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J. B. Priestley [John Boynton Priestley] (1894-1984), novelist, playwright and broadcaster [Maire Lynd ('B. J.'), daughter of Irish essayist Robert Lynd and his wife the poet Sylvia Lynd]

[J. B. Priestley, popular English novelist.] Typed Letter Signed ('Jack') to 'B. J.', i.e. Maire Lynd, regarding her parents Robert and Sylvia Lynd, and her son.

1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Folded once. The salutation 'Dear B. J.' and valediction 'Yours | Jack' are in Priestley's autograph; the rest is typed. Maire Lynd's letter was 'a delight surprise', Priestley being unaware that her son was 'in the film business'. He...

Émile Lépissier [Émile-Jean Lépissier] (1826-1874), French astronomer at the Observatory in Paris, in Peking [Beijing], China, and Jeddo, Japan

[Émile Lépissier, French astronomer in the Far East.] Part of Autograph Letter, in French, asking for items to be sent to him at a new address, following a massacre in Peking [Beijing].

On one side of 11.5 x 13 cm piece of paper, cut from letter. In good condition, lightly aged. Endorsed at foot of page in the small contemporary hand of 'G. R.': 'Astronome Lépissier de l'observatoire de Pékin.' Reads: 'Si vous le jugez plus commode, Vous pouviez remettre les objets que je vous...

Edmund Stonor (1831-1912), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Trebizond and Senior Canon of St John Lateran, Chamberlain to Pope Pius IX [Philip Witham (1843-1921) and F. R. Ward, Irish lawyers in London]

[Edmund Stonor, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Trebizond.] Eleven Autograph Letters Signed, in a collection of fifteen items of correspondence to his London lawyers Philip Witham and F. R. Ward. With two letters from Judge Henry James Stonor.

Fifteen items of correspondence, including eleven autograph letters from Stonor himself, eight signed 'Edmund Stonor', the other three '+ Edmund Stonor | Abp of Trebizond'. The collection aged and worn, with fraying to edges. The items attached with a brass stud. Regarding the two recipients,...

Ben Brierley [Benjamin Brierley] (1825-1896) of Failsworth, writer in Lancashire dialect and weaver

[Ben Brierley of Failsworth, writer in Lancashire dialect.] Autograph Note Signed ('B Brierley'), offering some of his poems for a reading.

1p, on the reverse of an advertisement, with engraving, for his 1886 book 'Tales and Sketches of Lancashire Life', cut down to 16 x 13 cm. On aged paper, with horizontal cut repaired with archival tape. Reads: '[Sent?] me very well. | The poems I propose reading will be | "The New Shirt." | and...

[John Colbatch (1664-1748)] Trinity College, Cambridge; Thomas Green (1658-1738), Bishop of Ely

[John Colbatch: anonymous pamphlet on Trinity College, Cambridge.] A Vindication of the Lord Bishop of Ely's Visitatorial Jurisdiction over Trinity-College In General and over the Master thereof in Particular.

44pp, 4to. In poor condition, worn and stained, in damaged remains of vellum-paper wraps. Library stamp carelessly cut away from blank part of title, causing closed cut to second leaf. Six copies on JISC LHD (COPAC); now uncommon. The date of publication is mistakenly given in Colbatch's entry...

'Philopenes' [John Dormer [Huddleston] (1636-1700)]

[John Dormer [Huddleston]: Georgian reprint of tract by him.] Usury Explained; or Conscience Quieted in the Case of Putting Out Mony [sic] at Interest. By Philopenes.

[47]pp, 8vo, paginated [165]-211. Disbound and without covers. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with overstitching to spine. Blind stamp to the title of the Free Public Library, Wigan. In manuscript at head of title-page: 'Cat. Bought Feb. 1914. H. T. F.' Nicely printed. Extracted from...

Winifred Brown [Winifred Sawley Brown, later Adams] (1899-1984), aviatrix, explorer, sportswoman, yachtswoman, in 1930 the first woman to win the King's Cup Air Race

[Winifred Brown [Winifred Sawley Brown, later Adams], aviatrix, the first woman to win the King's Cup Air Race.] Autograph Signature ('Winifred Brown.') with short inscription.

On one side of 8.5 x 11 cm piece of grey card, with rounded corners. In good condition, lightly aged. Neatly and simply written out (in response to a request for an autograph), reading: 'Best Wishes | Sincerely | Winifred Brown.' Date by Brown at bottom left. Endorsed in pencil at head: 'First...

Sir William Napier [General Sir William Francis Patrick Napier] (1785-1860), Irish soldier in British Army and military historian of the Peninsular War [Admiral Sir William Parker]

[General Sir William Napier, Irish soldier, historian of the Peninsular War.] Autograph Letter Signed ('W N') to 'Macdonald', declining to ask for rank of Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath, with resentment towards Admiral Sir William Parker.

4pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with minor traces of tape from mount adhering along one edge. Endorsed 'Genl. Wm. Napier'. On wove paper with watermark 'CANSELL | 1830'. The letter - written with energy and some resentment - refers to Admiral Sir William Parker (...

Samuel Tuke (1784-1857), Quaker minister, asylum reformer and philanthropist [Edward Stillingfleet Cayley (1802-1862), Liberal MP for the North Riding of Yorkshire]

[Samuel Tuke, Quaker minister, asylum reformer and philanthropist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Samuel Tuke.') to E. S. Cayley, MP for the North Riding of Yorkshire, regarding 'our York anti-bribery petition', apostasy of the mayor, the corporations.

2pp, 4to. In fair condition, aged and worn on creased paper. Addressed 'To E. S. Caley [sic] Esqr MP', the letter begins: 'Esteemed Friend | For the satisfaction of the Subscribers to our York anti-bribery petition, I will be much obliged by a line stating the occasion of the delay in its...

Robert Gibb (1845-1932), Scottish painter; Keeper of the National Gallery of Scotland and Painter and Limner to the King [W. J. P. Monckton, publisher of the London magazine 'Black & White Budget']

[Robert Gibb, Scottish painter.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Robert Gibb') to the publisher of 'Black and White Budget', W. J. P. Monckton, re. 'the incident depicted in "Saving the Colours" ["Saving the Colours: The Guards at the Battle of Inkerman"]

2pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded once. Addressed: 'To W. J. P. Monckton Esq. | Publisher | "Black & White," | London'. He has just received Monckton's letter, and is enclosing a 'little pamphlet', which will give him 'a full account of the incident depicted in "...

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