Typed Letter Signed Frances Lloyd George, wife of sometime PM Lloyd George, to J. W. Robertson Scott, author and editor of The countryman Magazine, . on Lloyd George's smoking habits and other matters.

Frances Lloyd George, née Stevenson, Countess Lloyd-George, mistress, personal secretary, confidante and second wife of someime British Prime Minister David Lloyd George
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[Printed heading] Brynawelon, Criccieth, North Wales, 23 November 1951. [A Kensington address is also typed at top As from]
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One page, 12mo, good condition, except rust mark from paperclip (not present).. With regard to your enquiry about my husband's smoking, it is quite true that he has practically given it up now. The only thing he has now is an occasional pipe, but this is getting less and less frequent. | I have it very much on my mind that your enquiry regarding the late W.T. Stead was never answered. Do you still want my husband to help you in this matter? If so, I will see whether he could do so. | It was nice to hear from you again after all these years. We read 'The Countryman' greedily and look forward to it. It certainly is like a breath of fresh air in these time .... Stamped 18 May 1844 AM, ticked by Robertson. Note; Frances Stevenson married Lloyd George on 23 October 1943. He died on 26 March 1945.