Autograph Letters Signed (x 2), 7pp., 8vo, to Mrs Woodward and "Woodward" (B.B. Woodward, librarian and historian) respectively

Nathaniel Lindley
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7 Oct. 1893 and 21 Oct. 1899
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Judge (1828-1921). (1893) He fears that his wife will not be able to visit the Woodwards because of a family crisis (a sick baby), but he would like to come anyway and suggests a timetable. (1899) He discusses in depth the enlargement of Convocation (Church of England) "to revise the Rubrics & services" and have more power over Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. But "I would not leave to any clerical court the application of legal principles to particular cases". He suggests a register of subscribers to the Church of England at parish level. With: a brief list, one page, 8vo, of books in Lindley's hand, and one envelope (1893). 4 items,