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Hugh Chisholm (1866–1924) journalist, and editor of the 10th, 11th and 12th editions of the Encyclopædia Britannica.

[ Hugh Chisholm; Encyclopaedia Britannica ] Autograph Letter Signed 'Hugh Chisholm' to [Stephen] Wheeler, editor of Landor's Letters etc., about his current work on the Encyclopaedia and the past.

Four pages, 12mo, bifolium, smallish hand, tightly written, good condition. "If I had been doing a complete new edition of the E.B. [Encyclopaedia Britannica] I should have certainly resorted to you in regard to Landor. But I am only doing some supplementary volumes, covering the later...

[Joseph Duveen, 1st Baron Duveen (1869, Hull–1939, London), known as Sir Joseph Duveen, Bt., between 1927 and 1933, was a British art dealer

[ Joseph Duveen; art dealer ] Typed Note Signed 'Duveen' to [Ellis D. Robb, Esq., 717 First National Bank Building, Atlanta, Georgia] thanking him for his letter of congratulation and "one of the pleasantest letters I have received".

One page, cr. 8vo, fold mark, good condition. He thanks him for his letter of congratulation and the enclosure of "the leading article from the Tribune of January third" and "one of the pleasantest letters I have received". He has presumably been congratulated on his elevation to the Peerage.

[ Royal Gifts in Scotland, 1761 ]

[ Royal Gifts Scotland, 1761 ] MS docketed: "Memorandum of Gifts Tacks of Lands &c Granted by the Crown in consequence of a Search made through the Records of the Privy Seall and Chancery or Great Seall and from the year 1716 and downwards"

Three pages, folio, fold marks, closed tears, minor damage, text clear and complete. List giving Date of the Gift and then a brief description. For example, "1716 Febrry 27 Gift of the Chamberlaincy of Fyfe. To the Earl of Rothes", the list concluding on Page 3, "1755 Decem.17 Pension of £500...

John Thomas Bligh, Cornish Artist

[ John Thomas Blight ] Autograph Note Signed "John Thomas Blight" to unnamed correspondent about his pictures on sale.

One page, 12mo, fold mark, very good condition. Text: "Four of my water colour paintings are on sale with Mr R.J. [Curtis?], 190, Brompton Road, London, S.W.". Note: Some sources say that he was confined in a lunatic asylum from 1871.

Dewitt Miller (1857–1911), American educator, librarian, journalist, minister, orator, and book collector

[ Dewitt Miller ] Autograph Note Signed "Dewitt Miller" to Stephen Wheeler, Foreign Office, England, Editor of Landor's Letters, asking about Landor-related books.

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, very large handwriting, good condition. With envelope. "I should be glad to know if you have a copy of a book entitled Landor - a Critical Estimate [underlined) | Evans. | G.P. Putnam's Sons. | Also | Selections from Landor, made by Geo. Hillard (circa) 1850. |...

Augustus Jessop (1823–1914), cleric and writer

[ Augustus Jessopp; Landor ] Autograph Letter Signed "A Jessopp" to [ Stephen Wheeler ] about Walter Savage Landor.

Four pages, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. "Yes! I am y[our] man or whatever of y[our] who while still [?] jolly twenties sent almost my earliest printed brochure to Landpor & was surprised enough [& pleased as Punch!] to see his reply to in Frazer's [sic] Magazine [..]." He no longer...

(Baron) Dinorben [William Lewis Hughes, 1st Baron Dinorben] (1767–1852), copper mine owner, philanthropist and Whig politician.

[ Baron Dinorben ] Autograph Letter Signed "Dinorben" to the Mayor of Denbigh about a visit by H.R.H. The Duke of Sussex

One page, cr.8vo, bifolium, edges dusted, small closed tears, second leaf black-bordered, mainly good condition. "Mr Mayor, | I am deserv'd by H.R.H.The Duke of Sussex to express His thanks to youy & to the Members of the Town Council of the borough of Denbighg for the attention accorded to...

Rolando Pieraccini [Roland Pieraccini], Italian sculptor and publisher ('Eurographica'), settled in Finland [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]

[Rolando Pieraccini, Italian sculptor, author and publisher ('Eurographica').] 43 Typed Letters Signed to playwright Christopher Fry, regarding the publication of signed limited editions of his works.

43 letters in 8vo and 12mo, making a total of 44 pp. Signed 'Rolando Pieraccini' and (latterly) 'Rolando'. Thirteen of the letters (1984-1986; all 8vo) on 'Eurographica' letterhead, the others (1986-1996; 27 in 12mo and 3 in 8vo) on Pieraccini's personal letterhead. Also present is a carbon copy...

Mary Davies [(1855–1930), Welsh mezzo-soprano

[ Mary Davies; mezzo-soprano ] Autograph Note Signed "Mary Davis" to "Madame Frickenhaus", pianist

Two pages, 12mo, bifolium, fold mark, good condion, large handwriting. "Your song has come to hand. I am sory to say that it does not suit me. The words are beautiful but there is no story in it and that is almost necessary for a Ballad. [..."

Henry Yule, orientalist (1820-1889)

[Henry Yule; Younghusband ] Autograph Note Signed "H Yule" to Stephen Wheeler, orientalist, about "Lieut. Younghusband" and his youthful expedition (Asia) with part of notes, presumably in Wheeler's hand, on Carey's "expedition" to Tibet (1885-1887).

Letter, one, page, 12mo; notes on verso one page. Letter by Yule: "The young officer to whom I referred in Lieut. Younghusband of (I think) the Ist dragoon guards, the son of an officer formerly well known in the Punjab. | He is I believe now on his way home through Russia, after a remarkable...

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