Document (part printed part manuscript) signed "H Fox"; printed heading "Annuity for Life, 1746".

Henry Fox [ Baron Holland ]
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Statesman (see DNB). One page, chipped, small tear, trimmed but text clear and complete. The document, part printed (a form), records that Henry Fox on the 23 Aug. 1762 received £20 from George, Earl of Macclesfield, one of the Four tellers of His Majesty's Receipt of Exchequer, for six months annuity due during the life of Charles Cooper "by Virtue of an Act of Parliamnet, (Entitled, An Act for Granting to His Majesty several Rates and Duties upon Glass, and upon Spirituous Liquors, and fro raising a certain Sum of Money by Annuities and a Lottery, to be charged on the said Rates and Duties; and for obviating some Doubts about making out Orders at the Exchequer, for the Monies advanced upon the Credit of the Salt Duties granted and continued to his Majesty by an Act of the last Session of Parliament . . ." Signed by Fox, witnessed by [T?] Tomlinson.