[Oleg Lyalin, Soviet Agent turned; cyclostyled or similar] Double Agents (D/As):- A DEFECTOR'S REPORT, marked Secret on every page.

[Oleg Adolfovich Lyalin (1937 – 1995), Soviet agent who defected from the KGB]
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November 1972.
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Ten pages ( paginated 2-7), sm.fol., cyclostyled or similar, good condition, comprising: introductory page with information: reference, date (1 December 1972), To [Hong Kong], From: Head Office, [...]: Double Agents] and statement Attached are copies of a paper on KGB principles and methods of running double agents. This may be passed to appropriate [...]. Second page has Contents with number of paragraphs: I. Introduction, II. Objectives, III. Organisation and Procedures, IV. Operational Practice, Appendix A. The Introduction discusses the source without naming him [Oleg Lyalin] his defection, work experience, lack of formal training, KGB operatives finding running a D/A [double Agent] an unpopular task (giving reasons). 'Objectives' (17 paragraphs/points) include To feed the opposition with disinformation. 'Organisation and Procedures' (12 paragraph/points). It concludes with Appendix A giving an example of a S.C.D. annual report. Note: Lyalin's defection led to the [unprecedented] expulsion of 105 Soviet officials suspected as being Soviet spies from Britain on 25 September 1971.No other copy traced. From the private papers of C. A. A. Nicol, who was a 'Member of a joint FCO/MOD department in Hong Kong' between 1970 and 1975. Nicol joined the Malayan Union Police Force in 1950, and served in the Royal Malaysian Police between 1957 and 1967, 'to assist in promoting and consolidating the successful transition to full independence. During this period the Special Branch played a vital role in maintaining peace and security in the country.' Throughout his career Nicol was involved in anti-Communist activities.