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A.H. Clough [Arthur Hugh Clough (1819 – 1861), poet, an educationalist, assistant to Florence Nightingale.]

[ Arthur Hugh Clough, Poet ] Autograph Note Signed A.H. Clough to [The Revd | the Provost (of Oriel College, Oxford?)]

Paper, 18 x 11cm, top edge rough as torn from larger page (perhaps losing an address and date?). Text: I have no intention whatever of putting in any claim. | Yours very truly | A.H. Clough. Pencil note bottom left A.H. Clough, | fellow of Oriel; on verson, in Clough's hand The Revd | the...

A.W. Gamage, Thomas Lipton, Joseph Lyons, and William Whiteley, Store founders (and a chain of cafes).

[ Gamage, Lipton, Lyons, Whiteley, founders of stores/a caterer ] Clipped signatures.

All 7 x 2cm, or thereabouts, clipped a little roughly round the edges, paper darkened, but signature clear, tipped on to sl. larger piece of paper docketed with their names and the store associated with them. The only additional information is for Whitley Shot in his Office.

[ The Howard League for Penal Reform ]

[ Leaflet ] The Howard League for Penal Reform (Formerly the Howard Association and the Penal Reform League).. Enclosure: form to accompany donation, not yet filled in.

Leaflet, 4pp., 8vo, bifolium, unbound, minor staining, good condition. Presumably this was published just after The Howard Association and the Penal Reform League joined forces in 1921, The Officers are listed first, including Lord Henry Cavendish-Bentinck (Chairman) and Margery Fry (Hon. Sec.,...

J. Cuming Walters, sometime editor of the Manchester City News [Capital Punishment ]

[ J. Cuming Walters, sometime editor of the Manchester City News; Capital Punishment ] Holograph Manuscript Article on Capital Punishment with some printed ephemera from his archive on the same subject.

Manuscript, [21]pp., 8vo, edge of p.[1] dusted, ow all good condition, Heavily worked on discussion of the issue of Capital Punishment, a subject on wh[ich] I feel so deeply, so strongly, so earnestly, that I dare not trust myself to speak upon it without constraint. After many pages of reasoned...

Eva Turner, Dino Borgioli, Sabine Kalter, Alfredo Tomasini, Opera Singers

[ Eva Turner, Dino Borgioli, Sabine Kalter, Alfredo Tomasini, Opera Singers ] Signatures on printed advertisement/announcement extracted from a programme or magazine.

Paper, 14 x 18cm, fold marks, small closed tears, sl wrinkled. The recto is headed International Celebrity Subscription Concerts [...] and announces Harold Holt presents a Grand Opera Programme naimg the above, adding At the piano - IVOR NEWTON On the verso there are circular heads of the above...

H.P. [ Fox-hunting in Ireland; Verse ]

[ Fox-hunting in Ireland; Printed Verse; Not recorded ] The Darrigle Day. | November 15th, 1880

[For Private Circulation only] Unpublished poem, four pages, 8vo, not bound, sl. water affected ow good condition, fourteen verses on three pages. First verse; You may boast of your spins over Aylesbury Vale; | You may brag of your gallops from Ranksboro' gorse; | Of your Greatwood or Waterloo...

Nat Travers, The Pearly King Cockney Singing Comedian.

[ Nat Travers; Cockney Singing Comedian ] Autograph Note Signed Nat Travers to theatre historian, W.J. MacQueen-Pope (Popie).. WITH: [Printed] Community Singing Choruses headed NAT TRAVERS, (The King of Coster Comedians, etc.).

NOTE: One page, sm. folio, fold marks, eccentric spelling, omissions, and grammar included: Dear Popie I heard you a few Times on Wirless Real good. I Wrote to you years ago. I enclose your letter I enclose I knew if They gave you a chance they will Want you : fo good. I enclose | can you get me...

Adolphe Abrahams [Sir Adolphe Abrahams (1883–1967), medical doctor, considered to be the founder of British sports science, brother of Harold Abrahams.]

[ Adolphe Abrahams; medic ] Autograph Letter Signed Adolphe Abrahams to Walter James MacQueen-Pope (Popie), theatre historian.

Two pages, obl.12mo, good condition, small neat hand. Text: Your recent sympathetic reference to Leslie Stuart encourages me once more to be reminiscent - nostalgically. | I claim to know all he wrote - a bold assertion this, considering his output. I wonder how many know that an early song,...

Katharine Parry Collins [Katharine Kate Parry Frye born Katherine Parry Collins (1878 –1959) actress, diarist and suffragist.]

[ Katharine Parry Collins; women's suffrage; authorial inscription and annotation throughout ] Two Homemade Booklets in typescript (very short plays)

Two booklets, blank paper wraps, stapled. [One] 4pp., obl. 8vo, inscription front cover as above, numerous stage directions, additions and corrections in the author's hand, sl. foxed, entitled Prologue. | Time is Here, dialogue involving Young Time and Old Time, discussing the past and present (...

Lauri Wylie [Lauri Wylie (1880 – 1951), originally Maurice Laurence Samuelson Metzenberg, British actor and author, inc. the play Dinner for One (most frequently repeated TV programme ever).]

[ Lauri Wylie; playwright; Dinner for One; Der 90. Geburtstag ] Three Typed Letters Signed Lauri (2) and L. (1) AND one Autograph Letter Signed Lauri | LAURI WYLIE to theatre historian W. Macqueen-Pope, about theatre topics including his own writing.

Total 4pp., 4to, one with corner torn off, all a little battered but texts clear and complete. Letter One: He asks if anything can be done with [his] book, and discusses his re-writing another straight play. They don't seem to be able to stop me. I roughed it out during the war but have now done...

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