Two Autograph Notes Signed to A. "Mr. [Andrew] Wilson, Oriental Press, Wild Court, Wild Street, Lincolns Inn Field.

L.D. Campbell. (Lawrence Dundas Campbell)
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A. Stratford Place, Sunday, no date [1804?] and B. St. Alban's Hotel, St. Alban's Street, Wednesday, no date [1808].
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A. One page, 8vo, bifoliate, spike-hole, fold marks, minor damage, corner nearly detached, text clear and complete. "Dear Sir./ I beg you will do me the favour to let me know immediately on receipt of this, the exact quantity of tonnage it will be necessary to apply for in order to send 500 [underlined] Copies of the Register to Calcutta, 300do. to Madras, and 100 [underlined] to Bombay. As you packed the 500 copies that were sent last year, and therefore know [inserted] the number of Chests which it took to hold them you can easily calculate the tonnage requisite, for each of the three Presidencies. Mr. Davies, Mr. Johnson & I finally determined on Tuesday last to send out the books on our own account." Note: Wilson was at Wild Court c. 1804 (Brown). "Register" = the "Asiatic Annual Register" (pub. Cadell & Davies and another). Vols 6-8 were edited by Campbell