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George Bernard Shaw, playwright.

[ Bernard Shaw ] Autograph Note Signed "G. Bernard Shaw" to "[Gilbert] Murray", classicist, inviting him to dinner with [Fridtjof] Nansen and others.

One page, 8vo, good condition, with envelope addressed in Shaw's hand.. "My dear Murray | Nansen, Zilliacos, & Mrs Z[illiacos] are dining with us at 7.45 this evening at the Hotel la Residence, a shebeen on the pother side of the lake. | If by happy chance you have no other engagement, will...

James Lumsden ['Samuel Mucklebackit'] (1839-1909), Scottish dialect poet and author [Alexander Miles (1865-1953), Scottish surgeon, President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh]

[James Lumsden ('Samuel Mucklebackit'), Scottish author.] Autograph Letter Signed to Edinburgh surgeon Alexander Miles, describing how his family is 'totally ruined' and appealing for help. With copy of his 'Lays and Letters from Linton'.

LETTER: ALS 'To Dr Alexander Miles F.R.C.S.E.' 13 July 1897. 1p, 4to. Signed 'James Lumsden (late of Nether Hailes) | now – 34 Royal Park Terrace | Edinburgh', with postscript signed in initials. Written on the blank reverse of the second leaf of a bifolium advertisement for Lumsden's 'The...

Gerald Kelly (1879-1972), portrait painter

[ Gerald Kelly; Winston Churchill ] Autograph Note Signed "Gerald Kelly" to "My dear Honorary Academician Extraordinary" (Winston Churchill).

One page, 20.5 x 17cm, very good condition. "My dear Academicain Extraordinary | May I offer - on hehalf of the whole Academy - our most sincere good wishes to Sir Winston Churchill K.G. | There will be a Guard of Honour - from the 21st S.A.S. Regt. Artists) T.A. which I hope you will be pleased...

'Sir Robert Thorburn, K.C.M.G., Ex-Premier of Newfoundland' [James Lumsden ['Samuel Mucklebackit'] (1839-1909) of Nether Hailes, Scottish dialect poet and author]

[Sir Robert Thorburn, Premier of Newfoundland.] Poem 'Dedicated to Samuel Mucklebackit, Esq., (Otherwise James Lumsden, of 34 Royal Park Terrace, Edinburgh)'.

Printed on one side of a 21 x 9 cm slip of watermarked laid paper. Aged and creased. Headed: 'Dedicated | to | Samuel Mucklebackit, Esq., | (Otherwise James Lumsden, of 34 Royal Park Terrace, Edinburgh), | by | Sir Robert Thorburn, K.C.M.G., | Ex-Premier of Newfoundland, | From | “Somewhere far...

Sir Ralph Abercromby (1734-1801) of Tullibody, distinguished Scottish soldier and politician; Governor of Trinidad; Commander-in-Chief, Ireland; MP for Clackmannanshire [French Revolutionary Wars]

[Sir Ralph Abercromby, Scottish soldier.] Autograph Signature ('Ra: Abercromby M:Gnl | Commanding 2d Brigade') to manuscript 'Return of Pay due to the Working Parties furnished by the 2d. Brigade of British Infantry' [fighting the French in Holland].

Abercromby's entry in the Oxford DNB, explains the context: 'As a brigade commander in the ill-fated Flanders campaign of Frederick, duke of York, he played a prominent part in the fighting, notably in July 1793 at Valenciennes, where he directed the storming parties, and in September 1794 at...

Marcus Adams (), royal photographer [ Neville Chamberlain [ Arthur Neville Chamberlain ] (1869-1940), British Conservative Prime Minister ]

[ Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister. ] Two prints of portrait photographs by royal photographer Marcus Adams, with a pencil study from one of them by Adams on the reverse.

Neither print is ascribed, but in an unpublished typescript in the Adams Papers, Rosalind Thuillier (author of a 1985 monograph on Adams) quotes her husband Gilbert Adams (Marcus's son) as follows: 'Another phase of his activities as a photographer was into a device called "photo sculpture...

George Bernard Shaw, playwright.

[ Bernard Shaw ] Typed Letter Signed "G. Bernard Shaw", with holograph additions, to Gilbert Murray, classicist, varied content, including a view of blank verse, the art of the writer, and his "fifth act" for "Cymbeline.

Two pages, 4to, good condition. He commences: "Your Moncure Conway lecture was entirely hidden from me by the newspapers. Meanwhile the jingo romance of Churchill and the rancorous explosions of Vansittart were shoved down my throat, and the war atrocities rubbed into me by the wireless set most...

George Bernard Shaw, playwright.

[ Bernard Shaw ] Typed Letter Signed "G.B.S. NOT Mister Shaw, please", with MS. adds. to "Lady Mary [ Lady Mary Henrietta Murray nee Howard, wife of Gilbert Murray, classicist., on the Brains Trust, and, extensively on a new alphabet.

Two pages, obl. cr.8vo, fold mark. good condition. He initially discusses Gilbert Murray's appearance on the radio programme, The Brains Trust, finding Murray "so godlike in contrast with these ignoramuses [...] Joad, the first disciple of mine to become a professional philosopher, at his worst...

George Bernard Shaw, playwright.

[ Bernard Shaw ] Autograph Postcard Signed "G.B.S." to Gilbert Murray, classicist.

Picture of "Lourdes.- La Grotte et la Basilique; Text as follows: "Have just made my pilgrimage. I cannot deny that my car was healed of a rather troublesome knock. But still Lourdes, for an Irish Protestant, is a bit thick. What looks like wickerwork on the left of the grotto in the picture is...

George Bernard Shaw, playwright

[ Bernard Shaw ] Cyclostyled (or similar) Typed Letter with printed addresser "(signed) G. Bernard Shaw" to Daniel Jones, phonetician, though by some to be "the basis for [...] Professor Higgins in Pygmalion", about Simplified English.

Found with some letters from Shaw to Gilbert Murray, classicist, so presumed to have been sent by Shaw to Murray. Two pages, folio, fold marks, four small closed tears, edge a little damaged, text complete and clear. Marked "Copy" in typescript, but no other physical copy has yet been traced....

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