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Sir Charles Hastings (1794-1866), surgeon and founder of the British Medical Association [Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872), collector of books and manuscripts; Worcestershire Natural History Society]

[Sir Charles Hastings, eminent surgeon, angers Sir Thomas Phillipps.] Two Autograph Letters Signed to Sir Thomas Phillipps, regarding the Worcestershire Natural History Society, with Signed Autograph Draft of reply by Phillipps.

Both letters in good condition, lightly aged. Both bifoliums, and both signed 'Charles Hastings'. ONE: 25 January 1846. 4pp, 12mo. He is 'glad to hear' that Phillipps is thinking of 'coming down to one of our evening meetings at the Natural History Society' (Hastings being the chairman). The...

Marshall Hall (1790-1857), celebrated physician and neurophysiologist [John Spriggs Morss Churchill (1801-1875), London medical publisher; Royal Society of London]

[Marshall Hall, celebrated physician and pioneering neurologist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Marshall Hall') to the London medical publisher John Churchill, announcing that he is 'to give up lecturing'.

2pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with the text of the letter on both sides of the first leaf, and the address on the reverse of the second leaf, only half of which is present after a central vertical cut. Strip of stub from mount adhering to one edge. Folded three times. The...

Herbert Spencer (1820-1903), liberal political theorist and scientist, who coined the phrase 'Survival of the Fittest' [Katherine, Lady Amberley (1842-1874), suffragist, Bertrand Russell's mother]

[Herbert Spencer advises Bertrand Russell's mother on 'Questions of Education''.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Herbert Spencer') to Lady Amberley, discussing his views on 'Questions of Education'.

4pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin strip of stub from mount adhering to one edge. He finds her 'proposal', that he should visit her 'at Rodborough at the beginning of May', 'well adapted, by the deferred date, to my arrangements. Had the time named been nearer, I...

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (1836-1917), physician and suffragist [Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon (1827-1891); Apothecaries Hall, London]

[Elizabeth Garrett Anderson writes after becoming the first British woman licensed to practice medicine.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Elizabeth Garrett') to unnamed man, with reference to 'the medical circular's report of my Exam[inatio]n.'

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. Last page (on verso of first leaf), including signature, written lengthwise. In good condition, lightly aged, with strip of paper stub from mount still adhering. Signed 'Elizabeth Garrett', as it was not until 1871 that she married J. G. S. Anderson. The letter reads: 'Dear...

Sir Alured Clarke (1744-1832), British army officer in the American War of Independence; Governor of Jamaica; Lieutenant-Governor of Lower Canada; Governor-General of India

[ Alured Clarke, British army officer in the American War of Independence ] Autograph Note Signed "Alured Clarke" to "Mr Baker" ["Tailor near Covent Garden" from docket]

One page, 12mo, bifolium, docketed with names etc of the sender ("Gen. Sir A. Clarke") and recipient of letter on p.[4], a small part of which is stuck to p.[2], separated from the other docketing. Text clear and complete. A mysterious further note appears above the letter text "Entd. OB[?]...

Isaac Milner, abolitionist, President of Queen's College, Oxford

[ Isaac Milner, abolitionist ] Autograph Letter Signed "I Milner" to unnamed correspondent.

One page, 8vo, laid down on larger stiff paper, corner cut off with no obvious loss of text, good condition. Neatly written biography of Milner beneath the letter. "Mr Wood & myself request you very particualrly, upon the receipt of this note to come down to Cambridge immediately. Your [...

Georgina Hogarth, sister-in-law, housekeeper, and adviser of English novelist Charles Dickens and the editor of three volumes of his collected letters after his death.

[ Georgina Hogarth; Charles Dickens ] Autograph Note Signed "Georgina Hogarth" to "George Lovejoy", presumably the Reading Bookseller who was also one of Dickens' correspondents

One page, 12mo, good condition. "I am much obliged to you fro sending me copies of those two interesting letters to Mr. Charles Dickens. I will not ask you to take the trouble of sending the originals as I have not the slightest doubt of their authenticity."

Dugald Stewart, Scottish philosopher and mathematician

[ Dugald Stewart; Scottish Enlightenment ] Autograph Letter Signed "Dugald Stewart" to an unnamed "Lordship" who had loaned him books with notes.

One and a bit pages, cr. 8vo, flimsy paper, remnants of being in an album, (strip of card on left margin), some damage with no loss of letters. No "Dear Sir", commencing: "I am extremely sorry to be disappointed in my hope of waiting upon your Lordship this Evening by the return of a Cough which...

King George III; New South Wales Marine Corps; Australia; First Fleet Marine Corps; Governor Arthur Phillip; Captain Francis Grose; Botany Bay

[King George III: autograph note on 'the Marines at Botany Bay'.] Autograph Note Signed ('G R.')

The present note is of particular interest for the King's reference to Botany Bay (early and more than scarce) and to 'the Corps to relieve the Marines of Botany Bay', i.e. Major Francis Grose's New South Wales Corps, which arrived in Australia with the Second Fleet in 1790, relieving the New...

£12,500.00 Botany Bay
George Washington (1732-1799), first President of the United States of America; Jacob Welsh (1755-1822) of Harvard; Pierre Charles L'Enfant (1754-1825); L'Enfant Plan, 1791; Washington, D.C.

[George Washington, first President of the United States, and the L'Enfant Plan of Washington, D.C.] Autograph Note to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, regarding a submission to 'the President of the U. States', by 'Mr. Jacob Welsh'.

An unsigned note in the handwriting of the first President of the United States, regarding the L'Enfant Plan for the layout of the future Washington, D.C. 1p, 16mo, on one side of an 11 x 7 cm piece of watermarked laid paper. In good condition, lightly aged and spotted, tipped-in onto a sheet of...

£5,000.00 Washington
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