[Arabic Calligraphy; handwritten] The Creed of Sheikh al-Dardiri in Arabic.

[Arabic Calligraphy; Mohamed Ahmed Ibin Alhaj Mohamed Ahmed Abu Qaseesah, calligrapher] Sheikh al-Dardiri
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[My translator says the year 1797 appears in the script.]
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I am obliged to a multi-lingual friend for the information I give. Eight pages, pages 7/8 blank, not paginated,12mo, unbound, stains on title and its verso not affecting text. See images. Titled This is the creed of sheikh al-Dardiri. Al-Dardiri was born in 1715 AD in Asyoot in Egypt. He's one of the imams of the Sunni Islam of Maliki school of thought. This document was written by Mohamed Ahmed Ibin Alhaj Mohamed Ahmed Abu Qaseesah in 1797. It discusses the twenty attributes in Sunni Islam that are obligatory for God Almighty, according to Al-Dardiri.