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Charles Causley [Charles Stanley Causley] (1917-2003), Cornish poet [Ian McPherson]

[Charles Causley, Cornish poet.] Three Typed Letters Signed (all 'Charles Causley') to Ian McPherson, discussing proposed readings, and the difficulty of fitting in 'teaching and writing comitments with other activities'.

All three 1p, landscape 12mo. All in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: 9 December 1974. He thanks him for 'the invitation […] But as I'm teaching full-time here now, this would be very difficult to arrange as far as schools visits would be concerned. (I asked the Arts Council to take my name...

Stephen King-Hall [William Stephen Richard King-Hall, Baron King-Hall] (1893-1966), writer, politician, naval officer, propagandist

[Commander Stephen King-Hall's propaganda battle with Joseph Goebbels.] Printed pamphlet, in German, a letter from King-Hall to 'Lieber deutschen Leser', ridiculing Hitler, Goebbels and the Nazis. With contemporary English translation.

The present item is part of a propaganda battle between King-Hall and Goebbels. The only other copy of the item located is at the German National Library, King-Hall having 'contrived to infiltrate', as his Oxford DNB entry has it, this 'German version' of his 'King-Hall News Letter' to '...

Sir Samuel Hoare [Viscount Templewood]; Newspaper Proprietors Association [Ministry of Information; E. C. Harmsworth, Viscount Rothermere; Daily Mail; Lord Burnham; Daily Telegraph; Fleet Street]

[Home Secretary prepares Press for Ministry of Information on eve of World War Two.] 'Private and Confidential' typescript of 'Meeting between the Secretary of State for Home Affairs [Sir Samuel Hoare] and the Newspaper Proprietors Association etc.'

Secret duplicated Home Office document, no other copy of which has been discovered (none on OCLC WorldCat, for example) and no reference to the meeting found. The document is a transcript of a highly significant meeting, called by a busy Hoare (he would have an important cabinet meeting on the...

Sir Robert Stawell Ball (1840-1913), Irish astronomer who proposed the screw theory, Professor of Astronomy at Cambridge, Royal Astronomer of Ireland, Andrews Professor of Astronomy, Dublin

[Sir Robert Stawell Ball, Professor of Astronomy at Cambridge and Royal Astronomer of Ireland.] Autograph Signature ('Robert S Ball') cut from letter.

The signature ('Robert S Ball') is on a 3.5 x 11 cm slip of paper, laid down on a piece of light-grey paper cut from an album, with the letterhead 'OBSERVATORY, | CAMBRIDGE' on a second slip laid down on the same piece. In good condition, lightly-aged.

Mrs Sarah Ellis [Sarah Stickney Ellis, born Sarah Stickney] (1799-1872), Quaker (later Congregationalist) author of numerous books, several on woman's place in society

[Mrs Sarah Ellis (Sarah Stickney Ellis), Victorian author.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Sarah S. Ellis') to the female editor of a magazine, apologising for delay in article on 'Java Sparrows' and announcing 'a better story in the Child's department'.

2pp, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. The female recipient is unidentified, but would appear to be the editor of a magazine, enquiring after the progress of a 'paper' Ellis has agreed to write on 'Java Sparrows'. Ellis explains that she has 'begun a better story in the Child'...

Luigi Agnesi [Louis Ferdinand Leopold Agniez] (1833-1875), Belgian operatic bass-baritone, conductor and composer who performed in London at the Royal Opera House and Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

[Luigi Agnesi [Louis Ferdinand Leopold Agniez], Belgian operatic bass-baritone.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Agnesi'), in French, regarding charitable work, and declaring, 'Les malheureux sont mes Amis'.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, folded twice. An elegantly-expressed sentiment: 'Mademoiselle, | Les malheureux sont mes Amis, et l'oeuvre à la quelle vous vous interressez à [sic] toutes mes sympathies; malheureusement je suis si peu de choses que je ne puis vous témoigner...

King of Samoa [Susuga Malietoa Laupepa (1841-1898), ruler (Malietoa) of Samoa, 1875–1887, 1889–1898]

[King of Samoa.] Autograph Lettter Signed ('Malietoa'), in Samoan, with covering letter (English) by H.W. Whitmee of the Independent College, Taunton (letterhead), prob. related to S.J. Whitmee, missionary, naturalist and friend of R.L. Stevenson.

ONE: Autograph Letter Signed ('Malietoa'). 1p, 4to. On ruled paper. In good condition, lightly aged, folded three times. A tentative reading (by a non-speaker of Samoan) is: 'Misi Uatime | Faffean Apia | Iau Susugae! | Faumolemole sii e silasila gneile faasamoa sa faia e u Le'an'anae o le...

King of Oude [Wajid Ali Shah, tenth and last Nawab of Awadh; Oudh] (1822-1887) [Sir William Sleeman; East India Company; Captain Joseph Towgood, Bengal Light Infantry]

'The Last King in India': Wajid Ali Shah, tenth and last Nawab of Awadh [Oudh; Oude].] Manuscript Note, in English (by a secretary?), in which the King requests 'Captain Towgood's Company at Breakfast at the Shahmunzil Palace'.

See his biography by Rosie Llewellyn-Jones, 'The Last King in India' (2014). 1p, 16mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with several horizontal fold lines, two of which have short closed tears. Reads: 'His Majesty the King of Oude requests the pleasure of Captain Towgood's Company at Breakfast...

General Sir William Napier [General Sir William Francis Patrick Napier], Anglo-Irish British Army officer and historian of the Peninsular War [Nicholas Trant; Charles Vane, Marquess of Londonderry]

[Sir William Napier, author of the 'History of the Peninsular War'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('W Napier') to 'Sir' Nicholas Trant, correcting and criticising the Marquess of Londonderry's rival history.

The present letter dates from the time of the appearance of the first volume of Napier's 'History of the Peninsular War' (1828-1840), and in it Napier criticises the recently-published rival 'Story of the Peninsular War by the late Marquess of Londonderry; with continuation by G.R. Gleig' (1828...

A. C. Benson [Arthur Christopher Benson] (1862-1925), essayist, poet and ghost story writer, Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, author of the words to 'Land of Hope and Glory'

[A. C. Benson, Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, poet, essayist and ghost story writer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Arthur C Benson'), thanking an unnamed lady for the 'encouragement' of a 'kind & sympathetic letter'.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, folded twice. The recipient is not identified. Reads: 'Dear Madam, | I must send you one line to thank you for your kind & sympathetic letter, which has not only given me real pleasure but encouragement as well. It was good of you to write. | Very truly yours |...

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