[Yakusu; Congo; Mission; Missionary; scarce periodical] Quarterly Notes. Yakusu. No. 13. December 1911.

[Yakusu; scarce periodical]
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Yakusu, December 1911.
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Unbound, 12pp., 8vo, a little dingy, fold mark, but the text is clear. Contents include a leader discussing Sutton Smith's book and its implications 'The Yakusus, the very heart of Africa',an article by the Rev. J. Whitehead of Wayika, On the Lualaba at last, a summary of the events of the year, a Native Story in an African language (with English translation), a page on The Stapleton Memorial Hospital, an article about a Supported Teacher and a list of Supported Children (children being located in English towns). A scarce periodical. See image. None on the market (except this), and the few issues in major libraries re. WorldCat (in Birmingham Public Libraries and the University of KwaZulu Natal Library) are of much later date. Yakusu was a mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the Congo River just west and downstream of Kisangani. [...] The movie The Nun's story with Audrey Hepburn was shot at Yakusu in 1958. {[Wikipedia].