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John E. McDonough [John Edwin McDonough] (1825-1882), American actor; D. S. Winebrener of Philadelphia, attorney [John Jabez Stocken (d.1892), London tobacconist, father of actor 'Frank Lacy']

[John E. McDonough: an American tragedian in Victorian London.] Five Autograph Letters Signed

A nice collection of material, including five letters in which an American actor writes to a London friend while on a visit to England. The recipient of McDonough's letters is John Jabez Stocken (d.1892), head of a leading City of London firm of tobacconists, and an antiquary. (His son Frank...

Jean-François Raffaëlli (1850-1924), French realist painter, sculptor, and printmaker who exhibited with the Impressionists, admired by Huysmans and Degas

[Jean-François Raffaëlli, French realist painter associated with the Impressionists.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. F. Raffaëlli'), proposing a meeting with the recipient's friends, and thanking her for her defence of his work to the 'gens raffinés'.

1p, 8vo. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Folded once. The female recipient is not named. The letter begins: 'Chère Mademoiselle, | J'ai recu votre aimable lettre, et, demain Lundi, j'aurai le plaisir de rendre visite à vos amis Mr. & Mme. Palmer, au "Grand Hotel" à 6...

Henri d'Orléans, Duke of Aumale [Henri Eugène Philippe Louis d'Orléans, duc d'Aumale] (1822-1897), son of King Louis Philippe, soldier, bibliophile and Governor-General of Algeria

[Henri d'Orléans, Duke of Aumale, son of King Louis Philippe of France, Governor-General of Algeria, bibliophile.] Autograph Letter Signed ('H d'Orléans') to Lord Colville, apologising for not being able to meet the Prince of Wales at Denham Court.

1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and ruckled, with traces of glue from mount adhering to the reverse. After thanking Colville for his 'Kind Note', he continues: 'I regret very much that, my horses not being here, I will be unable to meet His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales at Denham...

Guillaume Dubois (1656-1723), Archbishop of Cambray, French cardinal and statesman, minister of foreign affairs under Louis XV [Sir Luke Schaub (1690-1758), British diplomat]

[Guillaume Dubois, Cardinal Archbishop of Cambray.] Manuscript 'draught' of a letter in French, from an English wellwisher [Sir Luke Schaub?], congratulating him on his elevation to cardinal.

With Richelieu, Mazarin and Fleury, Dubois was one of the four great French Cardinal-Ministers. The background to the present item is explained in Howard D. Weinbrot's excellent paper 'Alexander Pope and Madame Dacier's Homer: Conjectures concerning Cardinal Dubois, Sir Luke Schaub, and Samuel...

Duc de Dalmatia [Marshal General Jean-de-Dieu Soult, 1st Duke of Dalmatia, (1769 – 1851), French general and statesman

[ Maréchal Soult; Pasquier, Chancelier ] Note (secretarial) Signed "msr [?] duc de dalmatia" to "Monsieur le Duc Pasquier, Chancelier de France

One page, 12mo, some foxing and slight chipping, remnants of tipping in album, text clear and complete as follows: "Monsieur le Chacelier, je regrette bien qu'il me soit impossible, en raison de ma santé et du rhume qui m'est survenu, de me rendre a l'invitation a diner que vous m'avez fait...

'Coquelin cadet' [Ernest Alexandre Honoré Coquelin] (1848-1909), French actor, brother of 'Coquelin aîné' [Benoît-Constant Coquelin, known as Constant Coquelin] (1841-1909) of the Comédie Française

[Ernest Alexandre Honoré Coquelin, French actor.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Coquelin Cadet') to 'Ma cher Alice', asking her to meet him in order to discuss 'l'affaire de Deauville pour laquelle Plumkett [sic] a écrit à mon frère'.

2pp, 16mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. 'Alice' will be 'charmante' if she can let him know when he can see her 'chez vous'. 'Je voudrais vous parler de l'affaire de Deauville pour laquelle Plumkett [sic] a écrit à mon frère.' He asks again to be sent 'un mot' telling him when he...

'Coquelin aîné' [Constant Coquelin; Benoît-Constant Coquelin] (1841-1909) of the Comédie Française, one of the greatest French actors of the nineteenth century

['Coquelin aîné' [Constant Coquelin; Benoît-Constant Coquelin] of the Comédie Française, great French actor.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Coq') to 'Ma cheri Alice', giving his plans for the summer and referring to his 'depart de la Comédie'.

1p, 16mo. In good condition. He begins by telling her that he will not be travelling anywhere that summer for work, but that he may go and rest at Aix, 'et voilà tout'. He continues: 'On m'a dit que vous etiez charmante dans Andrea, mon premier soir de liberté sera pour vous aller voir...

The Baroness de Feuchères [ Sophie Dawes (c. 1795–1840), Baronne (Baroness) de Feuchères by marriage, an English "adventuress" best known as a mistress of Louis Henry II, Prince of Condé]

[ Sophie Dawes,'adventuress' ] Autograph Note in the third person ("The Baroness de Faucheres presents [...]" to "Mr Westmacott" [presumably her solicitor of Pinniger and Westmacott, solicitors, of Gray's-inn]

One page, 8vo, bifolium, good condition. From the celebrated manuscript collection of Richard Monckton Milnes (Lord Houghton). Text: "The Baroness de Feucheres presents her compliments to Mr Wesmacott, and has much pleasure in sending a Snuff Box which Capt. Manby said she might venture to...

Princess Catherine Dolgorukova (1847-1922), long-time mistress of Emperor Alexander II of Russia and later given the title Princess Yurievskaya

[Yurievskaya ] Autograph Card Signed "Princesse Yourievsky" to unnamed female correspondent, in French, profusely thanking her for a gift destined for the "Hopital russe"

Card, 13 x 10cm, text on both sides, card with attractive coloured and embossed royal insignia. "Permettez-moi de vous dire combien je suis touchee de votre don genereux d'un tableau, [?] par vous-meme qhe vous verrez de m'envoyer pour l'hopital russe. | Il est bien joli et nous tacherons de le...

£450.00 Romanovs
Percy Nash (1869-1958), film director; his nephew the Bournemouth artist and cartoonist Eustace Nash (1886-1969)

[Percy Nash, film director; his nephew Bournemouth artist Eustace Nash.] Two synopses (one signed) of Percy Nash's review 'The Charm', with text of anti-Labour and pro-Churchill song. With watercolour of backdrop and covering letter by Eustace Nash.

An interesting period piece. Two synopses of Percy Nash's review 'The Charm', the second dated by him to 1951, and with reference to the nationalisation of the coal industry. Together with the typescript of a song from the play about the 'Man of Might' Winston Churchill, and the Labour Party,...

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