Autograph letter signed to Rev. W. Tuckwell.

Henry Reeve.
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62 Rutland Gate, London, 1 December 1869.
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Litterateur and Journalist, editor of the "Edinburgh Review" (1813-1895). Four pages, 8vo, foxing, text clear. Reeve has received an article by Tuckwell on "the Literature of the 18th Century . . . Its defect seems to me to be that in title, in spirit, & in substance, it is somewhat too wide & vague - an article more appropriate for an Encyclopaedia than to a Review." He would have preferrd a paper of 20-25 pages on a specific topic such as Latimer's prose. "In writing for the Reviews there is no greater mistake than to embrace too large a field" resulting in a lack of "point". Reeve couldn't publish the article before July next year by promises that he would then if Tuckwell were inclined to wait. "Papers of this general character are apt to be thrust aside by those having a more pressing call for insertion." He would welcome further contributions. He realises mid-flow that he has obligations fro July next, but offers a slot in October next. A useful insight into one Review's editorial policy.