Offprint of poem by 'ORION' entitled 'THE BURIAL OF RICHARD COBDEN', with MS note by Sandland acknowledging authorship.

John Dorlin Sandland [Richard Cobden; Liverpool]
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From THE ALBION, Liverpool, of Monday, April 10, 1865.' Dated in print 'Liverpool, Saturday, April 8, 1865.'
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Sandland was the author of 'The wanderer, and other poems' (1845). Roughly four and three quarto inches by seven and three-quarters. Grubby, folded twice and mounted on larger piece of light-green paper. Sonnet beginning 'ON they went with a step that was measured and slow' and concluding 'In this temple of quiet, where Nature is free, | Here they left in repose the Apostle of Peace.' MS reads (at head) 'To the Writer of | The Funeral of Mr Cobden | Morning Star Saturday April 8th. 1865' and (at foot) 'With the Respects of the writer | John D Sandland | 62 Chatham Street | Abercromby Square | Liverpool'.