One Autograph Letter Signed to "Gosse" and one Autograph Note Initialled to an unnamed correspondent.

Philip Sainsbury.
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The Cayme Press, 21 Stanhope Mews West, Kensington, S.W.7, no dates but the printed address (36 Queen's Gate Mews, S.W.7") has been replaced by handwritten "Stanhope Mews" address.
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Founder, with Humphrey Toulmin of the Cayme Press. Total 3pp., 8vo, minor defects, good condition, text clear and complete. (The ALS (2pp.) is addressed to [Edmund prob.] "Gosse", inviting him to dinner at the Double Crown Club and thinking he would be amused. "The members are mainly publishers & include such people as Sadleir, Sidgwick, Holbrook Jackson, Harold Monro, Albert Rutherston, Emery Walker & C". He adds: "I had hoped to send along something on a/c of the Pirates [not traced] but as yet I've only had about half the amount of the first volume paid." He then revises a "rough estimate" he'd given during a recent meeting. The ANS is written on a compliments slip. One sentence reads "a very good rebview in Army & Navy Gazette of to-day", the other "Unless you want to keep this dreadfully badly let me have it back as I like to keep it to shew the complete & sodden stupidity of . . . / P.S." Two items,