, English composer and actress.] Autograph Letter Signed [to fellow member of the Women's Institute], offering to 'take charge of a side-show' after her 'blood-poisoning followed by a bad nervous break down'.

4pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged, with pin hole to one corner. Folded once. The recipient is not named, but would appear to be a fellow member of the Women's Institute. She apologises for having been 'unable to attend the former meetings, as I am just convalescent from blood-...

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