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Claude J. Montefiore [Claude Joseph Goldsmid Montefiore (1858–1938), intellectual founder of Anglo-Liberal Judaism, founding president of the World Union for Progressive Judaism ]

[ Claude J. Montefiore; Judaism ] Autograph Letter Signed Claude J Montefiore, to Field, mainly anticipating his wedding.

Three pages, 12mo, fold marks, good condition. He begins, I write to tell you that your bestman will [now?] not be able to be best man to anybody else. Yes! I am going to do it myself, the 'it' at which I helped you. | It was only arranged a short few days before my mother & I left London....

Mervyn Levy [(1914 – 1996), Welsh artist, art teacher and writer on art].

[Mervyn Levy, Welsh Artist ] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed Mervyn to Brom [John Bromfield Gay Rees, Welsh artist] about prospective Exhibitions and Client/Collectors..

Four pages, 8vo, fold marks, good condition. Text: I was delighted [underlined] at long last to receive a reply to my letter: on one occasion [phrase underlined], I carefull replied to a certain letter - whic I had filed - seven years [phrase underlined] after I had originally received it: So a...

Edward Marsh [Sir Edward Howard Marsh (1872-1953) was a British polymath, translator, arts patron and civil servant; Private Secretary to Churchill]

[ Edward Marsh, PS to Churchill ] Typed Note Signed E Marsh to Thomas Lloyd Humberstone, conveying Chancellor of the Exchequer Churchill's thanks for sending a copy of his book on University Reform.

One page, 4to, fold marks, good condition. Text: Mr. Churchill desires me to thank you for the copy of your book on University Reform in London, which you have been good enough to send him.

Beatrice Webb [Martha Beatrice Webb, Baroness Passfield, (née Potter; (1858 -1943), sociologist, economist, socialist, labour historian and social reformer]

[ Beatrice Webb, social reformer et al ] Typed Letter Signed illegibly Beatrice Webb | [typed] (Mrs Sidney Webb) to [Thomas Lloyd] Humberstone , touching on the authorship of some articles, Sidney's poor health et al.

One page, 8vo, fold marks, good condition. Text: I regret that my husband's serious breakdown in health prevents him from answering your note of March 14th. He tells me that the aticles in The Times quoted in the book were written by himself: he was very fond of writing unsigned articles in...

Augustus John, artist [Augustus Edwin John (1878 – 1961), Welsh painter, draughtsman, and etcher]

[ Augustus John, artist; Welsh Art ] Autograph Note Signed Augustus John to Capt. Levy [Mervyn Levy, Welsh artist] about contributing something to a Welsh Exhibition.

One page, 12mo. fold marks, very good condition. Text: Thank you for yoyr letter inviting me to contribute to a Wesh Exhibition you are organising. I hope I may be able to find something for this purpose.

John T. Lang [John Thomas Lang (1876–1975), usually referred to as J. T. Lang during his career and familiarly known as Jack, nicknamed The Big Fella, Australian politician.]

[ John T. Lang, Australian Politician ] Typed Note Signed John T. Lang [Leader of the Opposition] to H. Rutherford Purnell, Librarian, Public Library of South A'lia, ADELAIDE.

One page, 12mo, good condition. Text: In reply to your letter of 28th February I wish to inform you that I have requested the publishers of Why I fight to send you two copies - one for your own library and one for Rhodes House, Oxford.

Peggy Salaman, aviator [aviatrix]

[ Peggy Salaman, aviator ] Autograph Note Signed Peggy Salaman to Mr Frewer [autograph-collector of Oxford], thanking him for his letter of congratulations and explaining why she can't get her fellow-aviator, Store's, autograph.

One page, 12mo, good condition. Text: Thank you for your letter of congratulations, Mr Store is still in Kimberley so I cann not get his autograph for your collection. | I enclose a snap -shot of the lion cubs [not present] Juba and Joker and myself. Note: During October 30 - November 5 1931 -...

Ramsay Muir [John Ramsay Bryce Muir (1872–1941), historian, Liberal Party politician and thinker ].

[ Ramsay Muir, historian, thinker] A very substantial Autograph Letter Signed Ramsay Muir to Davis, responding at length to criticisms of his recent publication [perhaps British History a survey of the history of all the British peoples (1929)]

Four pages, 4to, fold marks, good condition, closely written, pages joined at top. He thanks Davis for writing at such length. But as you still attribute to me ideas wh[ich] I repudiate, you must put up with a rejoinder. (1) You insist upon assuming that I am trying to write the history of...

Taprell Dorling [ Taffrail; Captain Henry Taprell Dorling (1883–1968), sailor, author, and journalist

[ Taffrail ] Autograph Note Signed Taprell Dorling to Mr Frewer [autograph collector] about his autograph.

One page, cr. 8vo, good condition. Text: I am afraid my autograph is not very valuable and is never likely to be. However I enclose it herewith, and am honoured that you should wish to have it. Tipped on to bottom of note, smaller piece of paper, 11 x 8cm, with the following text in Taffrail's...

Thomas George Knox [Sir Thomas George Knox (1824–1887), Irish soldier and diplomat, consul-general in Siam from 1868 to 1879.]

[Thomas George Knox, Irish soldier and diplomat] Autograph Letter Signed Thomas George Knox to Mrs. Smith

Four pages, 8vo, bifolium. He apologises for being too busy to reply sooner, and goes on to discuss the affairs of the Club [British Club in the venue de Palais, Biarritz]. It was decided to build a new Club on a large scale on the site of the lodge on the right as you enter to Palais grounds....

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