Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent (a contributor to a periodical).

William Beattie.
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13 Upper Berkeley St, Portman Square, Wednesday 7pm [no date].
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Writer and M.D. (DNB) Two pages, 12mo, good condition. "I return the proofs herwith. It is much improved by the Editorial Notes and will [?] in this moment in the M. & N. Gaz [ Naval & Military Gazette?] It was very kind of you to admit it so promptly - & I feel assured it will be much read in Paris. A note from the author (Paris 17th) says - "Several officers here in the main agreed with me (in conversation) & others have sincerely thanked me for opening their eyes. The alliance is not to be secured by excessive complaisance, and confidence, in regard to France, but by a prudent distrust, a firm attitude of respect - (and of self-respect) - towards a government and people that cannot but act so and so."