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Emma Cons [(1838 – 1912), social reformer, strongly committed to women's suffrage.

[ Emma Cons; women's suffrage ] Autograph Letter Signed Emma Cons to Miss Cobden, the radical and suffragist, about the latter's election (see note below)...

Two pages, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. You have done quite rightly & I am truly glad that you are elcted, indeed if there should arise anyway in which my long experience of that subject can be of any use to you please command my help without hesitation. With regard to the other lady in...

Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence [Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence, Lady Pethick-Lawrence (1867–1954), women's rights activist and suffragette.]

[ Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence; suffragette ] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed E. Pethick Lawrence to Mrs. Cobden Unwin [Jane Cobden, radical]., eventually discusses the Peace Commission presumably for war-torn Ireland, but also the World~11 Old Square, 5


Women £450.00
William Wright [ (1830–1889), Orientalist, and Professor of Arabic in the University of Cambridge.]

[William Wright, Orientalist ] Autograph Letter Signed Wm Wright to The Reverend The President of Queens College [George Phillips]

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. Text: I dare say you may have seen in the Times [underlined] or Standard [underlined] of yesterday a small paragraph about my self, and perhaps, doubted the truth of it. It is quite true however. The day before yesterday I had a letter from the...

Herbert B. Edwardes [Major-General Sir Herbert Benjamin Edwardes (1819–1868), administrator, soldier, and statesman active in the Punjab region of British India].

[Herbert B. Edwardes; British India] Autograph Letter Signed Herbert B. Edwardes to the Revd G. Phillips D.D. | President of Queens Coll[ege]

Two pages, 12mo, bifolium. good condition. Text: Herewith I return the Proofs, corrected to the best of my ability. The speech is wonderfully well reported I think. | I have not touched any speech but my own. | Lady Edwardes joins me in kind regards to Mrs. Phillips & yourself; & I...

J.A.M. Murray [ Sir James Augustus Henry Murray (1837 – 26 July 1915), lexicographer and philologist.]

[ James Murray, Lexicographer ] Autograph Note Signed JAH Murray to Mr. Mount, apparently about [Cardinal?] Newman's use of English.

One page, 12mo, sl. grubby, and at one time torn in two and crudely repaired, text clear and complete. Mr. Brandreth has looked this up in Brit. Mus., and sent us this quotation. As it stands, we can make neither head nor tail of the passage; we cannot tell whether Newman is attacking or...

Platon S. Drakoulis [Platon Eustathios Drakoulis or Drakoules (1858 – 1942), Greek socialist politician].

[ Platon S. Drakoulis; Greek socialist politician] Autograph Note Signed Platon S Drakoulis to a Mr Smith.

One page, 8vo, fold mark, good condition. Text: So sorry I forgot to tell you that the photograph is a copyright of Elliot & Fry. I do not know what we must do about it. But I find I have another large size [phrase inserted] photograph quite free for publication. It is ready for you here if...

Stanley Morison [(1889–1967), typographer, printing executive and historian of printing].

[ Stanley Morison; typographer ] Autograph Note Signed Stanley Morison to Orlo [Williams], about the pain & agony of [...] long illness.

One page, 12mo, good condition. Text: I read the notice with the deepest feeling of sympathy, knowing how extreme, desperate, has been the pain & agony of this long illness & separation; and I have perceived & marvelled at, the courage with which you have borne your burden, the end...

C.B. Phipps [Sir Charles Beaumont Phipps (1801 – 24 February 1866), soldier and courtier.]

[ C.B. Phipps; Prince Albert's death ] Autograph Letter Signed C B Phipps to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, about the University's condolences on the death of Albert, Chancellor of said University.

Black-bordered, three pages, 12mo, bifolium, fold marks, good condition. Text: I have not failed to lay before Her Majesty the Queen the purport of your letter of the 31st Ult. | Her Majesty was well assured that the University of Cambridge was not likely to be backward in any expression of...

J.G. Swift-McNeill [John Gordon Swift MacNeill (1849–1926), Irish Protestant Nationalist politician and MP].

[J.G. Swift MacNeill; Irish MP] Autograph Letter Signed J.G. Swift Mac Neill

Four pages, 12mo, bifolium, last page grubby, ow good condition. Handwriting difficult. Text: The reference to Mr Plunkett is only a clerical mistake. He was opposed to the Union & the drift of Sir H.[?] argument shows that he knew Plunkett was an anti-Unionist. | No doubt O'Connell wished...

Ramsay Muir [John Ramsay Bryce Muir (1872–1941), historian, Liberal Party politician and thinker ].

[ Ramsay Muir, historian, thinker] A very substantial Autograph Letter Signed Ramsay Muir to Davis, responding at length to criticisms of his recent publication [perhaps British History a survey of the history of all the British peoples (1929)]

Four pages, 4to, fold marks, good condition, closely written, pages joined at top. He thanks Davis for writing at such length. But as you still attribute to me ideas wh[ich] I repudiate, you must put up with a rejoinder. (1) You insist upon assuming that I am trying to write the history of...