[Duke of Newcastle; horse-racing] Autograph Letter Signed "Newcastle" to "Frank" about a race-meeting.

Henry Pelham Alexander Pelham-Clinton, 6th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (1834–1879), English nobleman
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No place, 7 Dec. 1878
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Three pages, 8vo, bifolium, small stain, otherwise good condition. He comments initially on a cutting (from a newspaper?). Singular to relate there is more truth in that cutting than you wd imagine. Before leaving London I had persuaded Miss Kellogg to come to Brighton for the race week: I got a letter from her to say [...]. I had a very bad Goodwood & lost heavily the first day at Brighton, and wrote in the evening begging her top come, as I could npot win a bet, and she might change my luck: the second day was as bad as the first, but she came down to Brighton that evening for the Cup Day: Speculum won the Cup, I landed between 5 and 6000, and gave her a bracelet to commemorate his victory = If I remeber right I did win very nearly 10,000 that day, but it did little more than clear one over Goodwood and the first two days. | Excuse a scrawl [...]."Note: [His] taste for gambling resulted in his fleeing the country in 1860 to escape his debts, which had then reached £230,000. In 1861, he married Henrietta Hope, heiress of the wealthy Henry Thomas Hope, in Paris. As part of the marriage settlement, his debts were paid and an income of £50,000 a year settled on the couple. Extensive lands in England and Ireland were also added to his family's holdings by inheritance from his father-in-law, although Pelham-Clinton himself never controlled them due to the terms of that testament."