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Caroline Norton [Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton (née Sheridan;1808–1877), social reformer and author.

[ Caroline Norton; social reform ] Autograph Letter Signed CNorton to [Mrs] O'Brien, wife of a Henry O'Brien (mentioned in another Norton letter).

Three pages, 8vo, fold marks, small closed tear on fold, sl. dingy, but clear and complete. She couldn't reply quickly to her correspondent's clever & interesting letter because she was ill and indeed doubted whether I should write any more to anybody. I have since read it to many members of...

Captain Piers Thursby of the 9th Lancers:

[ Indian Mutiny, unpublished letters ] The Indian Mutiny Letters of 'a Delhi spearman', 1857 to 1859: ' the pleasure it gives you in killing these brutes'

A. BACKGROUNDAt his death in 1904 Piers Thursby, Esq., of Broadwell, Gloucestershire, was a respectable member of the local gentry, the brother of a baronet, a Justice of the Peace, active with his wife in church affairs, and taking a benevolent interest in the welfare of local children and the...

William Barnes (1801-1886), Dorset dialect poet, cleric, author and philologist

[William Barnes, Dorset dialect poet.] Offprint of poem by 'Rev. W. Barnes, B.D.': 'The Dorset Militia. | Reprinted from The Telegram.'

The poem first appeared, without the subtitle giving the original source as 'The Telegram', and with no variations from in the accidentals, in Barnes's 'Poems of Rural Life, Third Collection' (1862). Printed on one side of 19 x 9.5 cm piece of wove paper. In fair condition, lightly aged, laid...

Thomas Brassey (1805-1870), civil engineer associated with railway projects [Joseph Locke (1805-1859) and Charles Manby (1804-1884), civil engineers; Westminster Abbey; Robert Stephenson]

[Thomas Brassey, civil engineer who transformed the world's railways.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Thomas Brassey'), asking [Charles Manby] to 'obtain permission to erect a Window to Joseph Locke in Westminster Abbey', like that to Robert Stephenson.

See the entries for Brassey and Locke in Oxford DNB. By the time of his death Brassey is said to have built a twentieth of the world's railways. Locke worked with Stephenson and Brunel. 3pp, 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. Endorsed three times...

Sybil Thorndike [Dame Agnes Sybil Thorndike] (1882-1976), celebrated actress for whom Bernard Shaw wrote 'Saint Joan', noted for her Shakespearian roles

[Sybil Thorndike, celebrated actress for whom Bernard Shaw wrote 'Saint Joan'.] Autograph Letter Signed to Secretary, Royal Literary Fund, explaining that 'pressure of work' will prevent her from acting as steward at Guildhall anniversary banquet.

1p, 8vo. Fifteen lines of text, in green ink. In fair condition, lightly aged, folded twice, with short closed tear to edge of one crease. Signed 'Sybil Thorndike'. Although 'deeply gratified', her 'present duties' will detain her 'at the Theatre every evening until 11 o/c', so that she will not...

Sir Edward Marsh [Sir Edward Howard Marsh] (1872-1953), civil servant, promoter of Georgian poetry, classical scholar, friend and secretary to Winston Churchill [Royal Literary Fund, London]

[Sir Edward Marsh [Sir Edward Howard Marsh], author, editor and classical scholar, friend and secretary to Winston Churchill.] Autograph Note Signed ('E Marsh') to the Secretary, Royal Literary Fund, declining to become a steward at a dinner.

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. 1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Reads: 'Dear Sir | I regret that I am an [sic] unable to become a Steward at the Royal Literary Fund dinner, but I have pleasure in sending a small donation to the fund.'

Sir Charles Oman [Sir Charles William Chadwick Oman] (1860-1946), military historian [George Townsend Warner (1865-1916), historian; Battle of Agincourt; archery; toxophily]

[Sir Charles Oman, military historian, and the English archers at Agincourt.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'C. Oman') to George Townsend Warner, summing up the battle and giving a detailed description of the set up of the English archers.

Both letters annotated in pencil in contemporary hand 'To Townsend Warner Historian'. (Warner was a history master and head of the ‘modern side’ at Harrow School, and co-editor of one of the most popular British history textbooks of the period. His only child was the novelist Sylvia Townsend...

Robert Anning Bell (1862-1933), Royal Academy artist, book designer and illustrator, Professor at Royal College of Art, associated with Della Robbia Pottery in Birkenhead

[Robert Anning Bell, artist, book designer and illustrator.] Autograph Letter in the third person to the President of the Royal Literary Fund, declining to become a steward at its anniversary dinner.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded once. Reads: 'Mr. Robert Anning Bell regrets that he is unable to accept the kind invitation of the President of the Corporation of the Royal Literary Fund to become a Steward at the Anniversary Dinner on July 6th.'

Mary Somerville [née Fairfax, sometime Greig] (1780-1872), Scottish scientist and author after whom Somerville College, Oxford, is named

[Mary Somerville, Scottish scientist after whom Somerville College, Oxford, is named.] Autograph Signature ('Yours truly | Mary Somerville') cut from letter.

See her entry in the Oxford DNB. Since 2017 she has been depicted on the Scottish ten pound note. On 2.5 x 8.5 cm slip of paper, cut from letter. In good condition, lightly aged. Laid down on 4 x 9.5 cm piece of paper. Reads 'Yours truly | Mary Somerville'.

Arthur Murphy, Barrister and Author [(1727–1805), Irish writer.

[ Arthur Murphy, Irish writer ] Autograph Instruction Signed to Cadell Esq [publishers].

Paper, 15 x 9cm, trimmed with minimal loss of text, some staining, text clear and legible. Pay to Lady Montfort's Bearer the sum of Eighy seven Shillings & charge the same to | Your Humble Servt. | Arthur Murphy. A bold and impressive signature. Note: A, He studied at Jesuit run Saint-Omer...

£500.00 Murphy
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