Autograph Note Signed. In French.

Victor Noir (pseudonym for Yvan Salmon)
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Journalist (1848-1870), killed 1870 in duel by Prince Pierre Buonaparte. The note is one page, 12mo, as follows: "La Gazette de Java, se recommande a l'Avenir Nationale / Victor Noir". The conjoint leaf has the following information, possibly in the same hand but more formal: "La Gazette de Java / Redige en Javanais, formar [?] Paris-Magazine, ... samedi 28 Mars, imprime sur papier de luxe - / . . . [series of names including Victor Noir], etc, etc. / Le Numero cinquante Centimes -". Victor Noir iwas the editor of this short-lived (no pun intended) publication. Apparently a romantic figure (cut off in his youth) who still attracts female attention on his grave. His signature is inevitabky extremely scarce.