[Olga Grabowsky] Typescript (carbon), A Study of 'Lord Jim' [by Joseph Conrad]

Olga Grabowsky [Joseph Conrad].
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138pp., sm.fol, paper wraps, faded in parts, good condition. Unpublished. INSCRIBED by the Author on the titlepage, To my dearest friends Mrs and Mr Gray, as a remembrance of our friendship and a souvenir of my English studies. | With all my love. | Olga Grabowsky | 3/954 [Almeres?]. CONTENTS: First Part: Place of 'Lord Jim' among the works of the Malay period; Chapter One: Conrad's Temperament (Polish origin and His childhood); Chapter II: meaning of the Far East for Conrad; Chapter III: Is 'Lord Jim' a man who really existed; SECOND PART: Conrad's philosophy in 'Lord Jim' ; THIRD PART: Psychology of the Characters [...]; FOURTH PART: The technique of the plot [...]; FIFTH PART: Conrad's Romantic-Realism: Chapter I: Definition of a Realistic writer [...] Chapter 2: Influence of the Russian novelists in Conrad's fiction; SIXTH PART: The Style of the Novel; Conclusion: Bibliography (on Conrad, on Chekhov, on Dostoievski). No other copy traced.