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William J. S. Lockyer [ William James Stewart Lockyer ] (1868-1936), astronomer, son of Sir Norman Lockyer (1836-1920)

[ William J. S. Lockyer, astronomer. ] Offprint, with presentation signature, of '"The Solar Activity 1833-1900." By William J. S. Lockyer, M.A., Ph.D., F.R.A.S., Assistant Director, Solar Physics Observatory, Kensington.'

[16]pp., 8vo, paginated 285-300. Stitched into grey printed wraps. On aged and chipped high-acidity paper. Inscribed at head of front wrap: 'With the Compliments of | William J. S. Lockyer | 28.VI.01'. See Lockyer's obituary in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol.97 (1937...

Sir Edward Marshall Hall (1858-1927), distinguished barrister and Conservative Member of Parliament for Southport, 1900-1906, and Liverpool East Toxteth, 1910-1916

[ Sir Edward Marshall Hall, distinguished barrister. ] His own red silk rosette, with blue centre, for electioneering in Liverpool East Toxteth.

From the papers of Sir Edward Marshall Hall. The rosette, diameter 13cm., has a ruffled border of two layers of red silk, and a Conservative blue interior, diameter 7cm., with two 13 x 5.5cm. ribbons of red silk hanging down. Embroidered on the rosette in thick gold thread: 'EAST TOXTETH | M H...

Randle Holme [ David Lloyd George, 1st Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor (1863-1945), Welsh statesman ]

[ Privately-printed pamphlet. ] "Thank You, Lloyd-George" | Pre-War Statesmen | How they led England into War | (A Record of an AWFUL EXAMPLE to be avoided this time) by RANDLE HOLME.

55pp., 8vo. Stapled into printed grey-card wraps. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, in aged and worn wraps with rusted staples. The author (employing a pseudonym?) writes with journalistic energy. The title is sarcastic, the author's opinion being that 'Wilson and Lloyd-George could, by...

John Ticehurst (1895-1975), harpsichordist and recipient of the Military Cross

[ Australia; John Ticehurst, harpsichordist, war hero. ] Typescript of article 'Harpsichordist to Australia', giving an account of his 1951/2 tour to Australia. With photograph label regarding an Adelaide Town Hall recital, and concert programme.

Michael Howard's obituary of Ticehurst in The Times, 30 October 1975, describes him as 'a persuasive pioneer among those who sought to reestablish the harpsichord as a serious musical instrument'. ONE: Carbon typescript, 7pp., 4to. Headed 'Harpsichord to Australia | by John Ticehurst.' With a...

Harry Pollitt (1890-1960), General Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain [ Jimmy Shields (1900-1949), Scottish communist, editor of the Daily Worker ]

[ Harry Pollitt, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Harry'), a letter of condolence to the widow of Jimmy Shields, editor of the Daily Worker.

1p., 4to. In good condition, on aged paper. In envelope with stamp and postmark, addressed by Pollitt to 'Mrs J Shields | 9 Rothwell St | London N.W.1.' At the time of writing Mrs Shield's husband was in a TB sanatorium, under surveillance from the British security services. Pollitt writes that...

Edward Marjoribanks (1900-1932), barrister and Conservative MP, biographer of the distinguished advocate Sir Edward Marshall Hall (1858-1927)

[ Edward Marjoribanks, biographer of Sir Edward Marshall Hall. ] Fine piece of calligraphy, on vellum, from the Marshall Hall papers: Marjoribanks's poem on Hall, 'A Great Advocate'

On one side of a 20 x 15 cm piece of vellum. Main text in black ink. Sonnet titled 'A Great Advocate', with author's name 'Edward Marjoribanks' at foot. From the papers of Sir Edward Marshall Hall, and presumably produced for his widow, possibly by the author. (Hall's widow is said to have...

Chelsea Hospital for Officers, London, founded by Lady Violet Brassey; Sir Edward Marshall Hall (1858-1927), barrister and Conservative MP

[ Chelsea Hospital for Officers. ] Programme for an entertainment, signed by 25 performers ('The P.U.O.'s. (Pierrots of Unknown Origin)') and Sir Edward Marshall Hall

[4]pp., 8vo. On shiny art paper. Stitched with red, white and blue ribbon into cream card wraps. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The front cover of the wraps has the signature of 'E. Marshall-Hall' at its head, and is illustrated with a spoof coat of arms, featuring three nurses,...

C. William Siemens [ Sir Charles William Siemens; Carl Wilhelm Siemens ] (1823-1883), German-born British engineer and businessman

[ Offprint, inscribed by the author; Charles Darwin ] Address by C. William Siemens, D.C.L. (Oxon), LL.D. (Glasc. and Dubl.), Ph.D., F.R.S., F.C.S., Member Inst. C.E., President [ of the British Association].

33pp., 8vo. Unbound stitched pamphlet. On aged and chipped paper. Apparently lacking covers, on which publication details would have been written. Inscribed at head of first page: 'Mr Stone | from the Author.' Siemens begins by mourning the passing of Charles Darwin "whose bold conceptions,...

Allan Aynesworth [ Edward Abbot-Anderson] (1864-1959), English actor who had a leading role in the first production of 'The Importance of Being Earnest' by Oscar Wilde [ Sir Edward Marshall Hall ]

[ Allan Aynesworth [ Edward Abbot-Anderson ], actor. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Allan Aynesworth'), a letter of condolence to Lady Hall on the death of Sir Edward Marshall Hall.

1p., 4to. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Addressed to 'Dear Lady Hall', and sending his 'sincere condolences on the death of Dear Ted', from whom he 'had received [...] so many acts of true friendship & kindness'. The loss is great to him and many of Hall's friends. The letter...

Alec Waugh [ Alexander Raban Waugh ] (1898-1981), author, brother of the novelist Evelyn Waugh

[ Alec Waugh, novelist. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Alec Waugh') to 'Miss Marshall-Hall' (daughter of Sir Edward Marshall Hall), regarding the 'Invalids tour' and 'Milhanger'.

1p., 4to. In fair condition, on aged paper, with creasing and wear at head. Written in Waugh's close, distinctive hand. Reads: 'Dear Miss Marshall-Hall | It was nice of you to write. I didn't go on the Invalids tour this year. It can't have been the same thing without Milhanger. | Sincerely Yrs...

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