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Spencer Perceval (1795-1859), Member of Parliament, son of Prime Minister of same name [Robert Baxter of Doncaster; Edward Irving, Scottish preacher, founder of Catholic Apostolic Church (Irvingism)]

[Spencer Perceval; Edward Irving and the Catholic Apostolic Church.] Autograph Copy of Letter from Spencer Perceval junior to Robert Baxter, denouncing his attack on his 'friend' in his book 'Irvingism, in its Rise, Progress and Present State'.

The author of this letter was the son of the British Prime Minister of the same name. After his father's assassination he became 'in Lord Teignmouth’s words “the spoiled child of the nation”: the benchers of Lincoln’s Inn provided him with a free legal training; Parliament granted him an annuity...

Sir Arthur Bryant [Sir Arthur Wynne Morgan Bryant] (1899-1985), historian and biographer of Samuel Pepys [Edwin Chappell (1883-1938), Pepys scholar and maritime historian; Samuel Pepys]

[Sir Arthur Bryant defends himself against an attack by fellow Pepys scholar Edwin Chappell.] Eight Autograph Letters Signed and one Typed Letter Signed (all 'Arthur Bryant') to Chappell, on questions of Pepys scholarship.

Nine letters (eight ALsS and one TLS) totalling 16pp, 12mo, in close and neat autograph; and 2pp, 4to, typed. One from 1932 and the other eight from 1933. All signed 'Arthur Bryant'. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight rust-staining from paperclips to a couple of the letters....

Spencer Perceval (1762-1812), Tory Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer [William Pleydell-Bouverie, 3rd Earl of Radnor [Lord Folkestone] (1779-1869); Customs and Excise duties]

[Spencer Perceval, the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated.] Autograph Rough Notes, titled 'Parliamentary | Miscellaneous', for a House of Commons debate on Customs and Excise duties, with reference to 'the Brandy act of last year'.

On both sides of a 37 x 24 cm piece of paper (i.e. half a 'pinched post' folio leaf), with 1806 fleur-de-lys watermark. Folded twice, to make eight 24 x 9 cm panels (four on each side), in seven of which Perceval has written his notes in a close and neat hand. The eighth panel forms the outside...

Andreas Andersen Feldborg (1782-1838), Danish author in England, friend of Robert Southey, teacher of English at University of Göttingen [Edward Duke (1779-1852), antiquary]

[Andreas Andersen Feldborg, Danish author.] Three Autograph Letters Signed, in English, to Rev. Edward Duke, regarding his English and continental travels,friends (Sir Richard Colt Hoare and Walter Scott), works. With two printed subscription lists.

Feldborg is mentioned several times in Southey's correspondence, and at one point contemplated translating Southey's life of Nelson into Danish. See Duke's entry in the Oxford DNB. The three letters are in fair condition, a little brittle and lightly aged and worn, with a closed tears along fold...

William Brice Conolly, MD, joint licensee of Hayes Park Private Lunatic Asylum, Uxbridge, with his brother John Conolly (1794-1866), later resident physician to the Middlesex County Asylum at Hanwell

[William Conolly, joint licensee with his brother John Conolly of Hayes Park Private Lunatic Asylum, Uxbridge.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Will Conolly') to 'George Rogers Esqr MD', reporting the arrival of patient 'Mr George Helyar'.

2pp, 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly aged and browned paper, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to the reverse. Folded twice. The letter reads: 'Mr George Helyar arrived here last night accompanied by your attendant from whom I received your letter and a purse containing £11 – 12...

William Benjamin Carpenter (1813-1885), biologist and administrator at the University of London [John Bostock jnr (1773-1846), physician and geologist]

[William Benjamin Carpenter, biologist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('William B. Carpenter') to the physician and geologist John Bostock

4pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering at gutter edge of reverse of last leaf, and covering the last few letters of Carpenter's signature. After explaining that he is directing Bostock's attentiont to 'the accompanying Remarks...

Sir James Crichton-Browne (1840-1938), Scottish physician, psychiatrist and neurologist [(Henry) Charlton Bastian (1837-1915), physician and neurologist]

[Sir James Crichton-Browne, Scottish physician and psychiatrist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('James Crichton Browne') to 'Bastian', i.e. Charlton Bastian, questioning the 'overwhelming conclusions' of his 'ingenious and laborious experiments'.

The entry on Bastian in the Oxford DNB finds one of 'the great paradoxes of Bastian's work' to be 'that in neurology his views were highly conventional, while in biology, and what became bacteriology, they became unorthodox and eventually eccentric.' Chief among Bastian's heterodox positions was...

Sir Andrew Halliday (1782-1839), Scottish physician to William IV [Lord Melbourne [William Lamb I1779-1848), 2nd Viscount Melbourne], Prime Minister]

[Sir Andrew Halliday, physician to William IV.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Andrew Halliday -') to Prime Minister Lord Melbourne, offering to 'sacrifice' his 'emoluments' and become inspector of 'all the public and Private Asylums in England and Wales

7pp, 4to. Containing 112 lines of text on two bifoliums. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded three times. Headed 'Private', and with the heading, date and place written by Halliday at a different time from the rest of the text. A long and impassioned letter, in which Halliday offers to...

Lauder Brunton [Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton, 1st Baronet] (1844-1916), Scottish physician [Bedford Peirce (1861-1932), physician]

[Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton, Scottish physician.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Lauder Brunton') to 'Dr Peirce', i.e. Bedford Peirce, congratulating him on his appointment [as medical superintendent at the Retreat, York].

2pp, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with ink quite faded, and thin strip of paper from mount adhering to the blank second leaf of the bifolium. Folded twice. He begins by expressing pleasure at Peirce's 'appointment' (as medical superintendent at the Retreat, York), also congratulating '...

Johann Georg Ritter von Zimmermann [Johann Georg Zimmermann] (1728-1795), Swiss philosopher, naturalist and physician to Frederick the Great

[Johann Georg Zimmermann, Swiss philosopher, naturalist and physician to Frederick the Great .] Autograph Letter Signed ('Zimmerman.' [sic]), in French, to 'Monsieur le General Grenville', suggesting treatment for his 'melancolie'.

3pp, 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged. With thin strip of paper attached to reverse of second leaf, which is addressed, with seal in red wax, to 'Monsieur le General Grenville.' He begins by reassuring him, and condoling with him over his excessive sufferings ('vous en souffrés...

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