[ Victor Gollancz, Publisher ] Typed Letter Signed VG with substantial holograph additions to Hugh Burnett, producer, about his appearance on Face to Face [TV Interview with a John Freeman]. and its consequences.

Victor Gollancz, Publisher
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[Headed] Victor Gollancz Ltd, 14 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, W.C.2, 1 December 1960.
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One page, 4to, fold mark, very good condition, Typed text: [...] I very much enjoyed myself, and so, apparently, did everyone who has written to me - except a somewhat illiterate gentleman who had never heard such drivel in all his life. | I thought John Freeman was extremely kind tp me. He has added in holograph: I've had five offers of copies of 'Sixty Years a Queen' ( whihc is apparently still available, as the Pakenhams immediately bought a copy, & confirmed that the picture in question was the Charge of the Heavy [underlined] Brigade. Two charming old ladies have written to explain what an occasional table is. A 'member of the working class' based his letter on my 'confession' that I never published a book except for profit. Finally, I have just been informed that half the ladies in a Sussex village have fallen in love with me.~80~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT LEFT BOOK CLUB SOCIALIST PUBLISHER~ ~0~SF41~ ~ ~ ~ ~