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Sir Walter Scott, novelist and poet

[ Walter Scott; History of Scotland ] Manuscript Fragment of his Review of Joseph Ritson's "Annals of the Caledonians, Picts and Scots etc" [ History of Scotland ]]

MS, thirteen lines, piece of paper 20 x 7.5 cm, paginated by Scott top left corner "22", minor excisions and additions in his hand. The text goes from "Every species to oppression" to "inflicted by the Picts alone but by". A comparison between the text of the MS fragment and the Article yields...

Charles Kean, actor [1811-1868]

[ Charles Kean ] Autograph Letter Signed, "C. Kean" to a "MIss Rawson", referring to his Benefit performance of Othello.

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, black-borderd, closed tear on fold, residue of glue final blank page. He has enclosed "two ladies tickets for the balcony" and advises getting there early because of the "great crowd". "All will be over by three as the Duke of Newcastle - Gladstone & others will...

Warwick Deeping [ George Warwick Deeping ] (1877-1950), English best-known for 'Sorrell and Son' (1925) and his wife Maud Phyllis Merrill (c.1882-1971) [ Margaret Greenwood ]

[ Warwick Deeping, novelist. ] 5 Autograph Letters Signed and 3 Autograph Notes Signed to Margaret Greenwood, regarding the adapation of his work for film. With 3 Autograph Letters Signed from his wife, and 13 copies of Greenwood's letters.

21 items. In good condition, lightly aged, held together with a brass stud. Deeping's eight items of correspondence - all signed 'Warwick Deeping' - total 9pp. His wife's three letters total 4pp. One of Deeping's letters is in its envelope, addressed by him to 'Miss Margaret Greenwood | 15...

Sir Thomas Grantham (bap.1641, died 1718), Commander of the East India Company fleet, and suppressor of 'Bacon's Rebellion' in Virginia

[ Sir Thomas Grantham, suppressor of 'Bacon's Rebellion', Virginia, 1676. ] Autograph Signature ('Tho: Grantham') on printed Exchequer receipt, completed in manuscript.

On one side of a 15 x 17.5cm. piece of paper. Aged and worn, with slight loss at jhead and left-hand margin. Begins (with manuscript text in square brackets): 'The [12] Day of [No]<...> 17[12] | Received by me [Sr Thomas Grantham] | the Honourable Russel Robartes Esq; One of the Four...

Richard Coote (1636-1700), 1st Earl of Bellomont [ Bellamont; Bellemont ], Governor of the provinces of New York, Massachusetts Bay, and New Hampshire, and supporter of the pirate Captain Kidd

[ Richard Coote, 1st Earl of Bellomont, Governor of the Provinces of New York, Massachusetts Bay, and New Hampshire. ]

1p., 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Customary printed Exchequer receipt, completed in manuscript, headed (manuscript text in square brackets): 'Numb. [946 | 947 | 948] | The [2] Day of [July] 1694. | Received by me [Richard Earle of Bellemont [sic]] | By Virtue of [3] Order[s]...

L. A. G. Strong [ Leonard Alfred George Strong ] (1896-1958), author, poet and publisher (Methuen & Co., London) [ Margaret Greenwood ]

[ L. A. G. Strong, British author. ] 24 Signed Letters (5 of them in Autograph and 19 Typed) to Margaret Greenwood, mainly regarding her efforts to adapt his books for film. With copies of 26 letters from her to him.

A total of 50 items, all but the three earliest of Strong's letters held together with a brass stud. The collection in good overall condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Strong's 24 letters total 37pp., with the early letters signed 'L A G Strong' and the later ones 'Leonard', and...

Daniel Malthus (1730-1800), father of the political economist T. R. Malthus (1766-1834), friend and executor of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and correspondent of David Hume

[ Daniel Malthus, father of the political economist T. R. Malthus. ] Autograph Signature ('Danl Malthus') on printed Exchequer Receipt completed in manuscript.

1p., 8vo. In poor condition, aged and worn, with loss to edges and holing around the signature. Begins (with manuscript text in square brackets): 'The [-9] Day of [ffebry] <...> | Received by me [Daniel Malthus] | [Execd as P Margin] | Of the Right Honourable Robert Earl of Northampton,...

Anthony Berkeley Cox (1893-1971), British crime writer under the pseudonyms 'Francis Iles', 'Anthony Berkeley', and 'A. Monmouth Platts', best-known for 'Malice Aforethought' [ Margaret Greenwood ]

[ Anthony Berkeley Cox, crime writer. ] Eleven Typed Letters Signed (nine 'Francis Iles' and two 'A. B. Cox') and one Typed Postcard Signed to Margaret Greenwood, on her wish to adapt 'Malice Aforethought' for film, with copies of her letters to him.

A total of 30 items. Cox's eleven letters total 16pp., and Greenwood's eighteen letters total 28pp. (several written on drafts of pages of her writing). In good condition, lightly aged, held together with a brass stud. An amusing correspondence, with Cox responding with amused bewilderment to...

[ Archibald Hurd, author on naval subjects, etc. ]

[ Minute Book; ships ] The Shipping World Limited | Minute Book.

Unpaginated, folio, red calf, worn edges and spine, virtually every page either written on or with typescript pasted on, with other relevant enclosures. Minutes recorded from the first meeting in 1883 to 1946. Presumably this was the Company responsible for publishing the "Shipping World and...

Sir John Werden (1683-1758), 2nd Baronet, son of Sir John Werden [ Worden ] (1640-1715), judge, politician and diplomat [ R. Thornycroft;

[ Sir John Werden, 2nd Baronet. ] Printed Exchequer receipt, completed in manuscript, signed by 'John Werden.' and witnessed by 'R: Thornycroft'.

Customary printed Exchequer receipt, completed in manuscript, headed (manuscript text in square brackets): Record' [the 20th August 1739] | The [th5] Day of [Septr] 173[9] | Received by me Sr John Werden Assignee of Sir. John Werden]'. Calculations in right-hand margin and clerical sign and...

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