[ Pamphlet; William Whewell ] Newton and Flamsteed. | Remarks on an Article in Number CIX of the Quarterly Review.

Rev. William Whewell
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Cambridge and London, 1836.
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Disbound, 19pp., inc. title, some faint foxing, good condition. Note on the background: But Flamsteed was furious when Sir Isaac Newton, who regularly used his data for his own studies, grew tired of Flamsteed's insistence on double-checking every detail before allowing his data to be published and rushed out an error-strewn version of the 'Historia Colestis Britannica' in 1712.| Feeling deeply betrayed by Newton and Edmund Halley who had edited the volume, Flamsteed spent a small fortune buying up as many copies as he could before publicly burning them at the Royal Observatory.| Newton responded by removing all references to Flamsteed from his 'Principia Mathematica' despite the astronomer's huge contribution to the volume. [BBC]~80~APAMPHLET SCIENCE NEWTON GRAVITY ASTRONOMY CONTROVERSY~ ~0~OL59~ ~ ~ ~ ~