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Charles John Vaughan (1816-1897), Headmaster of Harrow School, Master of the Temple, and Dean of Llandaff [ Frances Russell, Countess Russell [ Lady Russell ] (1815-1898) ]

[ Charles John Vaughan, Headmaster of Harrow School. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C J Vaughan') to Lady Russell, explaining that his 'Presentation to Christ's Hospital' has been given away.

2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with traces of glue from mount at head of first page. He is sorry to say 'that my Presentation to Christ's Hospital has long been given away to the Orphan son of an old Harrow Pupil who died early & left his family ill provided for'. He ends by...

Catherine Hutton (1756-1846), novelist, letter writer and autograph collector [ Thomas James Pettigrew (1791-1865), Egyptologist, surgeon, antiquary and librarian to the Duke of Sussex ]

[ Catherine Hutton, novelist, letter writer; Egyptology ] Autograph Letter Signed, thanking the Egyptologist T.J. Pettigrew for a gift of 'hieroglyphics', and protesting against the removal of a sarcophagus to 'the fogs of an English climate'.

2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged. As Pettigrew's entry in the Oxford DNB explains, he 'had been interested in Egyptology since the 1820s; he published in 1834 A History of Egyptian Mummies (having himself unrolled numerous specimens) and in 1842 the first part only of Encyclopaedia...

C. L. Prince [ Charles Leeson Prince ] (1821-1899), astronomer, antiquarian, meteorologist, physician [ The Observatory, Crowshurst, Sussex; Alexander Ramsay, editor of the 'Scientific Roll' ]

[ Charles Leeson Prince, astronomer, writing from the Observatory, Crowborough, Sussex. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C. L. Prince') to Alexander Ramsay, regarding his paper on the 'Climate of Uckfield'

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Begins: 'On looking through your "Bibliography to Climate" I find that you are not acquainted with my work on the Climate of Uckfield, pubd in 1871 - which comprises 28 years uninterrupted obs[ervation]s there'. He refers him to the library of the...

William Latham Bevan [ W. L. Bevan ] (1821-1908), Welsh Anglican clergyman and author, Archdeacon of Brecon [ Agnes Strickland (1796-1874), historical writer and poet ]

[ William Latham Bevan, Welsh Anglican cleric and author. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. L. Bevan') to 'Miss Strickland', i.e. the historical writer Agnes Strickland, recounting the story of a family heirloom said to come from Queen Anne Boleyn.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. As a new edition of Strickland's 'Lives of the Queens of England' is in the press, he sends her 'an interesting and (I fully believe) an authentic incident connected with the last day of Ann Boleyn's life'. He explains that he has in his...

William Joseph Denison [ William Denison ] (1770-1849), banker and Whig politician, a founder of the Reform Club [ Denison, Haywood, and Kennard, London bank ]

[ William Joseph Denison (1770-1849), banker and politician, one of the wealthiest men in Britain. ] Autograph Notr Signed ('Wm.. Denison') to unnamed recipient, declining an invitation.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged, with minor tape stain at head. Reads: 'Dear Sir - | I have had an attack of gout - within the last few days, which I am sorry will prevent me from accepting your kind Invitation on Wednesday next.' According to his entry in the Oxford DNB, 'Denison...

William Hepworth Thompson (1810-1886), Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, classical scholar [ Major Robert Guthrie Macgregor (1805-1869) ]

[ William Hepworth Thompson, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. H. Thompson'), accepting a copy of Major R. G. MacGregor's 'Translations from the Greek Anthology'.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. He asks him to accept his 'best thanks for your He accepts MacGregor's 'Translations from the Greek Anthology' (published without date in London by Nissen and Parker) and adds: 'I entirely share your admiration for the better specimens of...

William Guy, Chichester surgeon [ William Hayley, poet and patron of William Blake; William Collins (1721-1759), poet; John Flaxman, sculptor ]

[ William Guy, Williakm Hayley and William Collins. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. Guy') from the Chichester surgeon William Guy to the poet William Hayley, giving the account for John Flaxman's memorial to William Collins in Chichester Cathedral.

1p., 12mo. Bifolium. Aged and worn. Addressed on second leaf to 'Wm. Hayley Esqr | Eartham, which also carries calculations, presumably in Hayley's hand. Guy gives a breakdown of '[t]he whole sum subscribed for Collins's Monument', £94 13s 8d, giving the amount spent 'for advertising &c...

W. H. Dallinger [ William Henry Dallinger ] (1839-1909), microscopist, the first scientist to carry out a controlled experiment on Darwin's theory of evolution [ Wesley College, Sheffield ]

[ William Henry Dallinger, astronomer. ] Autograph Note Signed ('W. H. Dallinger') enclosing payment in stamps for a number of Ramsay's 'Scientific Roll'.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. The letterhead incorporates an attractive engraved front elevation of the College, of which Dallinger was Governor, 1879-1888. The note reads: 'Dear Sir | Please find enclosed 12 stamps for No 3 of Scientific Roll and oblige | Yours truly | W. H....

Thomas Roscoe (1791-1871), author and translator, son of the abolitionist and MP for Liverpool William Roscoe (1753-1831) [ Frederic Shoberl (1775-1853), editor of Ackermann's 'Forget-Me-Not' ]

[ Thomas Roscoe, author and translator. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('T. Roscoe') to a son of Frederic Shoberl, editor of Ackermann's 'Forget-Me-Not', regarding possible contributions by his daughter.

3pp., 16mo. Bifolium. On aged and foxed paper. He wishes to be informed 'whether the Forget Me Not" so long and ably edited by your Father will be published for the ensuing year - i.e. for 1848'. One of his daughters has 'written down Stories one or two of which have already appeared, and she...

T. Perronet Thompson [ Thomas Perronet Thompson ] (1783-1869), Governor of Sierra Leone and radical politician

[ Thomas Perronet Thompson, Governor of Sierra Leone and radical politician. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('T. Perronet Thompson') to 'Mr. W. Sissison. | Hull', his election campaign in Bradford, and questioning by a 'Dissenters' Committee'.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. He has forwarded Sissison's 'friendly letter and its inclosure' to Bradford. 'On the question asked in your letter, the best answer I can send is perhaps to forward to you a copy of a Bradford Observer of 27 May, where at the end of page 6...

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