[ Robert Hitch, Dean of York ] Autograph Letter Signed "Ro: Hitch" to Sir Thomas Wentworth ("at Bretton").

Robert Hitch, Dean of York
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York, 22 May [1668 ]
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One page, 8vo, bifolium (second leaf blank). "I am sorry the ill-heald wound breaks out again. If Mr Walbank had submitted to the Court, & had made an acknowledgment by order or injunction of the court his adversaryes had not have renewed their old articles again: [ ... ] wthin the statute of limitation of actions. I have spoke earnestly both to ye judge of the court (in the chancellor's absence) & to some of the proctors not to suffer his adversaries be [?] except they [?produce] new matter." He continues to discuss the case and then expresses the hope that Walbank will be allowed to "live peaceably for the future, as a minister of the Gospel, and this (I hope) will pacify them, if they have either charity, or christianity. And I shall do him all good offices I can, if I can but hope he would moderate his angry and provocative spirit [ ... ]." He concludes in haste, vbeing summoned by "his Grace". In a postscript, he says that his wife (Sarah, daughter of explorer, Christopher Levett) is with their daughter "now in Childbirth".