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Brigadier-General Herbert Cecil Potter, sometime 'Military Chief' in Belfast.

A vast quantity of correspondence (c.3000 letters embracing his whole career, including his experiences in India, Ireland (twice), the Sudan, South Africa, The Great War, etc.

It is the most comprehensive archive of military letters that I have come across, physically or in research, covering as it does every phase of Potter's distinguished career - India, Ireland, South Africa, the Sudan, the Great War, Ireland (eventually as "British Military Chief" in Belfast). I...

King George III; New South Wales Marine Corps; Australia; First Fleet Marine Corps; Governor Arthur Phillip; Captain Francis Grose; Botany Bay

[King George III: autograph note on 'the Marines at Botany Bay'.] Autograph Note Signed ('G R.')

The present note is of particular interest for the King's reference to Botany Bay (early and more than scarce) and to 'the Corps to relieve the Marines of Botany Bay', i.e. Major Francis Grose's New South Wales Corps, which arrived in Australia with the Second Fleet in 1790, relieving the New...

History £12,500.00 Botany Bay
B. R. Whiting (1923-1988), Australian Soldier Poet.

[B.R. Whiting; Australian Poet ] Large Archive of correspondence and poems in typescript (many unpublished.

A significant archive of material relating to the Australian poet B. R. Whiting (1923-1988), from the papers of his close friend and mentor the English playwright Christopher Fry (1907-2005). In addition to 171 typescripts of 136 different poems by BRW, many of them unpublished, the collection...

Literature £10,000.00
Derek Middleton (1917-1983), English 'Tachiste' Abstract Impressionist painter [ Colin Burton Stewart; Victoria Russell; Moritz Heymann; Franz Baum; Montgomery of Alamein; Intelligence Corps ]

[ Derek Middleton (1917-1983), English 'Tachiste' Abstract Impressionist painter. ] Collection of material including his unpublished autobiography 'How To Be An Artist', familhy photographs, autograph inventory of paintings and 'Weekly Accounts'.

There has been a recent resurgence of interest in the work of the English 'Tachiste' artist Derek Middleton (full name Derek Osborne Middleton), but the fact that he lived in France from 1958 to his death in 1983 has restricted the English-language source material relating to the artist, even...

Art and Architecture £6,000.00
R. B. Hervey Wyatt: A London pathologist and coroner, 1931-1954.

[Coroner's Private Notes; Bernard Spilsbury ] London Coroner's Notebooks: Ten 8vo notebooks survive from a sequence (numbered 1, 5, 11, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26)

A treasure trove of socio-medico-legal information, in seven out of a total of ten volumes of notes by a protégé of Sir Bernard Spilsbury (two of whose autopsies are described in detail), with descriptions of his autopsies (1931) and his own reports as coroner of numerous inquests by him (...

Johann Christian Reil, (1759–1813), German physician, physiologist, anatomist, and psychiatrist. He coined

[ J.C. Reil; psychiatry ] Autograph Medical Opinion Signed "Reil". IN GERMAN.

Two and a half closely-written pages, folio, bifolium, some foxing and staining but text clear and complete. Summary/translation: "Opinion of Oberbergrat Reil in Halle 16.11.1804, received 18.11". The symptoms of the female patient resemble those of tetanus. He has often observed them in girls...

Science, Medicine and Technology £5,000.00 Part Image Reil
[House of Commons; Parliament; Irish Home Rule]

Autograph documents signed by 800 Members of the Houses of Parliament, 1860-1893, admissions to Strangers' Gallery etc, Including 144 Irish Members at the height of the Home Rule League

A collection of 858 documents, dating from between 1860 and 1893, bearing a total of 800 autographs of British Members of Parliament (765 Members of the House of Commons and 35 Peers). The collection is in good condition, with the usual signs of age and wear, each item having been punch-holed by...

William Bourne Lewis (1831-1902), Civil Engineer [Isambard Kingdon Brunel]

[ W.B. Lewis, Civil Engineer; Isambard Kingdom Brunel ] Manuscript Journals (9) of an eminent Victorian Engineer.

Nine volumes, 1873-1902 (years as above, some gaps), mainly half and quarter calf, mainly marbled boards, worn but sound, neat handwriting, some signed "W B Lewis | 32 Lee Park". Unpaginated, all vols fully used except last (1902 year of his death), up to 350 pages in each, except one at c.80pp...

Sir Gilbert Scott [ Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-1878), architect [ W. J. Evelyn of Campfield Place [ The Camp; Camphill ], Wotton, Surrey; James Howe; William Shearburn, Dorking surveyor ]

[ Sir Gilbert Scott and Mrs Evelyn's Camphill House, Wotton. ] 'Specification of Works' and five signed coloured plans by Scott, including four designs for 'Park Lodge', with ten other coloured plans relating to the improvement of the estate.

A fascinating collection, providing an unusually clear picture of the 'improvement' of a country estate, involving a leading Victorian architect – Scott not only designed a new 'Park Lodge', but also proposed an 'addition to mansion' – and the collection includes 'Specifications of Works' and...

Three Members of the Harington Family [ Eton College in the 1850s, 1870s and First World War]

[ Eton College for three generations ] An Unpublished Memoir (1870s), School Exercises and Bills (1850s), substantial and illuminating Correspondence (1870s and First World War)


C:\Users\Richard Ford\Documents\Harington.Final.docx

Synopsis; a. Sir Richard Harington, 11th Baronet (1835-1911)98 Eton exercises in his autograph, with covering note on slip of paper in his hand: 'Eton Exercises | 1844. - 1853...

Education, History £4,500.00