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Captain C.W. Townsend

[ Dunsterforce; Norper Force; Palestine ] A substantial and illuminating correspondence concerning his experiences in Egypt/Palestine, and with "secret" missions, Dunsterforce and Norper Forc.


PART ONE: Dunsterforce and other missions, 1918-20: Correspondence of Captain C. W. Townsend, while on active service with Dunsterforce and Norperforce, 1918-1920A secret mission in Mesopotamia, the day-to-day existence of a British Intelligence...

Major Claud Pascoe [ Claud Alfred Leonard Pascoe ] (1886-1960), City Editor of the Toronto Daily Star

[ Major Claud Pascoe, City Editor of the Toronto Daily Star. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Claude Pascoe'), putting a business proposition to Capt. C. W. Townsend, his former colleague in the British Military Mission to South Russia during the Civil W

From the papers of the recipient Captain Cecil William Townsend of the British Military Mission to South Russia. The two men had been comrades. In March 1920 'Lt, temp Major Claud Alfred Leonard Pascoe, 2nd London Regt, attd to MGC' received the OBE, 'on the recommendation of the General Officer...

James Dunlop, Professor of Surgery, Anderson's College, Glasgow; Robert Cory, Medical Officer of the Privy Council and Local Government Board [ Oliver Sunderland; University of Glasgow ]

[ Anderson's College, Glasgow. ] First Class Certificate of Merit awarded to Oliver Sunderland, and signed by James Dunlop, Professor of Surgery. With certificate authorising Sunderland as a 'Public Vaccinator', signed by Dr Robert Cory.

Anderson College was founded in 1796 following the will of John Anderson, Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. Initially known as Anderson’s Institution, in 1828 it changed its name to Anderson’s University and finally to Anderson’s College in 1877. Its medical school...

Trevethan Spicer, M.A. LL.B. of Gray's Inn, Esq., Barrister-at-Law [ Sutherland House, Notting Hill ]

[ Victorian education. ] Pamphlet: 'The Philosophy of Education. A Lecture delivered at Sutherland House, Notting Hill, On Thursday, the 15th of August, 1850.

16pp., 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Stitched with green ribbon into paper wraps, with the title in manuscript on the front cover and the name 'J. Dias'. A conventional and moralistic treatment, the author's view being that 'Education ought to be at once moral, intellectual,...

Fernand Gampert (1898-1989), Swiss artist, friend of Christian Dior; his sister Edith Gampert [ later Edith Arnaud ] (1897-1987) [ Captain Cecil William Townsend ]

[ Fernand Gampert, Swiss artist, friend of Christian Dior. ] Autograph Letter Signed, in French, to Captain C. W. Townsend, with reference to the painter Lucien Monod.

8pp., 12mo. On two bifololiums with mourning borders. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Addressed to 'monsieur Townsend'. From the papers of Captain Cecil William Townsend of the Warwickshire Yeomanry, Dunsterforce and Norperforce, and the British Military Mission to South Russia....

'One of Them' [ i.e. Frederick Braby ] [ Gay and Bird, London publishers ]

[ 'A New Work on Evolution.' ] Prospectus for the second edition of 'Fallen Angels, A Disquisition upon Human Existence - An Attempt to Elucidate some of its Mysteries, especially those of Evil and Suffering.' With printed publicity card.

The work was hugely popular, going through numerous editions between 1894 and 1907. The title is (deliberately) misleading. The work is an exploration of theological rather than biological questions, with the author stating that 'The How, Why, and Wherefore have not received the full amount of...

E. T. Scammell, Honorary Secretary of the Exeter and District Chamber of Commerce [ Victorian campaign for a national system of labour exchanges ]

[ Victorian campaign for a national system of labour exchanges. ] Printed pamphlet: 'A National Labour Bureau with Affiliated Labour Registries, and the Evidence given thereon before the Royal Commission on Labour.'

16pp., 8vo. Stapled pamphlet. Aged and worn, with all text intact. Dedicated 'To | Nathaniel Lewis Cohen, Esq., | Founder of the First | Free Labour Registry | in England.' The text begins: 'A National Labour Bureau, with Affiliated Labour Registries, | Is one of the pressing needs of the time....

Charles Kemble (1775-1854), English actor, member of a notable theatrical dynasty, joint proprietor of Covent Garden Theatre, London

[ Charles Kemble, actor. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C. Kemble.') to an unnamed recipient, sending an autograph and apologising for the delay in a charming fashion.

1p., 4to. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. The letter reads: 'Sir | Having mislaid your letter of 14th. March last, you have doubtless considered me a very discourteous person - this day, in turning over a parcel of letters which had been put aside as answered, I fortunately discovered...

'Edward Carrick' [ Edward Craig (1905-1998), art director, author and illustrator, son of Edward Gordon Craig (1872-1966) ]

[ 'Edward Carrick', i.e. Edward Craig, art director, author and illustrator. ] Page proofs of his 'Designing for Moving Pictures'.

104pp., 4to. Unbound page proofs. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. In worn envelope with printed details of 'The Studio Publications', addressed to 'Edward Carrick, Esq., | G.P.O. Film Unit, | Soho Square, | London, W.C.', amended to '20 Gordon Place', 'W.8.' This was Craig's foremost...

Sir Anthony Eden, British Prime Minister [ Robert Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon (1897-1977), Conservative politician ]

[ Sir Anthony Eden, British Prime Minister. ] Autograph Signature ('Anthony Eden').

On 13 x 16 cm leaf torn from an autograph album. In good condition, lightly aged. A good firm signature, on otherwise-blank page, reading 'Anthony Eden | 1938.' From the papers of the dance teacher Phrosso Pfister, and with the reverse carrying a school table in a childish hand with her name and...

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