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George Arbuthnot (1802-1865), senior civil servant [Charles Wood (1800-1885), 1st Viscount Halifax, Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer]

[George Arbuthnot, civil servant, as Private Secretary to Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Charles Wood.] Autograph Letter Signed ('G. Arbuthnot') to unnamed editor, sending for publication a corrected copy of speech in reply to motion by Disraeli.

According to his entry in the Oxford DNB, Arbuthnot 'served as private secretary successively to seven patronage secretaries; to the permanent head of the department, Sir Charles Spearman, and his successor, Sir Charles Trevelyan; to the prime minister, Sir Robert Peel; and to Sir Charles Wood,...

Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright [Oxford University Press]

[Christopher Fry, playwright.] Fry's own copy of his book 'Can You Find Me: A Family History', with autograph notes, containing correspondence from relatives, photographs, and a typed transcript of a radio interview, with autograph additions by Fry.

The book is 272pp, 8vo. A good copy, lightly aged, with binding sunned along top, in worn dustwrapper. The volume contains – along with autograph corrections of incidentals – a couple of autograph notes in pencil, one of a minor nature and the other reading: 'Daisy & Charles attended the...

Admiral Lord Nelson [Horatio Nelson] (1758-1805); Sir Hyde Parker (1739-1807), Royal Navy admiral, Nelson's superior at the Battle of Copenhagen, 1801

[Nelson describes his victory at the Battle of Copenhagen.] 'Extraordinary' number of 'The London Gazette', containing accounts of the engagement by Nelson and his commanding officer Sir Hyde Parker.

4pp, 8vo, paginated 401-404. Originally a bifolium, but with the leaves separated. In fair condition, lightly aged, with each leaf carrying in a margin a strip of paper from the mount. Several fold lines. Page one carries the half-penny tax stamp. In small print and double column. The entire...

Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright; Charles Dickens

[Christopher Fry, playwright.] Typescript of a cinematic 'Story Treatment' of 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens: 'A 90 Minute Animated Color Version', 'Adapted by Christopher Fry'.

In addition to his distinguished career as a playwright, Fry had some success in Hollywood. He completely rewrote (uncredited) the screenplay of 'Ben-Hur' (1959), and was responsible for the screenplay of the Dino De Laurentiis epic 'The Bible: In the Beginning' (1966), directed by John Houston...

George Edward Anson (1812-1849), Keeper of Queen Victoria's Privy Purse, and private secretary to Prince Albert

[George Edward Anson, Private Secretary to Prince Albert.] Autograph Letter Signed in the third person, reporting Queen Victoria's decision not to comply with 'Mr. D'Orsey's request'.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Laid down on a part of a leaf from an album. Reads: 'Mr. Anson begs to acknowledge the receipt of Mr. D'Orsey's Letter of the 6th. instant and to acquaint him in reply that he has submitted his appeal to Her Majesty The Queen who regrets that the great...

[Admiral Lord Gambier [James Gambier, 1st Baron Gambier (1756-1833), Admiral of the Fleet, Royal Navy officer in American Revolutionary War and French Revolutionary Wars and Glorious First of June]

[Lord Gambier, Admiral of the Fleet.] Manuscript designs of heraldic achievements (coats of arms), made by a signwriter for display at his funeral.

An interesting and unusual survival, casting light on funerary practice in Georgian London. In black ink on 37 x 15 cm piece of watermarked laid paper, clearly cut from the working ledger of the signwriter responsible for the display at Gambier's funeral. Two excellent drawings, marked up with...

[ 4th Earl of Sandwich; Ist Viscount Palmerston; Admiral Hugh Palliser; Philip Stephens ]

[ Lords of the Admiralty ] Part printed, part MS. Document instructing the Governor of the Royal Hospital of Greenwich, Sir Charles Hardy, to receive and entertain five named men.

Document, folio, fold marks, tipped onto card of similar size, good condition, printed form instructing acceptance of men into the Greenwich Hospital with details added in MS, including the names of the men to be admitted, the signatures of Lords of the Admiralty (Sandwich, Palmerston, and Hugh...

Charles Chilton (1917-2013), British radio producer, director and writer [BBC Light Entertainment; Clifford Makins, editor, 'Eagle' magazine, London; Max Kester Dodgson (1901-1991)]

[The West; Chilton's 'musical drama of the West': the BBC radio serial Riders of the Range'.] Chilton's own complete set of scripts of the 92 episodes, with revisions. With caricature of Chilton by Tony Speer, 'Eagle' correspondence, press cuttings.

On his eightieth birthday Charles Chilton (1917-2013) was described by the Sunday Telegraph as 'the one genius' the BBC 'ever had on its staff'. Chilton worked for the Corporation for a period of almost half a century, writing and producing a succession of innovative and exciting radio...

Oscar Beringer, pianist

[ Oscar Beringer ] Autograph NOte Signed "Oscar Beringer" to an unnamed woman about an invitation to a prize giving.

One page, 12mo, faint spotting, good condition. "Many thanks for your kind invitation to your prize giving. Unfortunately it is impossible for me to come in the afternoon.

W.L. George [Walter Lionel George (1882, Paris, France–1926) chiefly known for his popular fiction, which included feminist, pacifist, and pro-labour themes]

[W.L. George, novelist ] Autograph Letter Signed "W L George" to "[Mr?] Clifford", mentioning 'shirkers' and discussing the Battle of Verdun and possible consequences,.

One page, 4to, good condition. "Two little acts of Justice: one yto John Palmer who I am told has twice tried to enlist and was turned down for eyes, but the other 'shirkers' stand; one to one: I thought and thought about my fatal phrase, which did not sound quite right on the phone, and yet was...

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